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Top 21 Best and Most Funny Gadgets for Pranks and Gags


Pranking has never been this fun. Practical jokes and harmlessly mischievous tricks have been taken to a whole new level. Pranks can be far more effective with the use of some handy gadgets that help draw out that delighted laugh. From the comically grotesque sounds and noises, to the physically and visually noticeable gadgets, pranking has been made better, more exciting and enjoyable.

Here are 21 among the best gadgets you can use to maximize your experience, take your pick:

New Donald trump 2020 talking pens

The president of the United States is a very powerful and popular individual. People take keen notice of what he does and says. This pen hilariously captures a few of what the president has been known to say quite frequently, audibly expressed for you to hear.

Amscan-Fake cigarettes

Sometimes you just want to pull a simple yet hilarious prank. You can make a statement with this Fake Cigarette and get the satisfying effect you would get with a real one. Its appearance sells the impression that there are actual cigarettes.

T.J Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine No. 2

You get to watch the shocked expression of an unsuspecting victim, as they try to locate the source of the fart that seemingly came from them. This remote-control fart machine can leave you in stitches after as you will it into action.

Forum novelties 16″ Mega Fart Whoopee cushion

This one is more of a traditional one. You can never go wrong with a good old whoopee cushion. Your victim simply has to sit on “the” seat and the rest will surely be enjoyable. 16-inches of whoopee cushion would definitely deliver a moment not soon to be forgotten

Blah Button

For one of those moments where it’s the only response you can think of. The Bluh Button is a short yet precise message that when used just at the right time will serve its purpose hilariously

Liquid Ass spray Mister

A nasty one here. With authentic butt smells and truly wreaking odors, the Liquid Ass Spray Mister can really work some mischievous magic. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a prank involving this Mister though.

Pull my finger farting Donald Trump Plush figure doll

Another one referencing the president of the United States. Following a long presence of this type of prank, this Donald Trump Plush figure doll, is modelled out to offer the same effect that comes after pulling on the finger, only you can call this one a high-profile prank.

IUU Funny Magic potato chip cans snake

The old “right out of the can” prank. This one has been around for a while, but it still packs quite the punch when delivering a jolting shock. Who knew a sweet little potato chip can could possibly have you peeing down your pants?

Prank Pack “12,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle”

One of the best among prank packs. The gloomy face that would be showing as you hand in your cleverly wrapped awesome present, would turn into a delighted smile especially when they realize that the “12,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle” was for misdirection

Prank Pack, “earwax candle kit”

Another one to draw your attention to a less than underwhelming gift when in reality what the prank pack contains is completely different

Forum novelties Grow a boyfriend novelty

Having trouble getting a boyfriend? Never worry, Forum novelties gives you the chance to “grow” your very own boyfriend. Just plant your seed and take care of your boyfriend until they are full length. Try it. Grow a boyfriend novelty from Forum novelties.

Meco scary wall climbing toy

You can get a good scare out of this. Imagine walking into a room and meeting what you might see as a colossal creature crawling across your walls! I know I would absolutely freak out. This pranking gadget comes complete with a remote control to enhance your hilariously menacing prank.

The Bruh button

Bruh!!! This phrase has gained widespread popularity across the internet. It highlights in profound definition, the events of a prank that just took place. There is a place for this button in most circumstances than not

Kiibru English squishy bread

You might as well get your camera ready for this one, the confused reaction that is bound to be expressed with this prank, would be worth a second look. Complemented by an appealing scent to accompany its believable look, this squishy bread can be just the thing you need for that perfect prank.

Calary useless box

Turn it on and it will turn itself off. That’s it. This pranking gadget has earned its name from literally doing nothing else other than to turn itself off. The box has been fitted with a component that protrudes only to turn itself off when the holder turns it on. Prank that one person you have in mind by having them repeat the action countless times to no meaningful effect

Rubber chicken slingshot novelty

A device that flings rubber chicken over and over again. Light moments are facilitated by gadgets like the rubber chicken slingshot novelty. Enjoyable and fun, you can have a good time while pranking as well.

Areedy squishy gold mango

“Take a Bite, I dare you.” With this realistic gold mango, temptations can overwhelm you into taking a bite. A prank with this can definitely tickle.

Stinky ass hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are meant to be symbols of sanitary conditions. They depict a sense of considered hygienic environment. It can therefore be a bit confusing when you try to use one and get an unpleasant whiff of despicable stench. With the smell of stinky farts, the stinky ass hand sanitizer can serve a good purpose as you plot your next prank

Forum Novelties fake chunky dog doo

The realistic nature of this fake chunky dog doo, could have someone unpleasantly and grossly inconvenienced for a moment. The dog won’t mind.

Szsrcywd 100PCS fake roaches

Among the most terrifying insects crawling around. They are considered gross and diseased. This would explain the startled reaction one would express if they were to encounter 100 roaches. It is safe to say that most people would utterly freak out. Potential pranking moment here

Witty Yetis dehydrated water

All you have to do is add equal part water and get twice as much. Coming in a 16oZ can, dehydrated water would cunningly provide a solution to a desperately thirsty random person. Expressed as being able to provide an endless supply of water, you would only need some water for more water


It is clear that pranks draw pleasure and delight from people, their intentions being to practice harmless jokes. These gadgets have been made available to try and maximize the effect of any given prank. Enjoy the whole experience of pranking with the help of a few gadget like one among the above 21 gadgets for pranking.

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