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11 Facts About Ibiza, The World Class Vacation Spot with Orange Colored Dirt


How much do you really know about this world-famous summer vacation spot in the Mediterranean Ocean? Does the sun really shine for 10 hours a day for 300 days a year? And is Ibiza really an island? Well, there are some pretty intriguing facts about this beautiful place off the coast of Spain that might just get you interested in an exploratory visit to this magical land filled with partying life and adventurous opportunities. Here are a few facts about Ibiza you may never have known about:

1. The Island is Orange

Thanks to the presence of the vastly grown pine trees throughout Ibiza, the ground has been practically dyed orange as a result of the pine tree needles falling on the ground and gradually releasing tanning into the ground. This tanning has been released to the ground for so long that it has caused the ground to turn orange. The orange ground does, however, complement the Islands’ magnificent landscapes.

2. Island or No Island?

Ibiza is technically an island as it is today, given that an island is essentially defined as a large chunk of landmass surrounded by equally large water mass. This particular island, however, along with the other Balearic Islands in the vicinity came to be as a result of the actual creation of the Mediterranean Sea millions of years ago when the Atlantic filled the Mediterranean basin to the brim only leaving mountain tips which would later be known as the Balearic Islands. Ibiza was once part of a mountain top before inadvertently being converted into an Island.

3. It Has Only Snowed Twice in Ibiza

It sounds pretty ironic that Ibiza was once a mountain top yet has only witnessed snowfalls twice within a span of the last 20 years. This is, however, scientifically explainable considering the fact that a lot of environmental factors, as well as climatic factors, came into play when the Mediterranean basin containing an entire mountain was filled with water and transformed into what is now known as the Mediterranean Sea. 

4. 300 Days of Sunshine

Warm weather is by far the most widely preferred weather conditions for the best vacations. Because of this, Ibiza is considered to be one of the most preferred places to visit for practically the majority part of the year. This is because Ibiza experiences 10 hours of sunshine a day for 300 days a year. This translates to an unparalleled average of just 2 months spread throughout the year without 10-hour day sunshine. It is indeed an ideal destination for a summer vacation.

5. Not So Above Sea Level

Considering Ibiza was a mountain top at some point, this fact is not so surprising if you think about it. The Atlantic Ocean had to fill the entire Mediterranean basin containing a whole mountain for Ibiza to become a reality. This understandably left some considerably little patch of transformed mountain top into an island and subsequently left the highest point on the island, Sa Talaiassa, just 475 meters above sea level. Wow! It would not be very pleasant if the Atlantic decided to share a little bit more of its water with the Mediterranean.

6. Crystal Clear Waters

Some pretty clear waters surround Ibiza as compared to most other islands around the world. While no one is really cleaning it to that standard of clear existence, the water contains cleansing Neptune grass and seaweed that ensure continuous cleaning and purification of these waters, keeping them crystal clear and quite inviting for a refreshing dip.

7. Magnetic Attraction

Es Vedra is a rocky part of Ibiza located on the East side of the island considered to be the 3rd most magnetic place on earth. Even referred to as a beaconing guide for Aliens intending to invade earth by the hippy community of Ibiza in the 1960s, Es Vedra is considered to contain an unusual and unique composition of minerals and various elements that are thought to interfere with magnetic equipment to this day. While the Alien association might be too far of a stretch, there is no denying the special and remarkably unique nature of Es Vedra.

8. Water-less Island

Ibiza may be surrounded by water, but there is actually no drinkable water on the surface of this particular island. It is quite ironic that there are seemingly clear waters around the island yet no drinkable water to facilitate necessary consumption. This has, however, been sorted out by underground sourcing of water by drilling a hole into the ground to access this deeply hidden precious commodity.

9. Gracefully aging salt flats

Ibiza has one of the world’s most famous salt slats across the world. The salt flats in Ibiza are particularly unique as they have been inactive utilization for over 2000 years of their existence. Layers of beautifully sparkling pure salt is left behind in the summer after the scolding hot summer sun evaporates the water leaving behind a picturesque scene ideal for capturing those irreplaceable adventurous moments.

10. Just the right kind of weather

Boasting an average of 20 degrees Celsius through 8 months of toasty weather, Ibiza has one of the best climates to live in. This kind of weather allows for endeavoring into different kinds of fun activities, including beach activities and adventurous outdoor activities.

11. A Dedication To Bes

When the first settlers arrived in Ibiza, they named the island Ibozzim and duly dedicated the island to the god of dance and music. Bes, as they referred to their god, was believed to be their protector and provider of dance and music used to brighten up their lives to remain happy and active throughout their lifespans.


Ibiza is definitely a must-go destination for the ultimate experience of diversity and a life of pure joy and joy. With great weather for the better part of every year and the beautiful and clear waters around as well as the numerous fun activities and sites to visit, it is an adventurous’ paradise on earth.              

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