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36 New Inventions That Should’ve Existed Forever


These recent inventions shock by virtue of how surprising it is that they weren’t invented earlier. All of them elegantly and cleverly solve a problem that mankind has been dealing with for years and sometimes hundreds of years. Check out our list of 36 inventions that by all means should have been invented a long time ago.

Wooden Toaster Tongs

It is always a challenge while trying to retrieve a piece of toast from a smoldering hot toaster. Given the considerable risks that are involved if you try to use the commonly present metallic or plastic utensils found in the kitchen, this invention gives you the convenient and safe way to retrieve your delicious piece of toast. Plus, it adds to your kitchen’s touch of sophistication

Bath Overflow Drain Cover

A good and satisfying bath can make anyone’s day a much more pleasant and relaxing one. A lot of the available baths came with flooding safety measures that maintained a shallow depth of water. This is until this invention provided its much-needed function that allows for a deeper depth of water for a much more enjoyable bath.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

The presence of two contrasting chains hanging from the ceiling fan light can be irritatingly confusing. Half of the times you walk up to the two chains, chances are you might pull on the wrong chain. This invention has conveniently provided the much-needed distinction to make it one less frustrating moment of your life

Silicone Cutting Board Feet

This effective piece of invention gives your kitchen that professional outlook. Giving you a firm handle on your working surface as you put your knife-skills to the test. This invention allows you to work with both surfaces of your board without having to worry too much about cross-contamination.

Lighter cubes

Everyone knows it as a natural prerogative never to play with fire. It is exactly for this kind of reason that this invention was made for. Its slow-burning ability as well as wind-resistant features make it a safe and convenient option.

Clip on Silicone Colander

It is always annoying when you end up spilling your pasta in the sink while trying to strain the excess water. This invention is your convenient solution for basically most models of pans, pots or bowls. It should no longer be a frustrating delicate balance between not spilling your pasta and hopelessness.


This would probably be among the best ever invention for the ice-cold coffee lovers. Its ability to rapidly draw the heat from your regular cup of hot coffee is what makes the HyperChiller an impressively convenient invention.

Onion Holder

One for your diverse kitchen utensil collection. This invention adds to your effectiveness in the kitchen by giving you enhanced control over your chopping needs. You can get optimal precision while cutting to complement your skills in the kitchen

Drill Brush

Designed to be versatile, this invention gives you effective sanitary solutions with its thorough scrubbing performance. The efficient power supplied by a drill coupled up with the nylon brushes gives you the best chance at getting rid of that unsightly blemish.

Over the Sink Colander

For those moments when you need to strain your pasta or wash your fruits or vegies, this invention has you conveniently covered. Its adjustable capability allows it to fit into your average sink while its non-slip handles give you a firm grip on it.

Inverted Umbrellas

This invention has basically revolutionized the way umbrellas are being used today. In an attempt to maximize the chance of getting through a rainy day as dry as possible, this invention came up with the idea of inverting an umbrella when not in use keeping the dry part of the umbrella on the outside. They as well come in a wide variety of stylishly designed umbrellas.

Silicon Finger Point Bookmarks

As far as inventions go, this invention can be considered to be a simple yet sophisticated invention. Raising the bar on the effectiveness of a bookmark, this invention has enhanced the level of precision bookmarks can offer. Get to the exact point you left your book at.

Flexible Surge Protectors

It is as effective as it is conveniently flexible. Its versatility allows for the adequate accommodation of the different plugs that come in varying shapes and sizes. The flexibility of this invention gives you the advantage of being able to comfortably put it in multiple locations around the house.

Dog Selfie Stick

Capturing those special moments at just the right time, is what makes memories worth the sentimental affection that accompanies the moment you travel back in time. This invention allows you to capture those intimate moments with your adorable dog. It is conveniently designed to allow you full control over the device as you capture that special moment in history when the time comes.

Virtual Assistants

A culmination of convenience, efficiency and technological advancement can be witnessed with this invention. Giving you virtual assistance and access to the best possible information there is to offer, having a virtual assistant can prove to be invaluable whether its to serve a knowledge seeking purpose or a schedule planning requirement.

Square Payment System

Retailing has never been this easy. Making payments for your items at the store has been made as simple as swiping your credit card through a small cell phone attachment that initiates an automated response that in turn makes the necessary procedural prompt. it is an effective alternative to actual cash payments.


Just like the Dog Selfie Stick, this invention has been designed to enhance the efficiency while trying to capture your special moment. It has severally been referred to as one of the greatest inventions of the last decade. No one needs to be left out of the moment as well. This invention allows you to conveniently snap a selfie when everyone is behind the camera and ready

Smartphone Hologram Projector

Holograms have been developed to give us the closest feeling we can have to the real deal in creating beautiful 3D images that float in the air. With the holographic effects you can create a conducive environment for mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.

Self-driving cars

The future is here with us. This invention is as a result of extensive work and effort put into the development of the cars. Even though it is not yet a fully fledged or widely used technology, this invention promises to be a gateway to future travelling means. All signs point to this invention materializing into the next big technological advancement.

3-D Bioprinting

With the potential of finally providing the answer to the biting shortage of vital organs, this invention has taken 3-D printing to a whole new level. Scientist are attempting to provide an alternative to the actual vital organs including the kidney, liver, heart and the skin. We can only imagine the number of lives this invention can save when it becomes a reality.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality has never been the same since the invention of the Virtual Reality Headsets. Giving you an experience non like any other, this invention lets you travel to a realistic virtual reality and can very well trick your mind into believing your actual presence in the reality. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate this invention.

The Cronut

The pastry industry has as well had its fair share of historic inventions. This delicious combination bringing together the donut and the croissant, this treat has lived up to expectation. The Cronut promises to outlive its time spreading its sugary deliciousness to hungry people.

Lab-Grown (Cultured) Meat

This particular invention has faced some major backlash. While there might be the expected cons, the pros make a considerably convincing case in that the intention to find a viable alternative to the increasingly evolving regular meat, an equally nutritious Lab-Grown meat was thought of as the perfect option. It remains to be seen what becomes of the invention in the future but it remains to be an interesting discussion on whether the invention meets all the moral as well as health standards.

Baggy Racks

For all those times you wished those zip-lock bags would just magically hold themselves up as you tried to fill it with left-over food, this invention has successfully pulled off that very magic trick. By holding open the bag while at the same time maintaining a firm position, you have an easier time putting away your left-over meals for the next time you are hungry.

Acne Cover Patches

Effectively combining the effects of hydrocolloid, Calendula oil treatment and Tea Tree, this invention counteracts the irritating effects of Acne. It is designed to be near invisible yet still hold the capabilities to serve its purpose. Simply attach the patch to your skin and let it do the rest.

Did You Feed the Dog? Reminder

It can prove to be a tedious task trying to keep track of whether or not you have fed your dog. This invention gives you a more effective and convenient way to do just that. After simply mounting monitor at a convenient surface, all that remains is to slide during feeding times. This way you have a more precise way of knowing whether you actually fed your adorable pooch or not.

ThinOptics Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are an essential possession that people who need them cannot effectively utilize their visual functions without. With a pair of the ThinOptics Reading Glasses, you can optimize your reading experience while benefiting from the fact that the frame can actually attach to the back of your phone to ensure they are constantly in your possession.

Caffeinated Mints

Coming in five different flavors to conveniently choose from, this invention allows you to keep your mouth pleasantly smelling thanks to the caffeine flavor while at the same time providing you with as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee can. You might as well keep a pack of these with you just incase you need that extra boost while at work.

Insulated Water Bottle with Storage compartment

A lot of times bottles are only associated with beverages. This invention has effectively changed that opinion by providing an inbuilt storage compartment to an otherwise regular water bottle. No one would think to look for valuables like money in a water bottle. It is as well a convenient way of carrying your fitting valuables around.

Silicone Sit Up Scraping Spoon

Everyone wants their kitchen counters dry and clean. Normal scrapping spoons are not serving this purpose optimally. The Silicone Sit Up Scraping Spoon however, does the job quite exceptionally. It is one of those inventions that just make everyday life easier.

Wine Glass Markers

On those occasions when you have a few people around and you can’t even begin to distinguish one glass from the other. This invention is the perfect solution to that situation. Designed to write on the surface of any glassware and plastics as well, your party problems are one less.

The Spatty & Spatty Daddy

It has universally been confirmed that it can be an excruciating task in trying to reach the last of the contents of certain bottles including lotion, oil or soap containers. Well, this invention was built for exactly that purpose. Adjustable to suite required length conditions, you won’t have to throw out that bottle before you completely utilize the contents.

Dip Clips

Dip has traditionally been served on the side of dishes or snacks. This invention however redefines the meaning of “dip on the side”. Conveniently being able to be clipped firmly on the side of your plate, you can enjoy your preferred snacks while complemented by your preferred dip as well.

Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holders

During the occasional picnic or beach visits, there is usually the concern of getting dirt into your drink as the components of nature including the unpredictable wind- patterns. With this impressively designed invention, you can securely place your cup in this holder and continue enjoying other activities without the fear of sand or grass getting into your drink.

Stainless Steel Soft Edge Flexi Turner

The unsightly marks left by a scrapping spatula at the bottom of a pan were perhaps the reason behind this invention. The anti-stick layer that essentially facilitates the purpose of the non-stick pan, requires a delict touch on it to avoid damage. With this stainless-steel spatula, you can confidently use your non-stick pans without the fear of damaging the interior surface.

Lock Laces

In a rapidly growing world and a fast-moving environment, the little things we can do to save as much time as we can, increases the chance of achieving success. It might seem like a small task to go about but tying as well as untying your shoes can consume much of your time unnecessarily. With this invention, you are able to conveniently put on and remove your shoes. Definitely an invention for the future.

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