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31 Surprising Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has been turning heads with her talent as an actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, and producer, for nearly two decades now. Even recently she made the headlines showing off her toned abs at the age of 50. The philanthropist, who is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, is known to successfully manage every aspect of life. Here are few fascinating things to know about the singer:

  1. She was first voted at #1 in the 100 Sexiest Women list, as the Sexiest Woman alive, by the FHM Magazine in 2000. She achieved the rank once again in the year 2001, becoming the only woman in the world to have been voted as the Sexiest Woman twice in the history of the magazine.
  2. The “Hustlers” actress has two Golden Globe nominations, along with another 149 nominations to her name. Among the accolades she has bagged are the Billboard Icon Award, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, as well as the Worst Actress Award by the Razzie Awards.
  3. To date, she is the highest paid Latina actress, a record which she created with her performance in the titular role in the 1997 movie “Selena.” She broke her own record when she was cast in the 2001 movie “The Wedding Planner.”
  4. She was initially set to only produce the “Shades of Blue” series, without having any on-screen role. However, the NBC network insisted that she also star in the series, when she approached them with the script.
  5. In the movie “Second Act,” the photo that her character Maya finds on her Facebook page with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, is reportedly a real photo from a January 2009 inaugural ball in Washington DC, which she attended.
  6. For the movie “The Boy Next Door” she is said to have provided clothes from her own wardrobe for the costume of her character, Claire, in an effort to keep the budget down. The film was shot in a budget of just $4 million in a period of 25 days.
  7. Her movie “Monster-In-Law” was the comeback movie for Jane Fonda, after nearly 15 years. Fonda admitted that she chose this movie as the comeback vehicle, even though the screenplay was not particularly good, just because Lopez was the lead and her fans would surely see the movie.
  8. For her movie “Jersey Girl,” Miramax is said to have removed all promotional images and videos of Lopez, and tried to play down her character of Gertrude, out of the fear that audience would assume it to be another Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez movie.
  9. In preparation for her role as Ramona in the “Hustlers” movie, she and her fiancé Alex Rodriquez visited a strip club. Lopez even trained in pole dancing and had a detachable pole in her house.
  10. It was she who proposed the idea of bringing in Cardi B on board for the “Hustlers” movie, who played the role of Diamond, as Lopez personally knew Cardi was looking for the right project.
  11. Her show “Shades of Blue” only has 13-episode seasons because of her tight schedule due to producing and acting. Although the network requested for more episodes, she was not able to do more.
  12. She claimed that it was really awkward to film the sex scenes with Ryan Guzman in the movie “The Boy Next Door,” though she refused to use a body double for the sex scene. Guzman, on the other hand, admitted to being plagued by nerves while filming the intimate scenes.
  13. Her role of Zoe in the 2010 movie “The Back-up Plan,” was her first major role after a period of five years. She and screenwriter Kate Angelo has actually met at a post-birth aerobics class, and she had been attracted to the script since the start.
  14. She claimed in an interview that making of her movie “Enough” and portraying the character of Slim Hiller was a highly traumatic experience and even attributed a subsequent nervous breakdown to it.
  15. In the movie “Angel Eyes,” she reportedly did most of her own stunts including the foot chase when Lopez’s character Sharon Pogue scales a high fence chasing a suspect. Director Luis Mandoki was very much impressed and spoke about her performance on the film’s DVD commentary.
  16. During the filming of the movie “El Cantante” in which she plays the role of Puchi, in the year 2006, a fire accident happened in Lopez’s trailer, though no one was injured.
  17. Just as it was announced that she was cast as Selena in the biographical movie about the Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a Texas-born Tejano singer, there were numerous criticism and protests from news media and fans calling for a recast, as she was a Puerto Rican from New York.
  18. For the movie “An Unfinished Life,” she had to shoot a sex scene with her co-star Josh Lucas in the back of a truck, but the scene did not make it to the final theatrical release as it had to be cut to avoid an R rating.
  19. In the movie “Jersey Girl,” director Kevin Smith reportedly removed a twelve-second wedding scene with Ollie and Gertrude from the final theatrical version, following the lead actors Ben Affleck and Lopez ending their engagement, as he didn’t want to risk “the chuckle factor.”
  20. In the show “Shades of Blue” she plays the role of Harlee Santos, a detective single mother who joins FBI. She reportedly performed all her character’s stunts, refusing to use a stunt double.
  21. She was awarded Amnesty International’s “Artists for Amnesty” Award at the Berlin International Film Festival for the movie “Bordertown” for “examining the ongoing murders of hundreds of women in a Mexican border town”.
  22. In preparation for her titular role in the movie “Selena,” she reportedly lived with Selena Quintanilla-Perez’s family, in an effort to understand her character better.
  23. It was reported that she initially turned down the offer to play Sharon Pogue in the 2001 movie “Angel Eyes,” when her demand of $8 million salary was not met. But, when the production agreed, she gave her best to the role.
  24. She had been the one to insist on the production hiring Jim Caviezel for the role of Steven ‘Catch’ Lambert, even though she hardly knew his name. It was said that she was impressed with Caviezel’s performance in “The Thin Red Line,” and made sure that he was part of the cast.
  25. She has twins – a son Maximillian and a daughter Emme – with her former husband Marc Anthony, who was her longtime friend. The twins were born on February 22, 2008. A month later, on March 11, the People magazine reportedly paid $6 million to photograph the twins, making it the most expensive celebrity picture ever taken at the time. She is said to have named her kids after the main characters in “Dragon Tales.”
  26. At the wrap party of “Selena,” on October 28, 1996 in San Antonio, her then-boyfriend Ojani Noa played out an love scene, proposing to her in the middle of the dance floor, with a large marquis-cut diamond ring.
  27. For her famous role of Karen Cisco in the movie “Out of Sight,” she had to screen-test the intimate scene with George Clooney in the trunk of a car, which was to be enacted on a couch in Clooney’s house. Remembering this screen-test, she joked later that it was her only brush with casting couch.
  28. For the movie “Enough,” it was reported that director Michael Apted was initially not sure about working with Lopez for the role of Slim Hiller, which was intended for Sandra Bullock. The director had heard rumors about Lopez being a diva, but while working with her, found her to be completely professional.
  29. When Lopez accepted to play the titular role in “Selena,” she expected to be providing her own vocals, but she was coached to lip-sync instead, as it was felt that the real Selena’s fans would not approve hearing any voice, other than the real on, so soon after Selena’s death.
  30. However, Lopez did sing the intro to “Como La Flor” in the Monterrey concert scene in the movie, which was also welcomed by the real Selena’s fans.
  31. Jennifer Lopez Net Worth: $400 Million
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