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6 Moro Orange (Blood Orange) Benefits and Side Effects

6 Moro Orange (Blood Orange) Benefits and Side Effects
6 Moro Orange (Blood Orange) Benefits and Side Effects (PIxabay)

Blood orange is a kind of sweet orange with red flesh. Compared to other oranges, it is small in size and has a very strong scent. It is used in various dishes that give oranges unique aroma and taste, such as juice, ice cream, cake, sauce, and sorbet. These blood oranges are classified into three varieties: Taroco, Sanguinello, and Moro. Among them, Moro Orange is mainly cultivated in Etna Volcano on the island of Sicily, and is the most red type of blood orange. Moro orange is known to have various beneficial effects on the body because it contains a variety of nutrients, including anthocyanin, the pigment that gives the red color. Morosil, which is extracted and concentrated from Moro Orange, is recognized for its excellent efficacy enough to be used as a raw material for various health functional foods. Now, let’s take a look at the main effects of Moro Orange. Main Benefits of Moro Orange

1. Antioxidant effect

The most important ingredient in Moro Orange is anthocyanin. Sicily, the main growing area of ​​Moro Orange, has a climatic condition with a temperature difference of 10℃ or more between days. Anthocyanin, a key component of Moro Orange, is said to be more concentrated as the ruby ​​gene, which promotes synthesis, is expressed in climatic conditions with a large daily temperature difference. And this ruby ​​gene is said to produce cyanidin-3-glucoside, C3G, which is known to be the most powerful of the anthocyanins. Moro orange is said to have the highest C3G among various varieties of blood orange, and is reported to be up to 8.9 times higher than other varieties. It is said that it is effective in protecting the body from excessively increased free radicals under the influence of the anthocyanin component of Moro Orange and helping to prevent various diseases caused by reduced immunity. In addition, as free radicals are a major risk factor for accelerating aging, they also have beneficial effects on anti-aging effects.

2. Reduce body fat

C3G, a key component of anthocyanin expressed as ruby ​​gene, is said to have the effect of inhibiting the activity of a gene that promotes body fat synthesis, suppressing digestion and absorption of fat, and promoting decomposition. In an experiment related to Moro Orange and visceral fat, when Moro Orange extract powder was consumed for about 6 months, abdominal fat decreased by 10.84%, visceral fat by 14.91%, and waist circumference decreased by 3.56%. . In another experiment, as a result of ingesting Moro orange extract powder for 12 weeks, the activity of the gene that induces fat accumulation was suppressed and the activity of body fat synthase was also published. Due to these related effects, C3G ingredient is recognized as an individually recognized diet functional ingredient by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

3. Decrease in fat cell size

As you gain weight, your fat cells increase in size. These enlarged fat cells secrete various chemicals that cause chronic inflammation in the body, increasing the risk of developing various adult diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which are more common in obese people. As Moro Orange acts by inhibiting the growth of fat cells, it is said to help prevent obesity and prevent the symptoms of various metabolic syndromes caused by obesity. In a related experiment with Moro Orange and fat cells, a study result was published that showed that the size of abdominal fat cells decreased by about 2 times as a result of ingesting Moro Orange extract powder for about 12 weeks.

4. Inhibits the accumulation of fat in the liver

The liver, also known as the body’s chemical factory, does 500 things. When fat accumulates in the liver, which performs many roles, liver function declines, and excessive accumulation of fat in hepatocytes ultimately leads to the development of fatty liver. The effect of inhibiting the growth of fat cells of Moro Orange reduces the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and helps to prevent fatty liver. In fact, as a result of ingesting Moro Orange extract powder for about 12 weeks, it was found that the amount of triglycerides formed in the liver was reduced by about 30%.

5. Improve your eyesight

The rich anthocyanin component of Moro Orange is known to have excellent effects on eye health. Anthocyanin helps the smooth synthesis of rhodopsin, a visual receptor present in the retinal rod cells of the eye, thereby helping to improve vision and protect the eyes. In addition, it helps to protect the macula, which is the main part responsible for vision by reducing excessive free radicals, thereby protecting eyesight and preventing various eye-related diseases.

6. Diabetes improvement

Insulin resistance is when the body’s response to insulin is lower than normal. When insulin resistance increases, glucose production is not regulated in the liver and glucose utilization in the muscles is not stimulated. And this increase in insulin resistance not only causes various metabolic problems, but also increases the risk of developing diabetes. C3G, a key ingredient in Moro Orange, has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, so it is said to have beneficial effects in reducing insulin resistance, preventing the occurrence of diabetes and improving symptoms.

Moro Orange Side Effects Moro Orange consumes a lot of Morosil, a powder extracted from Moro Orange. It is known that excessive intake can cause problems such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, so it is recommended to consume within the recommended daily intake of 400 mg. In addition, it is recommended to consume after confirming that the ingredients are certified for safety and functionality approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. In addition, it is recommended that pregnant women and those with a specific constitution decide to consume after consulting with a specialist.

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