31 Amazing Facts About Ana de Armas – The New Bond Girl From ‘No Time To Die’


In a span of just six years, Ana de Armas has turned over an entirely new page in her life. From being a non-English speaking immigrant, who landed the role of Marilyn Monroe, to the lead Bond Girl in the James Bond franchise, becoming one of the most wanted actress in the world of Hollywood. The actress has no time to waste in her rise to the top, and still, there is very little known about her to the fans. Here are some rather fascinating things about her, which will surely make you admire the new bond girl.

  1. Her breakthrough role was as an AI hologram Joi in the 2017 movie “Blade Runner 2049.” However, it was her leading role as Marta Cabrera in the “Knives Out,” that earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.
  2. Armas becomes the first Cuban born actress to play the role of a leading Bond Girl, with her casting as Paloma in the “No Time to Die.”
  3. She was born in Cuba, but at the age of 19 moved to Spain. It was in the year 2014 that she moved to Los Angeles, USA.
  4. Armas was reportedly not fluent in English until her move to USA. She claimed in an interview that she pushed herself to learn English, determined to audition for English movie roles, and learned the language like native within two years.
  5. Since her childhood, she wanted people to see her and at the age of 12, Armas chose the acting career. She enrolled to the National Theater School of Cuba. Following graduation, she moved to Madrid and started trying different auditions.
  6. She was cast in the erotic thriller “Deep Water,” based on the novel of the same name. The movie, under the 20th Century Fox, is scheduled to be released on November 13, 2020.
  7. She is reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with her co-star Ben Affleck from “Deep Water.” In early March 2020, she was spotted with Affleck in her hometown of Havana, Cuba and then in Costa Rica.
  8. She was personally handpicked by the James Bond actor Daniel Craig to play the role of Bond Girl Paloma in the movie “No Time to Die.” It was reported that Craig was impressed with her acting skills, after working with her on “Knives Out” movie.
  9. Ana de Armas, often cited for her trademark striking hazel-green eyes, has central heterochromia, a condition in which the person has two different colors in the same iris.
  10. Both of her eyes are known to have green outer rings, with a brown inner ring. In addition to these colors, her irises reportedly have small dark brown spots.
  11. She made her film debut portraying the role of Marie in “Una rosa de Francia,” which is “Virgin Rose” in English, in the year 2006. However, it is the Spanish TV series “El Internado,” in which she played the role of as Carolina Leal, was her first success.
  12. In the movie “Blade Runner 2049,” the advertisement version of her character Joi was not actually voiced by Armas, but was voiced by First Assistant Editor Mary Lukasiewicz.
  13. It was reported that Lukasiewicz initially recorded a temporary voice-over, which impressed the producers. The entire team decided it to fit in so well, so they kept it in the final movie, and did not even have Armas record the voice-over for advertisement.
  14. She dated talent agent Franklin Latt in the early 2015. But the duo has separated after a few months of relationship and she has reportedly deleted all the pictures of them together from her Instagram account.
  15. Her “No Time to Die” movie becomes the first James Bond movie in the 007 franchise to feature a major leading Bond Girl from Cuba, with her portrayal of Paloma.
  16. She had a role as a rival love interest, Roxanne, in the movie “Yesterday,” but unfortunately, her scenes were deleted from the final cut.
  17. Her character enters the scene as a guest with Jack on James Corden’s show. However, some of her scenes can be glimpsed in a version of the movie’s trailer.
  18. At the time of her acting debut, she was reportedly poverty stricken. She was cast immediately after she turned 18 in “Virgin Rose.”
  19. Being it her first role in the acting industry, she happily agreed to strip naked for her character of Marie. This was actually the beginning of a long line of sexy roles, some of which involved striping again.
  20. In July 2011, she married a Spanish actor Marc Clotet, who is famous for his role as Iago in the Spanish TV soap opera “El Cor de la Ciutat.” The duo got married in an intimate ceremony on the Costa Brava.
  21. Their relationship did not last long, and reports about their separation started doing rounds in late 2012. It was confirmed in the 2013 Goya Awards Gala that the couple have divorced.
  22. She almost missed her chance to play the role of Marta in the movie “Knives Out,” because she thought it would be just another small, stereotypical ethnic role, what with big stars like Daniel Craig and Chris Evans already cast.
  23. She reportedly insisted on reading the script to get to know the character better, but the production refused initially, out of fear of spoilers leaking out. Later, when she figured her character was the central figure, she immediately accepted the offer.
  24. Her performance in the 2014 Spanish movie “Por un puñado de besos,” as Sol, a girl confirmed to be a HIV-positive, earned her critical acclaim and the international recognition.
  25. However, she credits director Jonathan Jakubowicz to have been the one who discovered her and cast her in her first international role of Isabel De La Cruz in the 2016 movie “Exposed.”
  26. In an effort to make her character of AI hologram Joi appear more artificial, Editor Joe Walker tried to freeze her image for 9 frames, before she responds to a question.
  27. But, the director and the film crew felt it to have been corny and decided that her artificiality was already convincingly communicated through her fast costume changes and transparency.
  28. Since November 2017, she was dating Cuban artist Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, was a founding member of the Havana-based group known as STAINLESS. The relationship did not last long and ended in August 2018.
  29. She was reportedly cast in the 2009 “Sex, Party and Lies,” around the same time as “Virgin Rose.” However, “Sex, Party and Lies” took more than 4 years to be made.
  30. It was reported that there was a lot of changes in the caste, as in the period of 4 years, many actors were considered and approached for the movie. But the directors confirmed that Ana de Armas had been with the project from the beginning and they had no intention of changing her.
  31. Ana de Armas Net Worth: $4 Million
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