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33 Amazingly Clever Stuff You Can Buy For Under $5


Here are 33 awesome and cool products you can order from Amazon for just around $5 or less. With these low-priced goods, consider getting some stocking stuffers, or let loose with some impulse buys.

1. Humangear Gobites Uno Travel Spork

GoBites are the civilized travel utensils made with extremely durable nylon, the Uno includes a spoon deep enough to slurp soup and low-curvature edges to scrape container walls and the fork has tines long enough to twirl spaghetti and splitter tines on each edge for easy soft-food splitting. These products are also BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate free.

2. The Dipr the Ultimate Cookie Spoon

The dipr is a spoon that can hold your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or other liquid. The dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and this prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked. The best part of this is you can eat right off of it so no more sticky fingers.

3. Acne Pimple Master Patch

Acne Pimple Master Patch is best to use when the pimple is at its ripest and the pus is visible and when the zit is open and the exudate is out. With its protective cover, the thin & waterproof acne dot stays in place & acts as a layer of skin that protects against bacteria & dirt.

4. Silicone Face Mask Brush

With this product you can easily apply thin layers of skincare products evenly. Very suitable for facial mask, peel, serum, and other skincare products as it is soft and hygienic.

5. RuiChy LED Intelligent Sensor Mushroom

This specific night light is designed for an outlet receptacle with the Ground hole located on the bottom. This turns on automatically when the environment becomes dark, so it has an energy conservation and environment protection.

6. Mrs. Fields Silicone Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool

Bake the most perfect looking cookies every time with the Mrs. Fields Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool, with this easy press-release silicone scoop has a center bar that cuts the raw dough and you can also measure either a teaspoon or a tablespoon using the same tool. This is also good for meatballs, melon, ice cream and much more.

7. Shopline Plate Clip-on Holder

This Shopline 4 Pieces Plate Clip-on Container Dish is ideal for holding your favorite spices on your table, with its small size and clip make you place your flavor well and be more convenient. You will no longer need to prepare a small saucer to put your flavor spices; just clip our mini clip container and then you can enjoy your meal with your family.

8. Progressive International Can Colander

You can drain tuna and separate juice from fruit with this Plastic Can Strainer, and instead of using the can’s metal lid to drain, you can simply place this strainer over the opening and press.

9. Bloss Qtips Lotus Cotton Swab Organizer

This Bloss Lotus flower Cotton Swab/toothpick holder is hygienic as well as chic, and worry less as it has no special smell and no harmful chemicals. Its lid is clear and provides protection for the q-tips, which is a great storage solutions that are also decorative.

10. Docolor Eyelash Comb Curlers Makeup Mascara

These Docolor Eyelash Comb, is a sleek and easy-to-hold handle provides ultimate comfort, plus it has easy storage and travel. The curved comb that features metal teeth, it fits perfectly around the contours of your eye, gliding evenly through your lashes every time.

11. Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

With this easy-to-use Hutzler Banana Slicer, it provides a quick solution to slice a banana uniformly each and every time. Just by simply pressing the slicer on a peeled banana and the work is done. This is also safe, fun and easy for children to use and your kids just love eating bananas with this as their favorite kitchen tool.

12. Magic Squeegee

To attain expert cleaning of shower doors and mirrors you need the right tools, you can find where to buy the Magic Squeegee to keep your bathroom glass spotless.

13. Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet, 3.5″

With an improvement from the original: the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, features an assist handle, which makes this as your go-to pan for generations to come. This item can be described as the right tool to sear, saut, bake, broil, braise, fry and it is brutally tough for decades of cooking.

14. Evelots Soap Saver

This item makes your soap last longer as this cleverly designed soap dish allows soap to dry by draining excess water into the sink, shower or tub. It also extends soap life by keeping bars from getting soft and mushy.

15. Stainless Steel Soap

Remove any unwanted smells or odors from your hands after handling things such as onion, garlic, fish etc. Just by simply using this like a bar of soap and run cold water over it while rubbing it on your hands. The stainless steel of this bar would attract and bind with the sulfur to remove the odor from your hands.

16. MACHEE Home Clear Orange Double Rubber Roller Massage

This one is a finger massager that Increases circulation, reduces stiffness and soothes arthritis \and joint pain in your hands, With its Dual-sided feature, the Hand massager features a no-slip, easy-grip design with two massage options.

17. Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

This product is a PARABEN FREE MAKEUP, and the makeup brush cleansing shampoo is paraben-, phthalate-, & petroleum-free with no perfume or skin irritant as it is a hypoallergenic brush cleaner is made of plant-based ingredients.

18. Creazy Teeth Whitening Powder

This product’s formula could whiten the teeth in depth, prevent the teeth stains from forming again, and maintain the whitening effect for a long time. As it is specifically a Double-Effective Protective Formula, while whitening the teeth, the formula could prevent new color pigment from attaching to your teeth, so as to ensure your healthy and confident smile.

19. Whitelotous Potato Chips Baking Tray

With its PP material, safety and environmental protection, this material can be used with confidence, easy to use and clean, in addition, you can effectively prevent food dumping, uneven heating phenomenon.

20. Vibola Antibacterial Dishwashing Household Kitchen Fruit Sponge

This sponge has a multiple function for your home and kitchen and it is a very good choice for light washing, you can use this silicone brush for washing dishes, plates, fruit, vegetable and so on, also it can use as a heat insulation mat, and even you can use it for shower.

21. BU-Bauty Automatic Dustproof Toothpaste Dispenser

This dispenser protects toothbrush from being contaminated on wall mounted, clean and hygienic to use toothbrush. This automatic toothpaste quantitative extrusion dispenser can work hands free to squeeze toothpaste with automatic toothpaste dispenser, never less, never more, get your suitable wall amount toothpaste, perfect for kids.

22. Pre’ De Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar Enriched With Shea Butter

A traditionally crafted soap, using old-world methods in the French Provence produces a soap that has few impurities and an incredibly smooth texture which creates a longer lasting scent.

23. GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner Brush and Scraper

For this dual action tongue cleaner, it efficiently removes plaque, food debris & dead cells from the surface of the tongue. Clinical research shows that bacteria in the mouth lives on the surface of the tongue, one of the most common sources of bad breath.

24. Bestwishes2u Vegetable Flower Peeler

Just like sharpening a pencil, turn the carrot, cucumber, pumpkin or any other vegetables to create ribbon on the pencil sharpener. It is a built in quality stainless steel which means it is super strong and easy to clean as you can just pop it straight into the dishwasher.

25. Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling

For heat resistant protection from instant burns, this glove is designed only for heated hair tools operation, you can still feel heat but less of the burns if you touch a very hot surface.

26. Wine Aerator Pourer, Mayetori Premium Decanter Spout with Wine Stopper

Doubling the value of the wine, this drink aerator uses the Bernoulli effect to infuse the wine with the right amount of oxygen, giving you and your friends a taste and pleasure.

27. General Tools 744 Pocket 4-in-1 Mini Screwdriver

This tool includes 4 blades, two double-ended screwdriver blades, /16-inch and 1/8-inch wide slotted blades as well as #00 and #1 Phillips tips. You’ll no longer fear of losing blades as its unique double-ended carrier holds both blades simultaneously.

28. Mr. Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar 2 in 1

The Ultimate Pumi Bar by Mr. Pumice is the perfect solution to get rid of calluses and achieve soft, healthy, smooth, beautiful feet, and at the same time, with its useful two-in-one design offers two different grits-medium and coarse-making it exceptionally versatile for use all over your foot and for different types of calluses and dead skin.

29. Plastic Squirrel Shaped Non Stick Rice Paddle Spoon

This product features a plastic material, squirrel shaped, non-stick surface design that is good kitchen tool for your home daily use, and the rice will not stick on the paddle quickly.

30. Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

The Fantasea Body Brush is used to exfoliate skin, increase blood flow and promote healthy glowing skin and at the same time it features a handle for a secure grip.

31. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

This Bottle Brush is designed specifically for all bottles and features a combination bristle and sponge head to thoroughly scrub bottles from clean. This features grooved, no-slip handle features chevron channels in the base and also includes a storage clip which allows you to keep the brush conveniently near the sink.

32. Wall Hanging Storage Bag

This product has a transparent window design, convenient for storage and looking for the anything what you want. It is also going to be your good helper for sorting out your clothes, keep your bedroom tidy and clean, also make your life more easily. Can put undies, socks, slippers, necklaces, cosmetics, hairpins etc.

33. Avocado Storage Keeper

This avocado holder provides a recess that allows the fruit to sit flat with its adjustable straps this enables it to lock out air better, slowing oxidation process. This is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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