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300 Most Weird and Funniest Stuff You Can Buy Online


Looking for quirky gift ideas, or just want to explore the wide world of funky stuff that can be purchased online? Look no further! We have put together a list of the 300 weirdest and funniest things that you can buy right now. Prepare to be bedazzled below.

1. Watermelon Crossbody Bag

This is no ordinary crossbody bag. It has a watermelon design which is irresistible to like. Besides it is lightweight and ideal for the summer season.

2. The Cow Wall Decal

You want to add some hilarious or positive creepiness to your house? Then here is a perfect product for you, the cow wall decal. You can pin it on your living room wall or bedroom. It is both funny but can also be a bit creepy.

3. The Wine for cats

There are many ways of spending time with your pet especially a cat. However, nothing beats popping open a bottle of wine to enjoy it with your car. It is funny but exciting at the same time. If that is what you want then purchase the Wine for Cats from amazon.

4. The Frog Shaped Soap

Most people are used to the rectangular shaped soaps. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of purchasing other designs such as the frog-shaped soap, though weird, it exists.

5. Ball Sack

Loosing golfballs is very stressful. Besides, buying new ones often is quite expensive. Perhaps getting a ball sack will serve you all that hassle.

6. Coloring Book of Farting Animals

Yes, you can buy a coloring book for farting animals. Funny as it seems, you will be able to take your coloring and artistic work to the net level.

7. Coyote Urine

The best product you need to purchase when you have annoying pests in your yard or garden. This coyote urine will chase away those mice, moles and rabbits from your farm,

8. The Takada Face Coin Bank

Taking your money saving practice to the next level by using a coin bank. It looks weird but offers a chance to keep some of the coins you might consider irrelevant.

9. Nicolas Cage T-shirt

Looks somehow unorthodox but it will perfectly look good on you. You can wear it on your firt date, wedding or even job interview.

10. Ravioli Spoon Rest

A spoon rest helps in organizing your cutlery such as spoons. If you want to purchase one for yourself, then go for something amazing such as this spoon rest.

11. Candle for lefties

With a 60 hour burn time, this the funniest candle you will ever come across. It has a weird design but definitely one that you will love immediately.

12. Ladybugs

This product comes as a surprise to many. Not everyone expects to find ladybugs being sold on Amazon. But yeah! you can purchase them on amazon. You can use them on your garden to get rid of bugs,scales,mites,aphids,chinch bugs and other pests.

13. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Ever seen a weird-looking cheese grater? If your answer is not, then here is a hedgehog cheese grater which will get you laughing.

14. Nose/Nostril Pencil Sharpener

As you plan to get your child a new pencil sharpener, consider getting funny at least by purchasing this unique nose-shaped sharpener. Funny in appearance but it is still an ideal pencil sharpener.

15. Remote Control Centipede

Centipedes are one of the most feared animals. Not everyone has the confidence to hold it let alone watching it crawl away. With this fear factor emanating from centipedes, you can gain control of your TV remote control by purchasing one that is shaped like a centipede.

16. Unicorn Rug

Give your room an amazing and unique look by purchasing this unicorn rug. It is one of a kind and one that will get everyone talking.

17. Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

A squirrel feeder will obviously light up your farm apart from sending squirrels away. It looks funny but very useful.

18. Cheetos Socks

You love Cheetos/why not show your passion for it by purchasing these Cheetos socks. They are not only beautiful but also exceptional.

19. Cat Butt Coasters

There are many ways of decorating your coffee table, but none of them matches the use of cat butt coasters. They not only look funny but also will look good on your coffee table.

20. See-Through Gummy Bear Model

Have you ever imagined how the organs of a gummy bear are arranged? Then here is a chance to quench your curiosity with the see-through gummy bear model.

21. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Feel free to record any messages that you want the next user of your toilet to listen when they grab a toilet paper. You get a chance to mess around with people.

22. Kama Pootra

Changing the way, you poop might be the least of your worries but still something you will consider trying. Here is Kama Pootra which comes with 52 new ways to poop. Funny right?!

23. Loaf of Bread Squishy Toy

As you squeeze toy you get a peace of mind or unmatched relaxation. What about if you tried a loaf of bread squishy toy? You will feel pretty relieved.

24. Nothing

Do you want to feel inspired? Buying this product will boost your confidence every time you tried to tell useful that nothing can prevent your from achieving your goals.

25. Daddy Saddle

Treat your child to an excellent piggyback ride by using this latest Daddle saddle. It offers the perfect and comfortable place for your kid to sit while on your back.

26. Gotta Go Poncho

You need a travel toilet? Then here is a funny one, the gotta go poncho. It will serve you perfectly especially when accessing a restroom is kind of hard.

27. Nicolas Cage Mermaid Pillow

It comes with an amazing design for all Nicolas Cage fans. The pillow has a number of themes which you will enjoy changing.

28. Finger Hands

If you think having more fingers is something you want, then here is the finger hands. It comes with 25 thumbs and 125 fingers.

29. Futuristic Skateboard

Ever seen a skateboard which is round in shape? Then here is a chance for you to set your eyes on one of the futuristic skateboards. It is suitable for semi rugged terrains.

30. Steampunk Phone

The phone has all the features of a current telephone but its design is pretty ancient. You can always add some flare to your house using this antique phone.

31. Giant Box of Nerds

Giant box of nerds will take your love for candy to the next level. It comes in a package with almost one and a half pounds of both grape and strawberry nerds.

32. Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Table

You can always enjoy playing beer pong with this latest glowing in the dark beer pong table. It will take your drinking spree game to the next level.

33. Shit out of luck

Are you scared of the apocalypse, then here is an ideal product that will do you some great good when the time is due. The shit out of luck is what you need.

34. Reverse Peephole

The reverse peephole will come in handy when you are visiting someone’s house for the first time. It allows you to identify what might e hidden behind the door.

35. Floating Ironman

For children who are into marvel, then the name Ironman is not new to them. As a parent buying this amazing floating ironman for your son’s birthday will earn you lots of gratitude from him.

36. Glow in the Dark Sun Glasses

You can now continue wearing your sunglasses at night. How cool is that? These new sunglasses will start glowing once there is darkness.

37. Retro Phones for iPhone

If you are feeling nostalgic, then here is a way to remember the old good days with a retro phone. The retro corded phone handset allows you to experience the ancient days in a modern way.

38. Mac and Cheese Cookbook

Recipes go a long way to improving our cooking prowess. Here is a cookbook that will really enhance how you prepare cheese.

39. Wall Fish Aquarium

If the stand-alone fish aquariums do not appeal to you, then purpose to try out this new wall fish aquarium. It is unique and will surely enhance your house outlook.

40. Never-ending Story Pendant

Never-ending stories are interesting in their own right. But how about you express your love for this kind of story genre by purchasing the new stylish never-ending story pendant.

41. MacBook mirror

If you are in love with apple products, here is MacBook mirror that will appeal to you. It is styled just like a MacBook Air with high quality reflective mirror.

42. Foot Pedal Toilet Seat

You can upgrade your toilet with this amazing foot pedal toilet seat. It will make your toilet experience amazing and comfy.

43. Beer Bandolier

With the beer bandolier, you are able to move around in the party carrying several beers. It is comfy and with sections which will hold your bottles of beer.

44. Fuck Off Sleep Mask

If you don’t want to be interrupted while sleeping, here is an amazing sleep mask. It has a clear message to any individual who might try to disturb while asleep.

45. Light Up Charger

Light up your room with this amazing phone charger. Its light and won’t be a nuisance as you sleep.

46. Underwear for two

Love can be expressed in different ways and one of the ways is wearing one underwear. Though it sounds funny but this is a legit love gesture.

47. Starfield Simulation Light

There are some nights that you will encounter difficulties trying to get some sleep. Fortunately, with the starfield simulation light, falling asleep will not be a problem.

48. Dick mug

Looking for a better way of making fun of your friend known as Dickson? Then here is a brilliant idea. Simply buy for him this Dick Mug.

49. Tower Drinking Game

Probably after getting drunk the best way to have fun is by engaging in some games. The Tower drinking game is one of the most common abut interesting game you can try out.

50. Ball Lights

Your sitting room needs to feel alive all through, especially at night. You can give it that perfect look by having these ball lights.

51. Volcano Lamp

With this amazing Volcano lamp, falling asleep won’t become a problem any more. It brings the serene mood that will slowly draw you to slumber land.

52. Asshole Repellent

Wondering how you can turn a potential asshole day into a red-letter day, here is an asshole repellent that will repel any bad luck from your day.

53. Under Desk Holster

Do you like being ready to face any situation? Here is a product that will keep you set for any circumstances. It is a self-defense weapon you can rely on.

54. Black Pine

There no better way of growing a stylish zen tree other than using the black pine kit. You can get the kit on amazon and develop that meditating oasis.

55. Light Up Umbrella

This is one of the weirdest products that you can shop online. It lights up in different colors producing an amazing outlook.

56. Dinosaur sandwich cutter

You haven’t seen it all until you get hold of a dinosaur sandwich cutter. It helps make perfect sandwiches for your kids.

57. Nose Soap Dispenser

If you need a hilarious idea that will get your family members laughing then consider buying this nose soap dispenser. It looks exactly like a human nose.

58. Water Bottles With Compartment

A water bottle with compartment?!That sounds strange, right? It is available not only to hold water but also your keys.

59. Can Cover

Are you tired of having to hide to drink your beer or whiskey? Here is an idea that will be of much help to you. Purchase a can cover and wrap around your beer bottle.

60. Led Faucet

The led Faucet helps you monitor the temperature of water in your bathroom. It also gives it an amazing look.

61. Color Changing Pillow

Now this one is one hell of an amazing pillow. It changes colors in an exceptional and magical way.

62. Get shit Done Mug

Do you set targets or goals, whether they are daily or weekly goals but none of them never comes to completion? If you are that sort of person here is some motivation, the “Get Shit Done mug.”

63. Starry Night Socks

This pair of socks not only keep your feet warm but also gives them an art like look. You can adopt it for your Halloween.

64. Venis Fly Trap Pictures

The venis fly trap will always keep away those annoying insects. It is user-friendly but does some amazing work in keeping your plants safe.

65. Faceless Watch

If you like it casual, then here is a nice way to add some pomp to your sense fashion. This faceless watch will come with a bold and edgy design that will blend perfectly with your outfit.

66. Vapor Guns

Wondering what to purchase for your son on his birthday? Consider buying this exceptional vapor gun. It not only creates but also fires fantastic smoke.

67. Pizza Cone Maker

This one of a kind pizza cone makers will help you in preparing delicious pizza in the form of an ice cream cone. It comes with double pizza cons and non-stick-coating .

68. Glow In The Dark Paper

Switch on the lights at night while people are asleep is really disturbing. It can quickly rob other people in the house some sleep. To avoid such an occurrence buy the Glow in The Dark paper.

69. Needle Pens

A needle pen is obviously the weirdest pen you will ever come across. Nevertheless, it works perfectly.

70. Forearm Blades

Are you worried about the apocalypse? Sure, you are. Most people are threatened by the mention on that name. But here is something that you can use for self-defense when that time of reckoning comes. Make sure you buy the forearm blades.

71. Shot Glass Checkers

Yes, the old game of checkers is still around. You can play it in a better way by introducing shot glass checkers with some alcohol.

72. Grocery Bag Carrier

Carrying more bags to the supermarket is quite stressful. To avoid such an incident, you can buy the grocery bag checker which is very convenient. You get to shop all you want and carry the products home stress-free.

73. Assassin Dagger

For those who want to feel immortal, here is a perfect dagger for you. It has sharp blades made of stainless steel.

74. Glow in the Dark Underwear.

It is likely to bump into each other while making those night trips around the house. Here is a glowing underwear which will prevent such an occurrence.

75. Transformers Flash Drives

This flash drive is an amazing piece of technology. It is designed in the shape of a Ravage. You can always transform it into the normal shape of a USB flash drive.

77. Shot Alarm Clock

Many people if not all are always irritated by the sound of the alarm. However, you can turn your waking up into more fun. By buying the shot alarm clock, you get to enjoy waking up early and enhancing your target shooting.

78. Fuck Business Card

Have you ever thought of insulting someone professionally? Here is a more civilized but funny way to offend someone, hand him or her a fuck business card.

80. Star Night Projectors

Do you long to see those cool, calm and beautiful nights accompanied by beautiful astronomy? Star Night Projectors might just be what you need.

81. Color Changing Shower Head

Enjoy taking a bath under a color changing shower head. It creates a lively mood accompanied by a fun experience while taking a shower.

82. Adjustable Measuring Cup

Measuring the right amounts of water, oil and milk can be a daunting procedure. However, you can save time by taking accurate measurements with the adjustable measuring cup.

83. Switch Comb

It is portable and with a badass design. You can move it around to comb your beards and hair.

84. DS Ledsign Led Car Sign

Driving can be very hectic especially when you have people hooting at you or trying to overtake you. With this led car sign you can always signal them appropriately to calm down.

85. Tables Aquariums

In a bid to add some enhancement to your house, you can purchase a table aquarium. It has all that it takes top bring marine life to your living room.

87. Gold Deck of Cards

Quit the comfort that comes in playing normal cards. Gold deck of cards will just make the poker game more amazing.

88. Motorized Pool Float

Having fun with your friends can be more fun and interesting by using the motorized pool float. You will an amazing pool experience trying to ride this motorized pool boat.

89. Square Ice Cream Scoop

The new square ice cream scoop gives you the freedom to do any decorations to your desserts. You can form some small ice cream stacks with it.

90. Lightsaber Toothbrush

Maintaining your cute smile requires a perfect set of white teeth. Brushing your teeth with the lightsaber toothbrush will really boost your smile.

91. Pin Clocks

The Pin clocks is no ordinary alarm clock. It is not only compact but also fits well on your nightstand.

92. Netted Hammocks

While out camping, mosquitoes will try hard to ruin your sleep. This is why you need the netted hammocks. They are well covered to keep mosquitoes at bay.

93. Modern Knife

It has an extraordinary design accompanied with varied stainless-steel blade knives well package. This is an important package of cutlery that will make your cooking easier.

94. Marshall Amp Fridge

Everyone has their taste of designs that workers for them. But if you want to rock then a marshal amp fridge should be a necessity.

95. Wall Mountable Fish Bowls

A wall mountable fish bowl not only allows you to enjoy marine life but also decorate your house. It also gives your unique fish an amazing view.

96. Glow in The Dark Lip Gloss

The world of cosmetics is very dynamic. Here is the new lip gloss that glows in the dark.

97. That’s What She Said Shirt

Wearing t-shirts carrying a message is a very unique dressing mode. If that is your taste then purchasing That’s What She Said Shirt should appeal to you.

98. World Okayest Mom

There are many ways of showing gratitude to your mother. One way is through getting her a cup bearing this message.

99. Toilet Coffee Mug

You will be stunned to see this coffee mug. But it is suitable for coffee lovers.

100. Puzzle Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter allows you to come up with some different shape of cookies. Your kids will surely scramble for those different sizes of cookies.

101. Shotgun Shell Shot Glass

Drinking alcohol can be so amazing especially when you use this kind of shot glasses. They are very unique.

102. Shot glass Roulette

The drinking game is always full of fun and amazing activities. It even becomes more interesting when you introduce a set of shot glass roulette.

104. Money Toilet Paper

Feel so rich and confident to the point of buying a money toilet paper. It looks weird but will serve you well.

105. Harry Potter Snuggie

Harry Potter lovers will always be compelled to purchase anything with the Hogwarts culture. Here is well designed blanket that will give you that comfortable sleep.

106. Radioactive Barrell

Radioactive Barrell can be used to create awareness about drinking clean water. It can also add some great pomp to your Halloween.

107. Jumbo Bean Bags

Jumbo bean bags are both comfy and provide sufficient space to accommodate at least three people. They are easy to clean so no stress.

108. Chemistry Shot Glass

Halloween calls for creativity and these shot glasses will make your drinking game more interesting. They are well calibrated just like chemistry beakers.

110. Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle

This water bottle is unique in its own right. It has a geeky joke that will go down well with your scientist friends.

111. Penis Shaped Mac & Cheese

Now this is a weird kind of pasta. It is penishaped and suitable for various events.

112. Gold Glitter Lips

In case you want to bring back the 80s vibe, then here is a great makeup trend for you. The gold glitter lips still rock and will give you those amazing lips.

114. I Miss Drugs

You want to stun everyone in your home? Then get yourself this I miss drugs mug and walk confidently into the living room with coffee inside this unique mug.

115. Shark Mug

Saving your friends tea or coffee in a shark mug is one of the best ways of pranking your friends. It is funny and interesting at the same time.

116. Solar Bricks

To have a unique and exceptional appearance on your house, you need to be creative. You have to insert some rare home remodeling ideas to your house such as making a magical garden by using solar bricks.

117. Ice Cube Guns

No better way of making a killer cocktail without using ice cubes. You can use this product to come up with some of the most amazing ice cubes.

118. Do Cool Sh*t

Getting rid of bad behaviors is not that easy. You undoubtedly some high-level commitment. Why not do that with the help of the Do Cool Shit book.

119. Temporary Door Lock

Security is a necessity on any kind of residence. It is a recipe for living a comfortable life and enjoying quality sleep. This temporary door lock will enable you to enjoy such a kind of lifestyle.

120. Jacuzzi Attachment for Bathtub

Ever thought of bringing that amazing jacuzzi feeling in your bathroom? Here is a jacuzzi attachment that will give you an unmatched jacuzzi experience right in your bathroom.

121. Swing Bed With Canopy

Sometimes you just want to sit by yourself, enjoy the cool breeze and meditate about your immediate life. You can enjoy such convenient conditions right in swing bed with canopy.

122. Lotus Lamp

At night you need measured but enough peace for you to either read a book or sleep. With this lotus lamp you can turn your home into a small paradise.

123. Sarcastic Ball

Whenever you are feeling insecure or unsure about something, your moods tend to be low and negative. But here is something, the sarcastic ball, that will raise your moods once again.

124. 50 Shades of Bacon

What about making that romantic dinner sexier? If that appeals to you, then a fifty shades of bacon cookbook will come in handy.

125. Bamboo Keyboards

Ever imagined yourself using a natural bamboo keyboard? Here is a rare chance of using one. It comes with a mouse made from the same material.

126. Superman Dog Costume

Halloween to you, means Halloween to your entire household not forgetting your dog. Here is an amazing superman dog costume for your dog.

127. Backyard Decoration

Your backyard is also part and parcel of your home. It needs to look as wonderful as your living room. To light it up especially in chilly nights you can fire up this special material. It will burn forever like a fireplace, in fact without leaving any ash.

128. Mac Inspired Candle

Purchasing a new MacBook can be a daunting procedure. But you can easily purchase mc inspired products such as this candle.

129. Wilton Edible Glitter

Desserts come with a wide variety of inspiration and pomp. Here is one that glitters, courtesy of the added wilton edible glitter.

130. The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book

This is no ordinary coloring book. It is dominated by themes from Game of Throne, making your kid’s coloring journey more interesting.

131. Lifelike Elephant Inflatable

This is definitely an extraordinary inflatable that you will like. Suitable for events, parties, videos, advertising, marketing, campaigns and outdoor use.

132. Lizard Glow Bowling Ball

Bowling is fun, but you can make it interesting by playing it with this lizard glow bowling ball. It looks weird but you will enjoy playing it.

133. Frog Eye Mask

This can be a perfect costume to cover your eyes during Halloween or while sleeping just to scare away anybody who wants to disrupt your sleep.

134. Mobile Phone Jail Cell

Are you looking for a better way to end the estranged affair your children happen to have with mobile phones? Then getting a mobile phone jail cell will be a brilliant idea. It needs a key for one to open and access their phone.

135. Floating Crocodile Decoy

There is fun in scaring people. You feel some sort of pride and self-belief. To do so you have to be very creative like using a floating crocodile decoy to scare people from the swimming pool.

136. Umbrella Hat

Carrying an umbrella around can be so stressful. Why can’t you save yourself that hassle by purchasing this portable umbrella hat.

137. Custom Dog Socks

Get crazy enough to purchase the custom dog socks. They are unique and comfy.

138. Car French Fry Holder

Do you struggle with eating your scrumptious chips at the same time keeping your hands on the steering and your eyes past the windscreen? Here is a car French fry holder that will save you from your simple misery.

139. Personalized Cardboard Cutout

Anyone can get a personalized cardboard cut. Just present your preferred specifications and you will have that customized cardboard cutout.

140. The Hen Bag Handbag

Avoid shopping for an ordinary handbag. This hen bag handbag can still add some pomp to your dress code.

141. Real Life Potato Head

Customizing anything gives you freedom to express what you think your ideal product should look like. If you want a real-life potato head with your custom image then that is possible.

142. Chicken Legs Knee-High Novelty Socks

Sincerely speaking, you need to try out these socks. First they are very unique. Second, they have an amazing and rare design.

143. Cat But Tissue Holder

If you are a cut lover, then here is a perfect gift for you. Use it to hold your tissue.

144. Outrageous &Unique Flavored Soda,6-Pack

Despite being carbonated drinks, they have a taste of freshly cooked foods. Feel free to try them today.

145. Matney Piggy Bank’

Saving is an attribute that should be nurtured in kids right from their early life. Get them this kitty thief piggy bank to start that saving culture in your children early enough.

146. The Buttress Pillow

A pillow should give comfort to your head and neck. This is why you need this Buttress pillow.

147. Gorgeous Thanos One Piece Swimsuit for Men and Boys

Express your love for swimming through the swim costume you put on. This thanos one pieces swimsuit will give you the confidence you need to swim.

148. Inflatable Zip Up Hoodie

Easy to wear and wash are what defines this nice Aros Hoodie.You will need some amount of air to use it well.

149. Yesito Chicken Harness and Leash

Keeping chicken in cities can be a daunting undertaking. However, the Yesito Chicken Harness and Leash will make your passion easier.

150. Nuni Tortilla Toaster

If you are a burrito and taco lover then you might just have found the best taster. It toasts both wheat or corn sizeable tortillas.

151. Dill Pickle Lip Balm

Pickle lovers will obviously love this dill pickle lip balm. Extraordinary and very useful.

152. Alpaca Print Breathable Panties

Your entire body needs proper ventilation. This is why at one point you will need to wear these breathable undies.

153. Hashtag Collectibles Smiling edition

Nothing beats the look of smiling blobfish dolls. These ones are very appealing to look at.

154. Original Ostrich Pillow

Whenever you need a quick nap, this should be your perfect pillow. Designed to suit your sleep requirements.

155. Bacon Strips Bandages

For Bacon Lovers, getting this will be akin to hitting the jackpot. Every tin has 25 bacon-themed bandages.

156. Bigmouth inc selfie sisters garden gnome

Tending your garden can be done in great style and pomp. You only need this statue and you will enjoy weeding your garden.

157. Anatomy Bathing Suit

This bathing suit has been designed to accurately and precisely take the immediate shape of your body once you wear it. It is perfect for taking a shower or a bath.

158. Chipfingers

These amazing finger covers for cheesy food will really come through while washing utensils with leftover cheese. No need to worry about cheese dust staining your fingers.

159. Nicolas Cage Pillowcases

Pillowcases with great style and fashion. You need these ones for your comfy pillows.

160. Karaoke Earphone

Your karaoke won’t be the same again when you choose to use this karaoke earphone. Manufactured well to allow you listen to your own voice.

161. Taco Sleeping Bag

Quality sleep not only means sleeping for recommended hours but also enjoying your sleep. Here is a taco sleeping bad that will make you sleep like a baby.

162. Swimways Inflatable Sloth Float

One of the most basic but essential skill to becoming a better swimmer is floating. You can master that art by the help of this inflatable sloth float.

163. Meat Shredder Claws

Shredding your meat can be so stressful. But here is a tool that will be of much help to you.

164. Chia Pet Gremlin

An ideal pet for nature lovers. Make it your habit to water it after midnight.

165. Guacamole Bowl

Here is a beautiful bowl for avocado lovers. It comes filled with healthy fat alongside fiber-packed fruit.

166. Comfycup Public Transportation Cup Holder

One of the weirdest things you will come across while on the subway. It is held by a cup holder attached to a pole.

167. Funny Bone Teacher Gift

A perfect present for your teacher. It holds 15 ounces of wine.

168. Wine Condom Bottle Stopper

Covering your wine is not only a hygienic measure but also prevents your drink from spilling over. Cover it with these new wine condoms.

169. Bigmouth Inc. Generic Weener Kleener Soap

Bathing or taking a shower should be enjoyed. You can add some fun with donut shaped soap.

170. Toilet Golf Potty

Your obsession for golf should not just be limited to the golf course. With this toilet golf potty, sure you will still enjoy gold while in the toilet.

171. BigMouth Inc. Tiny Hands Toy

Thinking od a hilarious prank? These tiny hands toy is all you need to scare people away for a while.

172. Prank Pack Roto Wipe

This an amazing prank gift box you can use to carry a gift for your friend. It will stun him/her at first before opening to see which gift is inside.

173. Upper Midland Party Glasses

A party is always somewhere you need to have fun and get cray. That can be achieved by using these great party glasses.

174. That’s Bullshit Button

The best way to shutdown a person who is spitting total lies and dry jokes is by using this bullshit button. It will immediately cut off the person speaking bullshit.

175. BigMouth Inc Farting Bank

A hilarious money bank that will still cultivate the culture of saving in you.

176. Let that Shit Go Pillow Cover

Holding ono something that hurts you will still instill more pain in you. This pillow cover should help you move on.

177. Colorful Star Funny Shower Curtain

Do not be so serious with life. Have some fine, for instance just wake up one day and purchase this funny shower curtain and put it in use.

178. Remember When Kardlet (RW1954)65Th Gift

Despite being a nostalgic book, it reminds you of some of the funny movies and sports you used to watch.

179. 12 Santa Tweets Boxed Christmas Cards with Envelopes

Do not allow yourself to have a boring Christmas. Here is a perfect gift that should allow you read some of the funny messages from Santa.

180. Dude Products Wipes Flushable Wipes

You can bid bye to using toilet papers by using these convenient flushable wipes.

181. Tipsy Elves Men’s Christmas Climax Sweater

Christmas comes with its fair share of fun and doing crazy things. This is a sweater that will look great on while tipsy.

182. Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier

This in amazing pacifier that has already been approved by the dentist. It is safe for your kid.

183. MRC Wood Products Laundry Schedule

It not only gives you a chance to outline what you plan to do during laundry, but it also gives you a chance to write some hilarious stuff.

184. Animal Selfies-10 Humorous Assorted Note Cards with Envelope

Looking at these animal selfies will give you some great fun. The pictures are hilarious on their own.

185. Retirement Gifts for Women

A perfect gift to give to a woman who is not only retiring but also loves wine.

186. Asshole Button

Another great way to shut down that individual providing dry jokes.

187. Marvel Deadpool-I’m Sorry Did I Offend You-Men’s T-shirt

This quality t-shirt, will give you a hilarious way of apologizing to someone.

188. Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

A perfect game to enjoy playing with your crazy relatives.

189. Beaver Bath Soak

A relaxing bath soak is what every one needs. That can be achieved by using this beaver bath soak.

190. Cool Coast Beer Joke Coolie

191. 4Thpought Puzzle Pod Cryptex-Brain Teaser &Coin Bank

This product provides a geeky way of giving someone a gift. You engage him/her into unraveling a combination prior to giving them a gift. You can also use it as a coin bank.

192. Nurse Gifts for Women

It is a gift that most nurses will be willing to take. It is customized vacuum sealed tumbler wine glass.

193. Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls

Prevent the groin area from feeling sticky and sweaty by using this product.

194. YGDZ Fake Poop

You can use this funny poop toys to prank family members and friends during Halloween or Christmas.

195. Blah Button

If you really want to get out of a boring conversation, then here is the Blah Button that you can use.

196. Adult Bibs For Eating

This adult bibs for eating is very comfortable and fits various necks. It will prevent you from staining your top while eating.

197. The Awkward Family Photos Move Line Caption Game

As a family it is important you also have some time for fun. This is why you need to play this game where you caption some of the awkward family photos.

198. BigMouth Inc Camouflage Toilet Paper

This is a world of possibilities. Always expect something new like the BigMouth Inc Camouflage toilet paper.

199. PopLife Craft Beer Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day present a chance to celebrate all fathers for the perfect job they are doing in families. You can celebrate your dad by purchasing for him this amazing Father’s Day card.

200. Unipop Cards For Birthday Pop Card

This is an amazing card for any occasion. It is cute and comes with enough space to note down some nice message for the receiver.

201. Raised on The Street T-shirt

The t-shirt is made from pure cotton and also comes with a nice caption on the chest area.

202. JD and Kate Industries Trump Scented Candle

It is just so phenomenal like Trump’s hair. More so it comes with a combination of some classy scent.

203. Archie Mcphee Instant Underpants

First these are weird underpants. You need to add some water to loosen them up.

204. Simple Wishes Dlite Hands Free Breastpump Bra

Breastfeeding mothers will surely benefit from this handsfree breast pump bra. Gives an amazing pumping session to produce breast milk.

205. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 16oz Can

While out camping or hiking you will definitely feel thirsty. If you have this product, you only need to add water to produce more water.

206. Nostalgia SMM200 Indoor Electric Stainless S’mores Maker

With this appliance you can still enjoy making s’mores and roast marshmallows while indoors.

207. G-WACK Stress Relief Desk Toy

Do not allow stress to ruin your day. You can always play with this stress relief desk toys to feel rejuvenated once again.

208. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

First and foremost, it is very comfy. You can have it in your living room.

209. CPSYUB Pimple Popping Toy

Here is another product that will assist you in getting rid of stress. You can keep on pressing it until your stress subsides.

210. Rainbow Ring Magic Stress Relief Bracelet Toy

It is made of quality 304 stainless steel and acts as an amazing stress reliever.

211. Launch Innovative Phoebe Magnetic Poker Art Sculpture Desk Toy

This not only allows you to enjoy your poker but also comes in handy when you want to pass sometime.

212. Weird Relative-12 Boxed Merry Christmas Cards With Envelope

Apart from enjoying your Christmas together, it is also important to engage in playing some games. You can use these weird relative Christmas cards to tease some of your family members.

213. Impresa 5-Pack of Stretchy String Fidget

Toys are perfect assets both for children and adults. Like this package of tactile allows you to pull them and watch them get back to their initial shapes.

214. ToiLight Night Light Tech

As you respond the call of nature, you can enjoy the experience with this luminous night light tech in your toilet.

215. DE Spider Prank Scare Box

Most people are so scared at spiders that they can take off immediately once they see one. This gives you a perfect idea to prank your friend using the DE Spider scare box.

216. Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle

Creates that amazing mood that befits meditation time. It comes with batteries which powers it up.

217. The Original Dum-a -Trump Pen Holder

It is a hilarious pen holder. Despite that, it can hold paintbrushes, pence pencil, sunglasses and pens.

219. Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light for Kids

When it lights up it provides that amazing and peaceful nightlife feeling. You can also use it to read.

220. Archie McPhee Bacon Scented Mustache

As you go about your business it is sometimes important to try and look a bit funny. Here is a a fake moustache you can use to get that hilarious look.

221. Funny Notebook With an Absurd Title

This is a notebook you will really feel proof of to use in public. It has that nice and weird title for instance 100 tricks to walk without anyone seeing you.

222. Never Have I Ever

A party presents a chance to get crazy and enjoy the party. Here is a perfect drinking game you will surely enjoy playing.

223. The Moon Ring

This is a hilarious present p[resent for Father’s Day, Mother’s day and white elephant parties. On opening this gift, it farts.

224. All My friends are dead Funny Book

Are you wondering how to pass that spare time you might be having/Here is a hilarious and captivating read for you to enjoy.

225. Safebao LED Flashing Mask

This is undoubtedly one of the best Halloween masks. It is safe and breathable to ensure you find comfort in wearing it.

226. Something weird

Enjoy spending your free time by watching this movie. It is interesting and funny at the same time.

227. Catit Self Groomer Catnip

For cat lovers, this is a perfect self-groomer for your cats which can also be used to massage your adorable pet.

228. Horror Sounds Instrument Waterphone Movie Weird Sound Effects Unusual Instrument

If you are thinking of pranking and scaring people away, here is a perfect instrument you can use.

229. Roiru Plush Soft Tissue Box Holder

It is made form high quality plush and it is durable, comfortable and soft. It will hold well your soft tissue.

230. WoneNice Portable Cute Kitty Silicone LED Night Lamp

This portable night lamp is endorsed with ,7-color breathing modes. It also looks very cute.

231. Beard Head Kid Vagabond Beard Beanie

It will not only look positively funny on your kid but also it provides the needed warmth.

232. Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag

Carrying your kitten or puppy has been made easier by this pet carrier travel bag.

233. Fjallraven-Kanken Classic Backpack

A portable and very convenient backpack you can use to carry some of your belongings.

234. Casofu Burritos Blanket

If you are so in love with burritos you definitely need this kind of blanket for your kids.

235. Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

This should be a perfect birthday gift for your kid who is into photography. It is waterproof and comes with an 8GB memory card.

236. DNA Stress Balls

You need an ideal stress reliever, here is a perfect stack of stress balls you can press to feel better.

237. Lizard Lips Lip Balm

It is risk free and will also protect your lips.

238. Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game

Avoid having a boring party by incorporating this interesting drinking game.

239. Sleep Googles Sleeping Mask Eye Cover Weird Dog Expression

Hilarious and funny sleeping googles. Available in perfectly fitting sizes.

240. BigMouth Inc Giant Inflatable Taco Pool Floats

Floating is a basic but essential swimming skill. You can kickstart your swimming lessons by using this floater.

241. Dazzling Toys Novelty Fake Needle Syringe Pens

Anyone with a great sense of humor can use these syringe pens to prank people.

242. Vaginal Tightening Gel

It instantly makes the vagina tight once more.

243. 60 Pcs Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies Hair bands

It comes as a package with 60 different hair bands that will hold your hair perfectly in place.

244. Donald Trump Celebrity Prayer Candle

It is built in a high-quality thick glass and wrapped with a photo of Trump.

245. 2 PCS Silicone Mask Brush

Easy to use in applying thin layers of skincare products in a well distributed fashion.

246. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Slim Leather Bifold Wallet

Made from pure leather and will safely keep your money and credit cards.

247. Tips Chicken Drinking Card Game for Adults

Another game you can enjoy playing with your drunk friends.

248. Pizzoff Unisex Long Sleeve 3D Funny Print Hoodies

Looks funny but also has an amazing design. Ideal for all sexes.

249. Forum Novelties Latex Animal Mask

For your Halloween you can wear this weird animal mask. It suits several themed costume parties.

250. Fun Express Martian Costume Fingers

They are available in different colors and sizes. These costume fingers will add some extra pomp to your Halloween outfit.

251. 3D Wall Decal Sticker

Not only looks adorable but also realistic. It will look perfectly on your wall.

252. LookHUMAN Outta My Way Losers

It is both an amazing mug and also sends a clear message to people who want to distract you.

253. Snittens-The Original Snot Mittens

Funny but convenient especially during cold seasons.

254. T.J Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine

First it is very hilarious. Suitable for any kind of party.

255. The Shredded Chef

One of the best cookbooks if you need to build muscles and stay fit.

256. Jasonwell Hand Operated Drone for Kids Toddlers Adults

This drone doesn’t require a remote for it to fly. Your kid will definitely love playing around with it.

257. LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

Organize your pieces of jewelry in style by using this amazing lockable jewelry cabinet. It also comes with a mirror.

258. Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Gel for PC, Tablet and Laptop

It is not only a convenient but also simple cleaning solution for your laptop/PC keyboard.

259. Teeth Whitening Pen

An amazing product that will always give you a perfect set of white teeth.

260. Adams Pranks Magic Thumb

It is one of the perfect ideas you can use to joke around with people.

261. Mansalee Cute Stealing Coin Cat Money Box

Teach your children how to save by buying for this amazing money bank.

262. Neutral Sound Button

Records voice content for about 30 seconds with great sound quality.

263. Freemie Freemie Closed System Breast Milk Collection Cups

Compatible with mobile breast milk pumps from the same brand. Allows you to collect a considerable amount of breast milk.

264. Inventis Inc. Boardless Skateboard

It is a self-propelled transportation skateboard, that moves under natural wave motion.

265. Finger Hands

This one will be a perfect acquisition ahead of your Halloween.

266. Hallmark Christmas Assorted Gift Bag

You can always pack your Christmas gifts in these amazing bags.

267. Jewelry Tycoon Butcher Knife Necklace

The necklace is made from strong materials such as cabochon base, glass and alloy. It will give you a confident look.

268. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

These wipes will ensure you keep your baby’s bottom clean.

269. Archie’s Weird Mysteries

A hilarious and weird movie that will always keep you at the edge of your seat laughing.

270. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

This is a must have eyebrow definer that will enhance the appearance of your face.

271. Clarks CloudSteppers Women’s Sillian Tana Boot Shoes

They provide enhanced style and perfect comfort when worn.

272. Miss U Hair Man Adult Short Wavy Auburn Creepy Clown Bald Wig

Sincerely speaking you will love this wig as a perfect costume for Halloween.

273. Party with Pride Money Gun

It is available in shiny colors and shots money in quick succession. It is an essential especially when you want to party with pride.

274. iPoop Toilet Decal

Are you an Apple fanboy and proud of it? Broadcast your loyalty with more than just your newly purchased Airpod Pros. Let your guests know that even when pooping you are pouring one out for Jobs.

275. Winning Moves Games

An ideal gift for your child during his or her birthday.

277. Kalifornia

An exciting and thrilling movie to enjoy watching during your free time.

279. Pinleck Newborn Baby Boy Girl Cute Cotton Plush Receiving Blanket

Your baby will definitely feel warm and comfy in this amazing swaddle.

280. Keebofly Jewelry Tree Stand Organizer

It allows you to organize and account for all your pieces of jewelry.

281. BLOM Original Multi Style Headbands

Suitable for yoga and while working out. It is an ideal headband for women.

282. 2 Packs of Dark Brown Henna Hair and Beard Color/Dye

It is available in 150-gram sachets. It gives your hair or beards that perfect color you so much need.

283. 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow

This is pillow is very soft and comfy. Perfect to enhance the quality of your sleep.

288. Beach Theme Funny Bear Shark Surfing Shower Curtain

This shower curtain will not only cover perfectly your bathroom but also has a hilarious but exceptional print.

289. DC Comics Aquaman Soap

Definitely the perfect soap for aquaman lovers

290. Women’s Garland Christmas Sweater

Thinking of buying your wife or girlfriend a gift this Christmas?/Here is a sweater she will love.

291. Crazy Dog T-shirts Creeper Baby Bodysuit

It is a well-designed baby suit jumper for the newborns.

292. NPW Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

Perfect for picnics, night parties and any other drinking party. You can always hang this hunky cowboy around your wine glass.

293. Funny Fashion Gold Genie Lamp Aladdin Plastic Costume Accessory Prop Decoration

It is an amazing Arabian nights costume accessory that suits harem outfits, children’s playtime and genie costumes.

294. Joyin Toy 288 Pieces Pirate Gold Coins and Pirate Gems Jewelry

Suitable for party decorations and party favors. Kids can also play with them.

295. Disney Aladdin Deluxe Figurine Set

If your kid is into Disney world, then here is a perfect set of characters he/she will love playing.

296. Lip Smacker Cup Lip Balm

With this lip smacker be sure you have one that will make you smile.

297. Royal Bobbles Notorious RBG Bobblehead

This royal bobblehead will definitely look good on your office desk.

298. Watch Ya Mouth

It is not only a hilarious family game but also you can enjoy playing it in a party.

299. Freeman Cosmic Mask

Enhance your aura and get a glowing face with this amazing peel off mask.

300. Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

This is a one of a kind toilet training for young boys between the age of 1 to 6 years.

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