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21 Best Magic Tricks You Can Buy


Magic has been amongst us for ages. As far back as anyone can remember, magic tricks have been employed for various purposes including entertainment. It has been a much sort after practice for many and that has expanded the practice far and wide around the world.

Below is a list of 21 magic tricks you can choose from:

101 Clever Card Tricks

Card tricks are among the most popularly practiced tricks around the world. With this guide added to your skills, you could very well be the next great magicians well as an entertainer

Rattlesnake Eggs

Magic can be a hilarious spook at times. A good laugh can be drawn from the scare that comes with the envelop.

Clipped Card

Your skills will require to be sharp for this one. Make it so that the red Suit card can never be clipped under the set circumstances

Two card Monte

The goal here is to make the task as enticingly simple as you possibly can. There face-up card cannot be named.

Knack Magic Tricks

Polish your various skills including, the cunning sleight of hand and illusionary elements, to perfect your technique and have your audience unable to split reality from illusion.

Expert Card Technique

Another chance to perfect your technique with cards. You can never go wrong with a well-executed card trick regardless of the number of times the trick has been pulled off.

Modern Coin Magic

Get maximum knowledge of the modern magic tricks involving coins. Use your quick wrist movement and finger mobility to work your magic.

Levitation Trick

Levitation has existed within the realms of magic for years now. This trick let’s you wow your audience in a much better way.

Grandpa Magic

A family-oriented piece here with encouraging tricks that can be performed for adoring grandchildren. Get your bearings calibrated and ready for an awesome magic trick session.

Tree of diamonds

Play some visual illusions with the Tree of diamonds magic trick. Glamorously turn your Threes of diamonds into a Tree of diamonds

Spring and Ring puzzle

A spring is known to be of continuous structure, it would therefore be pretty impressive if you were to pull out a ring yet there seems to be nowhere to pull the ring from.

Imp Bottle

A trick that appears to defy logic. Performing the trick reveals that you are the only one capable of putting the bottle down and having it stay down. Any other person’s attempts are futile.

Mystic Patterns

Your mental manipulations and psychic prowess will come a long way here. You will be able predict the last two symbols at both ends

Crazy Man’s Handcuffs

Handcuffs are restrictive tools. You will need to pull a Houdini kind of skill here by making it so that the rubber bands are going right through each other.

Magic Wonder Worm

Work some superstitious magic with this one. The Wonder worm can come to life with a some help from your own magic. Try it out.

Vanishing coin Glass

Try explaining something disappearing right in front of your eyes. This trick gets your spectator to voluntarily drop a coin into a glass, or maybe oblivion, since the coin vanishes into thin air

Thru Still Illusion Magic Trick

Showcase your supernatural abilities with this trick. It is not only an interesting but also practical illusion trick.

Hot Rod- Classic

This trick has survived the test of time. Change the colors of the gems inside the rode to a uniform color across all six Gems.

Bandit Ball

The name suggests that this trick holds the potential to be quite an exciting one. You just have to make a ball appear inside of a clear and closed box, then complete the trick by having the ball escape.

Dancing in Air Wand Magic Trick

The intention of the magic trick is to excite and stun those watching. You can achieve those by employing this balanced cane levitation magic trick.

Crazy Cube

Get your numbers game on for this one. You will need to correctly predict the number on the dice uniquely chosen by your audience.


There you have it, magic made even more interesting and further more intriguing. Practical jokes have been transformed into an art. The prospect of not only entertaining but as well opening up the horizons to newer more exciting ventures. Enjoy.

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