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Top 11 Health Benefits of Figs


What can be healthy yet delicious snacks than a handful of dry fruits? Be it mixed nuts with raisins, dates, berries, or figs, it is a go-to snack for the healthy eaters. Amongst all these, figs deserve a special mention due to the health benefits that it offers.

Available throughout the year in dried form, figs offer great health benefits as they are packed with nutrients. Read on to know about the top 11 health benefits of figs:

  1. Weight management: If you are managing weight, it is important to consume an ample amount of fiber. Figs are a good source of fiber and its regular consumption will ensure that you are fulfilling your daily fiber requirement. Additionally, it will also take care of your digestive.
  2. Reduces blood pressure: Apart from weight management, figs will also help you in managing your blood pressure. This is due to the high potassium and low sodium content of figs which aid in reducing blood pressure. Moreover, it helps in blood circulation which further settles your nerves and provides calmness to your mind.
  3. Diabetes control: The high potassium content of fig helps to regulate the blood sugar level. It also helps the body to absorb a lesser amount of sugar after a meal. The leaves of fig can reduce the requirement of insulin for diabetes patients, who take regular insulin injections.
  4. Lowers cholesterol: Figs contain the soluble fiber pectin, which helps in moving the cholesterol from the digestive tract to the excretory system. Studies also suggest that apart from reducing cholesterol, this soluble fiber also helps in preventing cancer.
  5. Promotes healthy heart: Figs contain antioxidants, polyphenols, which help in preventing the human body from oxidative stress. Also, the leaves of fig help in lowering the number of triglycerides, which is responsible for heart diseases.
  6. Treats Bronchitis: Fig leaves contain natural components, which is helpful in treating bronchitis and also in reducing asthma symptoms. Tea made with fig leaves will also help in relieving throat pain and healing a sore throat.
  7. Treat piles: Figs are also said to be helpful for treating piles. The laxative effect of figs along with its anti-inflammatory properties, help to soothe the hemorrhoids.
  8. Prevents constipation: The fiber content of figs adds mass and bulk to the bowel movement. This promotes regular bowel movement, which helps to prevent constipation as well as diarrhea and irregular bowel movement which is unhealthy.
  9. Promotes bone health: Figs are a good source of calcium, which will fulfill a major part of the calcium requirement of the human body.
  10. Improves sexual health: Figs contain minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, and magnesium, which together make it a natural aphrodisiac when consumed with milk. Notably, the ancient Greeks considered figs to be a sacred aphrodisiac fruit. The antioxidants in fig further help in maintaining hormonal balance and prevents breast cancer.
  11. Reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms: Studies have shown that it is helpful in reducing inflammatory cytokines noted during aging. Figs contain properties that reduce neuroinflammation, so, it is helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s, which is a neurodegenerative disease.
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