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32 Super Interesting Facts About McDonald’s


The American fast-food company, “McDonalds”, is synonymous with hamburgers. Loved by one and all this restaurant chain tops the list of the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue. Founded in 1940, McDonald’s has grown in leaps and bounds and today, where it has marked its presence all across the globe.

For all the McDonald’s lovers, here we present 32 super interesting facts about McDonald’s that you should know.

  1. Started different: Today McDonalds is popular for its hamburgers, cheeseburger, and French fries, but in 1940, its founders, Richard and Maurice McDonald started off as a BBQ joint.
  2. Only 9 items on the menu: The first menu of McDonald’s had only 9 items, unlike the long menu with a lot of varieties that are available today.
  3. Golden Arches: The logo of McDonald’s called the “Golden Arches” was introduced after the company was turned into a franchise in 1953 and at Phoenix, Arizona.
  4. Franchise rights to takeover: Businessman Ray Kroc purchased franchise rights of McDonald’s but later he purchased the food chain and modernized it to the McDonald’s that is popular today.
  5. The revolutionary concept of drive-through: Back in 1975, McDonald’s introduced the drive-through concept and it was inspired by the military as they were not allowed to leave their cars wearing combat uniform.

  6. More McDonald’s than hospitals: In the United States, there are more McDonald’s than hospitals!
  7. Not the fastest turnaround time at drive-through: Drive-through transactions at McDonald’s take approximately 3 minutes, which is longer than Wendy’s which take a little more than 2 minutes.
  8. A different taste of Coca-Cola: The taste of Coca-Cola is better than the ones served at other places as stainless steel tanks is used to store the Coke syrup, which preserves its freshness and taste.
  9. Ski-through restaurant: McDonald’s has a ski-through restaurant at Lindvallen resort area in Sweden. It has been pretty popular since 1996, when it was started.
  10. The floating McDonald’s: In Vancouver, McDonald’s had a floating outlet and it was called “McBarge.” However, it is closed now.
  11. Popularity of the Golden Arches: The most recognized symbol in the world ahead of even the cross is McDonald’s Golden Arches.
  12. World’s largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue: McDonald’s has its presence in more than 100 countries and serves over 69 million customers each day, which makes it the world’s largest restaurant chain when revenues are being considered.
  13. McDonald’s at Buckingham Palace: A McDonald’s is owned by the Queen of England and it is located near Buckingham Palace.
  14. Different menu across the globe: McDonald’s menu has items which includes the local flavors of the place that it is located. So, the menu is different across the world.
  15. Extravagant décor: In New Zealand, a McDonald’s outlet is designed like an airplane and diners can experience McDonald’s rather than airline food at this restaurant.
  16. Not “golden” arches: The “golden arches” symbolizes McDonald’s but at the McDonald’s outlet in Paris Champs-Elysees, it is neon white, in sync with the lighting of the place. Also, in Sedona, Arizona, the color of the arches is turquoise due to the desert environment.
  17. Wedding at McDonald’s: In Hong Kong, McDonald’s offers wedding packages for 50 guests which not just includes catering but also a decorated venue, gifts for guests, balloon wedding ring, bridal bouquet and also a presenter.
  18. Recycling program: McDonald’s launched a program in its United Kingdom outlet wherein the employee’s uniform is recycled, either into a new uniform or shredded to be stuffed into the mattress.
  19. Nations with banned McDonald’s: Nations like Kazahstan, Bermuda, Macedonia, and Montenegro have McDonald’s banned.
  20. Creative trays: In Hungary’s outlet of McDonald’s the BagTray was unveiled which has an extremely innovative design.
  21. Exotic offering: McDonald’s offers exotic items in some of its outlets. Hawaii leads in offering exotic items and the menu includes a Hawaiian noodle soup, char siu pork, Saimin, sliced scrambled eggs and nori to name a few.
  22. Top selling item: Surprisingly, the top-selling item at McDonald’s is French Fries and not the Big Mac.
  23. Introduction of Fish-o-Fillet: In Ohio’s outlet of McDonald’s, it was noticed that during Lent, the customers avoided meats and thus they did not order cheeseburger or hamburgers. As a meat alternative, the Fish-o-Fillet was introduced in 1962.
  24. Worst selling meat alternative: In 1962, another meatless alternative was introduced which consisted of a grilled pineapple slice along with cheese in a bun. But it was taken off the menu within a short span of time.
  25. The sweet and savory McGriddle: Product developer, Tom Ryan designed the McGriddle in his efforts to come up with a breakfast that is both sweet and savory and could be held in a hand.
  26. The Biggest Mac: The Big Mac Museum in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania houses the biggest Mac, which is a 14-foot statue.
  27. Long list of ingredients: The number of ingredients in McRib is 70, which is way higher than the 40 ingredients which are used to make Chicken McNuggets.
  28. Super popular McNuggets: Since its introduction in 1981, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets has been in super high demand.
  29. McRib introduced to divert demand from McNuggets: McRib was introduced at a time when McDonald’s was unable to meet the super high demand for Chicken Nuggets an dis made of pork shoulder meat.
  30. McGourmet meal: In 2013, celebrity chefs were challenged by McDonald’s to create gourmet meals using McDonald’s ingredients.
  31. Clown mascot: The clown mascot of McDonald’s is widely known but surprisingly enough, it is not known who created the mascot for the food chain.
  32. More than 30,000 Big Macs consumed by a single person: Wisconsin’s Don Gorske has set the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Most Big Macs Consumed” in his life. His maximum consumption of a Big Mac is 9 in a day and he is reportedly said to have both his weight and his cholesterol under control.
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