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32 Super Interesting Facts About BMW That You Should Know


Luxury car brand, BMW is amongst the most coveted brands. The German luxury automobile manufacturer, BMW started its journey in the year 1916. Initially named Bayerische Motoren Werke, the brand is rightly categorized as the most coveted one due to the comfort, the style and the overall performance of a BMW car.

For all the followers of the brand, here we present 32 super interesting facts about BMW that you should know.

  1. Airplane engines before cars: Bayerische Motoren Werke was initially known as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke or BFW and the company manufactured airplane engines and not cars.
  2. Greatest height achieved: Biplanes with BMW airplane engines attained the record-breaking of 32,000 feet. Back in 1919, reaching such an altitude was an achievement much ahead of its time.
  3. Tribute to the legacy of the company: The headquarters of the company at Munich has an installation, designed by an Austrian architecture professor. The installation features four cylinders which the company has during the 1960s.
  4. Greatest engines in WWI: BMW was popular for the engines that it manufactured during WWI. Legendary fighter plane pilot, Red Baron, had praised BMW for the technology it used and called the engines to be the “greatest engine in WWI.”
  5. Slaves as workers: During World War II, the company had 30,000 slave workers. This saved the company from paying wages to the workers.
  6. Impact of the Treaty of Versailles: Just after WWI, the Treaty of Versailles was signed and according to the clause of the treaty, Germany could no longer manufacture warplane engines. This impacted BMW as the company had to shift gears and thus it entered the automobile segment.
  7. First launched model: BMW entered the automobiles segment with the launch of a model called “Dixi.” This BMW car model was an instant hit.
  8. Not designed by BMW: BMW’s Dixi was super popular, but, in reality, it was not designed by the company. It is actually an English Austin.
  9. First named Rapp Motors: Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW was initially named Rapp Motors. It was in 1922 that the name change to Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW was made.
  10. Misconception about the logo: It is a popular belief that the logo of the company indicates a propeller and is related to the roots of the company as it started with the manufacturing of airplane engines. However, in reality, the logo is inspired by the flag of Bavaria.
  11. A hostile takeover by Mercedes: Arch rival Mercedes almost merger with BMW during the 1950s following a hostile takeover by Daimler-Benz. But the merger was somehow prevented after the shares of BMW were bought back from the shareholders.
  12. Bankruptcy in 1959: The BMW cars were highly-priced during the early days. This led to lower sales and the company almost went bankrupt in 1959.
  13. Aerodynamics: BMW has been the torchbearers for aerodynamics and the Kamm Coupe, which was launched back in 1943 was really something which was much ahead of its time.
  14. Varied capacity: The first BMW M car featured a 3.5 liter 24V straight and a 280 bhp. But the car models designed for the race have as high as over 800 bhp capacity.
  15. The debut of the electric car: The year 1972 saw the entry of the electric car in the automobile segment. The super exciting Munich Olympics was chosen to launch the first electric car.
  16. World record set with BMW motorcycles: BMW motorcycles made back in 1973 created world record as the fastest motorcycle for its 173.7 mph capability. But the motorcycle has its own drawback and getting out of it was not easy.
  17. Launch of the “Batmobile”: The year 1973 also saw the launch of the BMS CSL, which was called the “Batmobile” due to its big arches.
  18. Giorgetto Giugiaro for BMW: BMW’s M1 is designed by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro. This model is extremely popular for its super design and extremely classy look. Surprisingly, Yugo touted to be the worst car of the millennium was also designed by the same designer.
  19. Collaboration with Lamborghini: The race car M1 from BMW was planned to be developed in collaboration with the Italian company, Lamborghini. But citing financial reasons, the company backed out at the last minute.
  20. Only 2 BMW Turbo: The mid-engined BMW Turbo car is a concept car with a 280 bhp turbo engine, gull-wing door an also a digital dash. But only 2 pieces of this model was actually made.
  21. Lightweight Turbo 2002: The company launched the BMW 2002 Turbo car as an extremely lightweight vehicle. Though the reverse written Turbo 2002 was something unique in this model, the company later removed it followed a complaint from customers.
  22. Not just cars: Apart from cars and motorcycles, BMW is also into the manufacture of the interiors of airplanes and also trains. Notably, the first-class cabin of Singapore Air was designed by this German automobile maker.
  23. Not available in the UK: BMW’s E23 7 series launched during the early 1980s had a 3.4-liter turbo engine. But this BMW series never made it to the UK market.
  24. Models designed for car racing event: M30 and E30 are two models developed by BMW to compete in the racing event, GrpA Touring Car racing.
  25. Models with twin-turbo: Models from BMW like Supras, Skylines, and the BMW 335i are powered by 3-liter twin-turbo.
  26. BMW’s classic program: For antique collectors, BMW made the parts available during the WWII available through its BMW classic program. Anyone can place their order online.
  27. Factory bought back: Due to the high demand for classic parts, the company had to buy back its motorcycle factory in Munich.
  28. Winner 20 years old engine: In 1983, the Formula One World Championship was won by BMW. The victory was facilitated by a 20 years old engine and Nelson Piquet won the world driver’s championship.
  29. Cars or Lego: Modifying BMW cars are easy as the cars are designed like Lego sets for adults. So, they can play and modify as per their wish.
  30. Designed for the future: The retractable doors of the BMW model, Z1 gives it a futuristic look and appeal. Moreover, the name of the car, Z1 was derived from the word, “Zukunft.” The meaning of this German word is the future.
  31. Limited production: The Z1 series from BMW has a superbly stylish and amazing look, thanks to its retractable doors, but the company produced only 8000 cars, making it available for only a few.
  32. Twelfth largest car maker: The year 2015 saw BMW becoming the 12th largest maker of motor vehicles.
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