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31 Amazing Facts About Anne Hathaway We Bet You Didn’t Know Before


For more than a decade now, Anne Hathaway has been capturing everyone’s heart with her impeccable talent and her gorgeous good looks. With so many blockbusters, she has made her appearance in almost everything from the Forbes Celebrity 100 list to the World’s highest paid actresses list. Not to forget, she has so many accolades to her name from an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a British Academy Film Award, and also a Primetime Emmy Award. Despite all this, there are much more things to the actress, than what meets the eyes. Here are some incredible facts about the Oscar winning actress:

  1. It was reported that Hathaway actually insisted that her own real hair be cut very short for the scene from “Les Miserables” movie, in which her character Fantine’s hair is being cut. In fact, it was actually hair male hairdresser, dressed as the haircutting woman in that particular scene.
  2. Initially, she was convinced that she was auditioning for the role of Harley Quinn, the on and off girlfriend of The Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” However, after a conversation with Christopher Nolan, she found out that she was auditioning for Catwoman, was instantly too excited.
  3. She claimed that following her audition for Catwoman, she was a complete nervous wreck, and too desperate. When her agent called her for the first time after the audition, to say there was good news, she immediately started jumping around screaming “I’m Catwoman!”
  4. Unfortunately, that was not news, as she was invited to host the Academy Awards. Her agent calmed her down and gave her the news, after which she was so shocked at the offer and went numb.
  5. Fortunately though, just a very short while after, her agent called her again, giving her the next good news that she had been offered the role of Catwoman as well.
  6. In her famous movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” her character of Andrea claims to go from size 6 to size 4, while working for Miranda, played by Meryl Streep. This was true, as in reality, during the period of shoot, Hathaway went from size 6 to size 4.
  7. While filming the skinny dipping scene on location in Scotland, for the movie “One Day,” she reportedly exposed her bottom to her co-star Jim Sturgess, in an effort to get him into the mood.
  8. She is said to have done it in a way that avoided being filmed by the crew, but did not expect the presence of residents with cell-phones from the residential complex near the location. She claimed in an interview that the footage of that particular incident has not made it to the internet and that she is very grateful to those residents to have refrained from doing it.
  9. For the 2019 movie “The Hustle,” she claimed in an interview that she avoided talking in a traditional English accent, as the audience knew she is an American and could potentially scoff at her attempt.
  10. Since her character Josephine was a con artist, she adapted an accent which was not actually English, but a con artist’s English accent.
  11. In fact, she was reportedly very hesitant to use even this accent, although the director Chris Addison requested her to use a posh British accent. It was the director who persuaded her to use the accent as a con artist.
  12. The photos of Ethan in the movie “Rachael Getting Married” is said to have been the original childhood photos of her younger brother Thomas.
  13. During the filming of the 2016 movie “Colossal,” in which she played the character Gloria, she was actually in the second trimester of her pregnancy.
  14. Hathaway was first exposed to the role of Fantine in the movie “Les Miserables,” in the year 1987, when her mother Kate McCauley Hathaway landed the role in the first U.S. tour of the musical.
  15. After she was cast as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises, she reportedly made an in-depth research and studied Hedy Lamarr, who was said to be the original inspiration for the alter-ego. She is said to have based her performance in the movie, based on Lamarr.
  16. While auditioning for the role of James Forester in the movie “Song One,” her co-star Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers read an emotional scene with Anne. She started welling up in tears, and Scott immediately thought how great an actress she was and that he was totally out of the league.
  17. She was initially offered the title role of Alice in the movie “Alice in Wonderland,” before director Tim Burton was involved with the project. She refused to take the offer, as it was too similar to her previous roles.
  18. But, being keen to work with Burton in any movie, she was pleased when he offered to cast her as the White Queen in the movie. She reported shot all of her scenes within a span of two weeks.
  19. In preparation for her role as Andrea in the “Devil Wears Prada,” she reportedly volunteered for a week as an assistant at an auction house.
  20. While auditioning for the role of Fantine in the movie “Les Miserables,” she reportedly blew everyone away with her performance, to the extent of leaving all of them in tears.
  21. Following the announcement of her casting as Selina Kyle / Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” there was much criticism and speculation of whether Hathaway would be able to portray the costumed alter-ego.
  22. As a part of the preparation for her role as Jane Austen in the “Becoming Jane,” she reportedly learned to play the piano and also worked with a dialect coach. Her co-star James Cromwell even claimed that she would be speaking in a British accent even between takes, to stay in character.
  23. During the filming of scenes in the icy water in Iceland for the movie “Interstellar,” she suffered from hypothermia, as her astronaut suit had to be open for those scenes.
  24. In preparation for her role as Fantine in the movie “Les Miserables,” she lost around 25 pounds of her weight. She has clearly refused to disclose her diet or routine for the weight loss, claiming it to have been life threatening. All that she has ever confirmed about the routine was that she ate oatmeal paste as a part of her diet.
  25. It was reported that Hathaway received the script for “One Day” in a clandestine manner, as the director of the movie Lone Scherfig was not looking for any American actresses for the role of part of Emma.
  26. However, she was so impressed with the role that she flew to London to meet with Scherfig. She claims that meeting to have been the “worst meeting of her life.” She reportedly left Scherfig a list of songs that she felt would convey how she could portray the role. And, the rest is history.
  27. For her role as Maggie Murdock in the movie “Love & Other Drugs, she reportedly spent time with Lucy Roucis, an actress stricken with Parkinson’s disease, in an effort to better understand her character.
  28. She claimed in an interview that it took her eight hours to film the most famous song “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables,” as she wanted to have the scene convey more deeper an emotional feelings. It was reportedly the fourth take that has made it into the final cut.
  29. In fact, when she accepted her Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress in a Movie, for her role of Fantine in “Le Miserables,” the first words she uttered were “You came true!,” referring to the song “I Dreamed a Dream.”
  30. In preparation for her role as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” she followed her very strict regimen involving five days a week of vigorous exercise, stunt training and dancing. She claims this role to have been the most physically demanding role in her career to date.
  31. Anne Hathaway Net Worth: $50 Million
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