20 Fun Facts About Lasagna
20 Fun Facts About Lasagna
    1. Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that originated from the city of Naples.
    2. The name “lasagna” comes from the Greek word “lasagnum,” which means dish or bowl.
    3. Lasagna is one of the oldest types of pasta. The first known lasagna recipes date back to the 13th century.
    4. Traditionally, lasagna was made with fermented dough, not pasta.
    5. In Italy, lasagna is typically made with a thin, flat pasta, while in the United States, it’s often made with thicker, ridged pasta.
    6. The plural form of lasagna in Italian is “lasagne.”
    7. Lasagna is traditionally served on Sundays in many Italian households.
    8. The typical Italian lasagna is made with layers of pasta, ragù (meat and tomato sauce), and béchamel sauce, topped with grated cheese.
    9. Lasagna recipes vary greatly by region in Italy. For instance, in the southern regions, they add hard-boiled eggs, meatballs, and sausage.
    10. Lasagna was made popular in America largely because of Italian immigrants.
    11. A version of lasagna that uses ricotta cheese instead of béchamel sauce is actually an American variation.
    12. In 2011, the world’s largest lasagna was made in Poland. It weighed 5.29 tons!
    13. Vegetarian lasagna, using vegetables like spinach or zucchini instead of meat, is also quite popular.
    14. Lasagna can be made gluten-free using gluten-free lasagna noodles or thinly sliced vegetables.
    15. Some modern variations of lasagna include Mexican lasagna (made with tortillas instead of pasta), dessert lasagna, and even breakfast lasagna.
    16. Lasagna is such a beloved dish that there’s a National Lasagna Day in the U.S., which is celebrated on July 29th.
    17. There’s a Garfield comic book named “Garfield Lard of the Jungle” where he is crowned as the “King of Lasagna.”
    18. The most expensive lasagna on record was priced at $100 per slice at a restaurant in New York. It was made with Kobe beef, buffalo mozzarella, and other high-end ingredients.
    19. Lasagna is an excellent dish for meal prep because it freezes well and can be reheated easily.
    20. A typical serving of lasagna can provide a good source of protein and calcium, but it can also be high in calories and sodium.

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