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4 Bad Habits For Kidneys That You Should Fix Immediately

4 Bad Habits For Kidneys That You Should Fix Immediately (Pixabay)
4 Bad Habits For Kidneys That You Should Fix Immediately (Pixabay)

The kidney, an organ located on both sides of the dorsal spine, weighs about 0.4% of the total body weight, but it not only filters metabolites and wastes and excretes them in the urine, but also maintains body homeostasis such as electrolyte metabolism and acid base. It plays an essential role. In addition, as it performs an endocrine function to maintain normal blood pressure and to produce and activate hormones and related substances that are important for metabolism, it is performing a very important physiological function for maintaining life. When the kidney, which plays such an important role, has an abnormality, waste products that are normally filtered and discharged are accumulated in the body and various abnormal symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, sleep disturbance, anemia, and edema appear. In addition, if these kidney abnormalities persist for a longer period of time, it can lead to the development of kidney-related diseases and various complications. If the kidneys are chronically deteriorated, it is difficult to recover, and hemodialysis treatment is required when severe kidney disease develops. So today, let’s take a look at some of the habits that adversely affect the kidneys. bad habits for kidneys

1. Habit of excessive consumption of salty foods

A typical habit that adversely affects the kidneys is the habit of consuming too much salty food. When salty food is consumed, the kidneys regulate the electrolyte concentration in the body, increasing sodium excretion, and as sodium is excreted, calcium is also excreted. If you continue to eat excessively salty food groups, calcium excretion due to sodium excretion also increases, and calcium that cannot be excreted remains in the kidneys, increasing the risk of kidney stones. In addition, increased sodium in the body can lead to an increase in blood pressure, which can lead to damage to the renal blood vessels. Therefore, it is important to improve salty eating habits and control salt intake in order to maintain kidney health and prevent related diseases.

2. Habit of drinking less water

Continuing the habit of drinking less water is also a habit that adversely affects the kidneys. If the intake of water is insufficient, the internal function of the kidneys to filter wastes and toxin is more likely to occur, which increases the risk of bacterial infection and kidney stones. In particular, if you do not drink enough water when sweating is increased, the crystallization of inorganic salts in the urine increases as urine becomes concentrated, and the possibility of kidney stones increases. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water to prevent these symptoms. And fruits and vegetables with high water content not only have the effect of replenishing the lack of moisture, but also smoothly supply various vitamins and minerals, so it is important to eat them in a balanced way. However, drinking a large amount of water at once can cause side effects that put strain on the kidneys, so it is a good way to divide the intake in an appropriate amount.

3. Smoking

Toxic substances and carcinogens introduced into the body through smoking can adversely affect the kidneys, leading to kidney aging and related diseases. Hypoxia caused by smoking can cause an increase in the production of red blood cells, which can lead to various thrombotic diseases, and these thrombotic diseases can cause insufficient blood circulation to the kidneys, which can speed up the development and worsening of kidney diseases. In addition, it is important to quit smoking because smoking is a risk factor that adversely affects all cells and organs inside the body as well as the kidneys.

4. Lack of exercise

Continuing a lifestyle with low activity levels and insufficient exercise is also a habit that adversely affects kidney health. Insufficient exercise lowers the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, making it impossible to circulate blood in the kidneys, which can accelerate the deterioration of kidney function and aging. In addition, lack of exercise can expel calcium from the bones into the bloodstream quickly, which increases the excretion of calcium into the kidneys, which can increase the risk of developing kidney stones. In particular, lack of exercise makes it easy to cause overweight and obesity, which result in excess body fat. This increased body weight increases the body’s metabolism and produces more waste products, which increases the burden on the kidneys. Obesity is also a major risk factor for diabetes and heart disease, which can lead to kidney disease. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise regularly, about 5 times a week, for 30 minutes to 1 hour each time. However, if you do high-intensity exercise out of your physical range from the beginning, it will adversely affect your kidney health.

other habits

In addition to the various habits mentioned above, it is said that long-term poor and irregular sleep habits can also put strain on the kidneys. Proper sleep works to keep our body’s metabolism smooth, but when the quality of sleep is poor and an irregular sleep pattern continues, the oxygen that needs to be smoothly supplied to the brain and heart is insufficient, and normal blood pressure is maintained. It can cause problems and cause damage to blood vessels in the kidneys. In addition, excessive drinking and binge drinking can also cause obstruction of blood flow to the kidneys, so it is recommended to moderate the amount of alcohol consumed. In addition, excessive intake of processed foods containing sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemical seasonings, instant food, and carbonated drinks can also cause problems with the kidney’s filtration function, which normally filters waste products, so it is recommended to reduce intake.

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