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3 Tips For Digital Detox And Why It’s Necessary

3 Tips For Digital Detox And Why It's Necessary
3 Tips For Digital Detox And Why It's Necessary (PIxabay)
3 Tips For Digital Detox And Why It's Necessary
3 Tips For Digital Detox And Why It’s Necessary (PIxabay)

Smartphones and other digital devices are useful tools that bring a lot of convenience and pleasure to life. However, in addition to these advantages, prolonged use also causes several problems. Digital detox refers to a method to restore body and mind by controlling excessive use of digital devices. Addiction caused by unrestrained use of digital devices is known to cause various physical symptoms, so if you continue the digital detox habit to get rid of it and reduce it, you will get the effect of reducing mental and physical fatigue and at the same time recovering mind and body. . So today, let’s look at the meaning of digital detox and how to do it.

Digital Detox Meaning

Digital detox is a prescription therapy for stopping the use of digital devices and resting for mental and physical healing. It is a concept created as a prescription for digital addiction. It is also called digital fasting or digital fasting because it is said to take mental recovery by temporarily stopping the use of digital devices, just as fasting detoxifies the toxins and waste products accumulated in the body. According to the contents revealed through various studies, excessive use of digital devices is known to have an effect on attention deficit symptoms, emotional and social intelligence deterioration, social isolation, brain development disorders, and sleep disorders due to exposure to electromagnetic waves generated from the devices. In addition, it is reported that the excessive use of digital devices leads to a decrease in cognitive function and emotional regulation function, which in turn affects the onset of dementia in the long term. How to digitally detox

1. Control the use of digital devices

As various digital devices play an essential role as a tool for various conveniences, it is difficult to completely stop using them, so it is important to reduce the use time as much as possible. It is recommended to use tools and apps that help manage smartphone usage time to understand and control your usage time. In fact, famous overseas IT companies have developed and added programs to help them control their usage, such as allowing only calls or specific apps, or limiting screen time for pre-specified apps. Also, it can be a good practice for digital detox to stop activity for a while by removing social media or apps that are used a lot, or to turn off notifications on mobile and SNS messengers.

2. Designate a space and time when digital devices are not used

One way is to set a specific space and time that blocks the use of digital devices altogether. It is helpful to leave your smartphone behind and take time to get away from digital devices by taking a walk, reading, resting, exercising, or meditating. In addition, it is a good way to limit the use of digital devices altogether in a space such as a bedroom for rest and sleep, and to set a digital detox period and go on an analog trip for the treatment of digital device addiction.

3. Consultation and treatment with experts

If the symptoms of addiction to digital devices are severe and cannot be managed properly, it may be a good idea to consult with an expert. As mentioned before, excessive use of digital devices causes various health problems, and when prolonged, it increases the risk of various diseases. Therefore, if you overuse digital devices beyond your control, or if negative emotions such as anxiety and depression are amplified when not in use, consulting and treatment with a specialist is a good way to improve.

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