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16 Facts About OceanGate Inc, The Company Behind The Lost Titanic Submersible


Here are 16 facts about OceanGate Inc:

1. OceanGate Inc. is a privately-owned company that specializes in providing manned submersibles and related technologies for exploring the deep sea.
2. The company was established in 2009 by Stockton Rush, a successful entrepreneur with strong ties to the aerospace and technology sectors, who recognized the potential of private industry funding and use of modern materials to revolutionize deep sea exploration.
3. OceanGate is headquartered in Everett, Washington, where it serves as a hub for the development and operation of its deep-sea technologies.
4. The company’s primary mission is to increase access to the deep ocean, which it accomplishes through the innovation of crewed submersibles and launch platforms that are capable of reaching depths as deep as 4,000 meters.

Image Courtesy of Oceangate

5. In its early years of operation, OceanGate demonstrated a strategic approach to growth, using a disciplined cost/benefit analysis to evaluate and acquire undersea technologies, including the submersible Antipodes, two robotic vehicles, and various support vessels and equipment.
6. In 2012, OceanGate acquired a second submersible and rebuilt it into Cyclops 1, which served as a working prototype for Titan, another one of their advanced submersibles.

7. Safety is a high priority for OceanGate, and during its early dives, the company focused on the development of detailed operations, maintenance, and safety manuals for its crew and equipment, which enabled it to operate safely and consistently in various demanding environments.
8. OceanGate’s safety and operational procedures have proven to be effective as the company has successfully completed over 14 expeditions and over 200 dives in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico.
9. Following every mission, OceanGate’s team evaluates and updates its procedures as part of its ongoing commitment to evolve and ensure operational safety, a practice that underlines its dedication to responsible and secure deep-sea exploration.
10. OceanGate’s fleet of five-person submersibles allows researchers and explorers unique platforms for accessing and exploring the deep ocean, opening up opportunities for scientific discovery and understanding.

Image Courtesy of Oceangate

11. With its fleet of advanced submersibles, OceanGate aims to significantly lower the cost of deep-sea discovery, thereby making it more accessible for research and exploration purposes.
12. The company’s submersibles are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks in the deep sea, including site surveys, environmental assessments, equipment testing, and scientific research, highlighting the versatility of OceanGate’s technologies.

RMS Titanic, Image Courtesy of Oceangate

13. The company acquired various support vessels and multiple pieces of support equipment during its first years of operation, showcasing its commitment to building a robust and versatile infrastructure for deep-sea exploration.
14. OceanGate’s submersibles, including Cyclops 1 and Titan, are not only designed for deep-sea exploration but also serve as test beds for the development and testing of new undersea technologies, reflecting the company’s dedication to technological innovation.
15. Through its innovative approach and commitment to deep-sea exploration, OceanGate is playing a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the ocean’s vast resources and the potential they hold for scientific discovery, technological innovation, and sustainable use.
16. OceanGate is currently conducting a recovery operation for their Titan submersible, which has lost communication with the mothership with 5 people on board. Seats for the Titanic expedition are reported to cost $250,000 each and the submersible was lost on it’s 3rd Titanic expedition.

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