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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lingerie


Are you ready to slip into something sexy? Does the idea of lingerie shopping scare you? You’re not alone. Whether you’re looking for something just for yourself, or for a special night with your SO, the right lingerie can do a lot to boost your confidence and make you feel your best. From lacy bralettes, stunning corsets, to sleek bodysuits, there are a lot of options you can try. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal piece of lingerie for you.

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1. Know Your Lingerie

Before you start your lingerie shopping, you should be aware about the different kinds of lingerie available in the market and what you should be buying. We don’t want to be overwhelmed, right?

This is a one-piece set that incorporates a bra and underwear, this item is perfect for special occasions or for layering under outfits.

A bra top that goes all the way up to your belly giving emphasis on the bust.

These are bras that come without an underwire and are mostly made with lace.

A one-piece set which is perfect for an effortless and playful casual look.

One of the oldest garments that clings to the body and gives an amazing hourglass figure to your body.

A short dress that can be worn also with a thong.

2. Be Compatible With Your Lingerie

When it comes to choosing lingerie for yourself, you should better invest in pieces that you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Only when you’re truly comfortable will you be able to flaunt your lingerie.

If you’re new to lingerie shopping, begin with a few simple pieces such a nice set of neutral colored lace pieces. This will look good with anything you want to pair with it with. If you want to go more adventurous, you can try on different styles and widen your perspective with a red lace, silk gown, or garter set.

3. Know Your Body Type

When it comes to buying lingerie, this is not a one size fit all proposition. It is important that you know your body type. If you’re on the smaller side, you can try ruffles, which are great for petite women. If you own beautiful curves, you would want to highlight your curves while de-emphasizing other areas. If you have an athletic body, a pretty lace bralette can give you a real feminine look. You can also try something with a V-shaped neckline as it helps make a lean body look curvier.

Lingerie is a great fashion statement piece and can even be shown off on the shoulder. If you find a piece or style you like, definitely give it a try.

4. Know the Occasions For Your Lingerie

Just as different outfits go with different occasions, the same applies for lingerie. For those nights when you just want to relax, a cute bodysuit could be perfect for being cozy. For everyday wear, you could invest in a nice bra and underwear sets in neutral colors, which go well with all of your outfits.

If you have a special event coming up such as Valentine’s Day or a hot vacation, it’s best to go all out and choose something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new fabrics and colors, your perspective might change when you are wearing something you haven’t worn before.

5. Seasonable Lingerie

A change in season requires a change in lingerie. For cold winter months, you should invest in heavier pieces such as layering lingerie. In fact, bodysuits are best to go with a layering style in your warm winter wardrobe. Stockings are also great, as they will look a lot classier than any pair of bottoms you own.

Summer means you can wear lighter, breathable, clothing. For lingerie, fabrics such as mesh, cotton, lightweight jersey, and lace are all good choices you can try to beat the heat. Since it is summer, you can show off your body with tank tops, strappy dresses, and wearing a lingerie underneath will add a spicy look to your style to rock your day. Don’t fear trying out bold colors such as neon, as summer should come with a splash of color. This is also a trend these days, so what are you waiting for?

Out of all of these tips to help you with your lingerie shopping, the most important thing to do is to have fun. You should freely experiment with different styles and see which type of lingerie you are comfortable with. The good news for this is that, no matter what body shape you have, when it comes to choosing a perfect lingerie, there is something that fits for everyone. It will be easy for you to find something that will make you feel beautiful and special. Flaunt your pieces and have fun in the process.

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