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Top 5 Tips For Building A Balanced Relationship With Your Child


Every parent wants to have a healthy relationship with their child. Now, a parent-child relationship varies from family to family. While some share a friendly relationship and are always sharing their feeling and thoughts with each other, there are also others where the parent takes the call and the child follows it. There are also others who strike a balance between being buddies and setting the rules. What kind of relationship do your share with your child?

Well, be it any type, what matters the most is that you are successful in preparing your child to face the world with confidence. Be it during their growing years or when they are adults, what every child remembers is what their parents taught them. So, here we present the top 5 tips to build the right relationship with your child.

Avoid being too friendly

Being friendly with your child is important, but it should not give them the impression that you are someone their age. Remember there is a very thin line between being friendly and being friends with your kids. Too much friendliness can make them disobey you or they may not give you the respect that you deserve as a parent. Children can easily cross the boundary with their words or behavior so it is important to strike a balance and help them understand your value as a parent.

Discuss age-appropriate topics

Being over-friendly with your kids can not just impact your child but your behavior too. You tend to discuss subjects with your kids, which may not be age-appropriate, say, for example,  your work-life, your colleagues, or similar topics which will give them a preconceived notion about the outside world. Children learn things faster and their exposure to such subjects may make them mature before time.

Let them enjoy the childhood years

Children deserve to enjoy their childhood years. Give them time to bask in the innocence and experience the growing up years. Let them be curious and let them explore things. Do not pressurize them too much and neither try to be their too friendly. Help them to grow up into confident adults ready to face the world and learn important life lessons.

Set the rules but don’t go overboard

Starting from healthy habits to etiquette, teach your child all the things that they should learn. Be friendly but also be strict where necessary. But at the same time, do not overburden rules on your child.

Teach them to deal with challenges

Motivate your child to work hard and take up challenges. Avoid spoon-feeding your kids as it will just hinder their learning process and they will rely on you for solving their problems. Over pampering also spoils them a good deal and they never learn to deal with challenges. Be there to help them when facing a challenge but the fight to overcome the challenge should be your kid’s and not yours.

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