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31 Untold Facts About The Gorgeous Actress Kate Winslet


One of the most prominent English actresses, Kate Winslet literally had the entire world sobbing along with her, when she lost Jack in “Titanic.” And decades later, she still manages to have the audience connect with her in an all new level, with her incredible acting skills. With so many other iconic movies and a whole lot of experiences, this fascinating actress is more unstoppable. Here are some amazing facts about her career that will make you love her more:

  1. For the movie “Titanic,” when she and her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio got to know that Winslet had to be naked in front of DiCaprio for the drawing scene, she took it on herself to break the ice, and reportedly flashed him, when they first met.
  2. However, it was actually James Cameron who created the drawing in the movie. She posed in a bikini for Cameron to take photographs in different positions, for him to use as reference.
  3. Winslet was the direct Stephen Daldry’s first choice for the lead role of Hanna Schmitz in “The Reader.” But, due to scheduling conflicts with her other movie “Revolutionary Road,” she passed over the role to Nicole Kidman. When the filming was to start after a hiatus of a year, she was available and accepted the role.
  4. While shooting the straitjacket scene from the movie “Hamlet,” in which she played the role of Ophelia, she received the message that she has been cast as Rose in James Cameron’s “Titanic.”
  5. For the movie “Sense and Sensibility,” director Ang Lee had considered her for the role of Lucy Steele, but Kate was so eager to play Marianne that while auditioning, she read for Marianne, pretending that her agent gave her wrong information. However, her audition was so good that Lee changed his mind and cast her.
  6. It was said that the heart-wrenching words “This is where we first met,” during the final sinking scene from “Titanic,” was actually improvised by Winslet, on the request of James Cameron.
  7. In fact, the scene in which her character of Rose meets Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to thank him, was also an improvisation by both the stars in the scene, at the request of the director.
  8. She was five months pregnant during the filming of “Divergent.” Although, she was on the sets only for a period of four weeks, her pregnancy became very much evident that all her shots had to be above waist or the crew directed her to have folders or iPads covering her pregnancy.
  9. After her most famous “Titanic,” Winslet reunited with James Cameron again for the upcoming “Avatar 2,” in which she will play the role of Ronal. Cameron claimed in an interview that she performed all her underwater stunts by herself.
  10. Her movies “Titanic” and “Iris” are the first two movies to have two actresses nominated for an Oscar Award for playing the same role in the same movie. In both the movies, she plays the younger version of the lead character. She was nominated for the Best Actress Award for “Titanic,” while she received the Best Supporting Actress Award for “Iris.”
  11. The scene from “Titanic,” in which her character Rose spits in Cal Hockley’s face, was reportedly suggested by Winslet, as according to the initial script, she only jabs him with a hairpin.
  12. While filming the scene, they had to do so many retakes to get the perfect shot that Winslet had to start using lube, as her saliva ran out, and Billy Zane, who played the role of Cal Hockley, went numb in the face, from being spit constantly.
  13. She and her co-star Dame Emma Thompson reportedly lived together during the filming of the famous movie “Sense and Sensibility,” in an effort to form a better natural sisterly bond.
  14. In preparation for her role as Tilly Dunnage in the 2015 movie “The Dressmaker,” she learned to sew. She went on to assist Margot Wilson, who was exclusively hired to create costumes for her character.
  15. For her role as Ophelia in “Hamlet,” she did not have to even audition, as director Sir Kenneth Branagh was impressed with her pervious audition for the role of Elizabeth in the 1994 movie “Frankenstein.”
  16. She and her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio were reportedly committed to “Titanic,” even before James Cameron started writing the original script. Both the actors were very impressed with the 165-page outline written by Cameron and decided to star in the movie.
  17. In fact, Winslet was so eager to bag the role that she reportedly sent notes to Cameron from England. She kept calling him saying that she was indeed Rose and that he need not look for anyone else.
  18. She claimed in an interview that when Cameron finally announced that she was cast as Rose, she is said to have sent him a Rose with the note “From Your Rose.”
  19. Winslet accepted the role of Jeannine in “The Divergent” mainly because she wanted a change from her usual parts. However, another major reason was her kids, as she wanted to perform in a movie, which they could watch.
  20. After watching the “In the Bedroom” movie, she felt very uneasy and was so intrigued by the director Todd Field. She was determined to work with him, accepted the role of Sarah in “Little Children.”
  21. During the filming of the water scenes in “Titanic,” she was not allowed to wear a wetsuit, which led to a severe case of hypothermia. Winslet is said to have even contemplated quitting the project because of this, but was persuaded by Cameron to stay.
  22. Even the during the filming of the rain scene from “Sense and Sensibility,” in which Willoughby rescues Marianne in rain, she contracted hypothermia, as the said scene had required at least 50 takes, before they had the perfect shot.
  23. She got to know about the role of Joanna Hoffman in “Steve Jobs,” by her make-up artist, while filming “The Dressmaker.” Being intrigued by the movie, she tried to find out more information on the female part. Finally, she met director Danny Boyle and won the part.
  24. While shooting the movie “A Little Chaos,” she was three months pregnant, but did not tell anybody about it. She went to perform her own stunt in the scene in which her character Sabine De Barra falls into a weir.
  25. For the kissing scenes in “Titanic,” she reportedly had a few rules for her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, like no garlic, no onion, no coffee and no smoking before the scene. At first DiCaprio agreed to it, but went on to purposefully do exactly those things. Winslet affectionately gave him the nickname of “Stinky Leo” on set.
  26. In preparation for the Australian accent for her role as Tilly Dunnage in “The Dressmaker,” she had the same dialogue coach from her 1999 movie “Holy Smoke.” It was reported that she had to re-record only one scene during the post-production.
  27. She claimed in an interview that after meeting Alan Rickman in the hair and makeup trailer, she was terrified to the extent that she was sure he would get her fired. However, after spending a week with him, she realized that he was so sweet and started adoring him.
  28. Kate received the news of Rickman’s death, while she was filming “The Mountain Between Us,” alongside Idris Elba. The production was the movie was reportedly delayed by a few days, in order for her to attend a memorial service for Rickman.
  29. It was reported that most of the crew members of “Titanic,” including Kate Winslet and James Cameron came down with cold, flu or kidney infections, due to the hours spent filming in cold water. She was often exhausted with severe bruises that she would wake up on shooting days with the prayer “Please God, let me die.”
  30. Director Jason Reitman always wanted to have Kate Winslet play the part of Adele in the movie “Labor Day,” while Josh Brolin plays Frank. Though both the actors agreed to take up the role, the filming had to be delayed by a year, waiting for Winslet’s schedule to clear up.
  31. Kate Winslet Net Worth: $45 Million
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