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Top 21 Best Star Wars Lego Set for 2020


With scenes finished for all three of the Skywalker trilogies, a lot of Lego sets featuring the latest characters were released, giving you plenty to look forward to in 2020. These sets are perfect for starting up a new collection or adding to your already existing collection, as these sets are as intriguing as they are interesting. Below is a list of 21 of the best Star Was Lego Set for 2020 for you to go through and choose from. If you are looking for something else, check out this man who created a real-life working light saber.

1. Millennium Falcon

First up, The Millennium Falcon. This legendary Lego set has seen success before so it is no surprise that the Lego company sort to make some upgrades to fit into the Star Wars series. With 1,351 pieces, the experience promises to be an unforgettable one. Be sure to join several other characters including Chewbacca in their space adventures while building the Millennium Falcon

2. Resistance A-wing Starfighter

This 269-pece set has embodied detailed work with keen attention paid to the finishing and sleek exterior. The green and white paint work is noticeable while impressive features like the open cockpit, landing gear and spring-loaded shooters complete the Resistance A-wing Starfighter and prepares this craft for space war

3. Resistance Y-wing Starfighter.

A lot like the A-wing Starfighter, this Lego set expresses deep sleek features and has been designed to complete that Lego collection and adds to your space troops. It is really attention to detail really highlights this set.

4. PasaanaSpeeder Chase

This 373-piece Lego set, may be relatively smaller than most, but it boasts of highlighted character. It includes three minifigures one being a First Order Jet trooper, to complete the whole look and prepare the space craft for desert planet conquest. Also featuring a transparent stand to depict the hovering picture, and a rubber track for an included tread speeder.

5. Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

This powerful, strong and energetic space shuttle, is a statement making, 1,005-piece Lego set. It is large, sleek and audacious. Six minifigures come with the set including Kylo Ren himself along with his crew. There is no denying the exemplary detailed work is commendable including the foldable wings and the twin spring-loaded shooters to obliterate your enemies while charging in space.

6. AT-ST Raider (The Mandalorian)

This 9-inch-tall 540-piece Lego set has bee highly anticipated and its popularity has had Lego put it into production. Boasting various decorative features, poseable jointed legs and a wheel-activated turret that turns, this Lego set ensures the full experience is witnessed and enjoyed even while in battle. With The Mandalorian on board as one of four minifigures, the set is complete for its impending adventures.

7. Death star Cannon

This is set to undergo a thrilling and adventurous mission with Obi-Wan Kenobi tasked with an almost impossible mission aboard the Death star. This 159-piece set includes a spring-loaded cannon shooter and a tractor beam control tower to equip it adequately for Obi-wan Kenobi’s perilous mission.

8. Yoda

With 1,771 pieces, this Lego set recreates the iconic green Jedi from “Star Wars: Attack of the clones”. The lightsaber, poseable head, eyebrows, fingers and toes, the complete model towers at just over 16inches. Complemented by another minifigure Yoda with a lightsaber as well, Lego gives you a chance to recreate a true legend of the resistance. This set is really an experience on its own.

9. Super Star Destroyer

Darth Vader himself is included in this Lego set. Making one of 4 minifigures, Darth Vader seeks to destroy the enemy using the Super Star Destroyer which is considered one of the most powerful shuttles across the entire galaxy. The 3,000-piece Lego set promises to be an engaging adventure.

10. Star Wars Death Star

This enormous battle station could very well be one of the best sets from Lego. Boasting 6 of the best minifigures including Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, the Death Star set is complete with moving parts and accessories relatable to actual Star Wars episodes. The colossal set is made up of over 4,016 pieces, making it a challenging yet interesting task.

11. Lego Star Wars Ewok Village

This monumental set containing pieces in excess of 10,000 is a 4lbs creation that is able to comfortably house R2-D2 and 16 of the best minifigures including Luke Skywalker, while at the same time able to manifest detailed features such as a lightsaber stash, net traps and a tree trunk hideout. With this one, Lego gives you the opportunity to live the experience as well as build it.

12. Lego Star Wars R2-D2

This set is built to mirror its real self. Its physical features resemble the real deal with front panels opening up to reveal a universal computer interface arm and circular saw. It gives out a realistic feel which is topped up by a rotating head. With 1,177 pieces the R2-D2 is an engaging Lego set

13. Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter

Another popularly known recreation of the iconic imperial Starfighter. Common among Star Wars fans, this set is unmistakable. Minifigures including a pilot with a blaster pistol are included to further give the set character and complement the already impressive detail.

14. Star Wars VIII BB-8

Bringing its own BB-8 mini figure, this impressively famous set among Star Wars fans, is made up of 1,106 pieces, giving you an intimate chance to build your very own at your pleasure. This Lego set features a wheel-activated head and an opening hatch that accompany the authentic detailing which completes the set.

15. Star Wars X-wing Starfighter

With 731 pieces, it is safe to say that this set allows for a fairly easy build. Its character is captured with the inclusion of detailed features such as retractable landing gear and lever-activated wings. To add to the already impressive features, the set also includes minifigures such as the very famous Luke Skywalker and the R2-D2. This is definitely a set to own.

16. Star Wars Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Building

A great Star Wars representation can be found in this set. With 825 pieces including 1 among three awesome minifigures, Obi-Wan Kenobi, increases the sets favor among the Star Wars fans around the world. Its realistic expression clearly defines the sets character.

17. Luke Skywalkers Landspeeder

This 236-piece set is a statement of power and superior design. The precisely detailed parts as well as the delicate decorative work put into this set defines the speedster. Luke Skywalkers successful missions are facilitated by such kind of exceptionally built vessels. Lego gives you a chance to build one down to the last detail.

18. Obi-Wan

Featuring some of the best minifigures to represent the best Star Wars characters, this set gives meaning to diversity and versatility. The precision in accurately capturing the detailed parts to best express their intended purpose, is truly commendable.

19. Duel on Mustafar

Darth Vader makes an appearance alongside Obi-Wan as included minifigures in this set. 208 pieces, each detailed enough to participate in building this set. This is clearly a representation of a crucial moment and Star Wars fans will appreciate the level of accurate detailing don on this set.

20. Snow Speeder

This set is one of the best forms of Lego sets the company has made available. With 309 pieces including wedge Antilles and a Snow trooper, the Snow Speeder is a sleek model exposing the brisk detailed work done on the pieces.

21. Sith Troopers Battle Pack

With this set you can be able add to your space battalion. It makes a good supporting addition given that it comes with minifigures including Sith Trooper, Sith Jet Troopers (2) and an officer. The set contains 305 pieces that make for a convenient and enjoyable build. An engaging pleasurable activity indeed.


The new and improved Lego Star Wars sets making their much-awaited debut in January are promising to outdo their predecessors. There is a large community of Star War fans who have been collecting the various Lego sets in order to recreate their favorite scenes from the series. It is therefore important to have the right sets for perfectly reconstructing your fantasy Star Wars world. Happy New Year and may the force be with you!

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