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Check Out These 8 Beautiful and Bizarre American Places


The USA is a truly remarkable place. It is a land known for its incomparably rich history and being pioneers of a lot of what we are witnessing in today’s world. As remarkable a job as those who have come before have done for this country, mother nature has as well had some pretty inevitable influence in how some parts of the country have bizarrely taken shape throughout existence. As a result, we have witnessed some of the most unparalleled natural phenomena which have continued to intrigue both generations come and gone. Here are some of the most spectacularly amazing natural phenomena in the USA.

1. Devil’s Kettle – Brule River, Minnesota

The devil’s kettle in Minnesota is just as intriguing as the name suggests. Starting as just another flowing river, the Brule River in Minnesota splits into two streams with one half simply vanishing into obscurity while the other half is seemingly streaming into an estimated to be 800ft chasm, only with no established outlet to determine its final destination. While there have been unfounded claims of where the water ends up, such as the Pacific Ocean, no one has never really been able to establish this theory. Several attempts and exploratory expeditions have been launched all in vain to try and trace the exact paths that the two halves of the Brule River take before reaching their unknown destinations.

2. Troublesome Creek’s Blue Residents – Kentucky

Skin complexions are widely known to revolve around black and white while the lighter or darker shades of those particular complexions being secondary to either black or white. You would, therefore, be excused if you were to find it had to believe the fact that there has been an existence of people with actual blue skin. 200 years ago, the people of Troublesome Creek in Kentucky witnessed an unusual natural phenomenon when the Fugate family settled here. As a result of a rare genetic condition, this family was unique as their whole bodies were tinted in blue color. This extremely rare genetic condition has generationally transitioned from the previous one to the next and has been traced to the last known descendant of the Fugate family, Martin Fugate. 

3. Fireflies Show – Tennessee

Fireworks displays are awesome, but a million fireflies lighting up the smoky mountains of Tennessee all in synchronized harmony is simply epic. This natural phenomenon courtesy of fireflies and their spectacularly flashy mating ritual has been the main attraction for a period of two weeks through the months of mid-May to mid-June when they best offer a natural light show like no other. 

4. Fiery Tornadoes – Missouri

Conditions that facilitate this kind of natural phenomenon have to be extremely precise. While it would only require fire and a gust of wind, the conditions have to be just right. A combination of rapidly rising hot air and incoming cold air from beneath and around a fire gives this hellish looking phenomenon its tornado-like shape. Think of it as a regular tornado, only instead of just wind and debris flying all over, there is as well roaring fire involved and would not hesitate to devour anything in its path in a blaze of spinning destructive flames.

5. Thor’s Well – Oregon

Not to be confused with the actual cinematic Thor, who’s association relates more to his indomitable hammer, Thor’s Well is just as much qualified for a supernatural association as the fictional namesake. This is owing to its naturally occurring yet unexplainable nature. Off the coast of Cape Perpetua in Siuslaw Nation Forest, Oregon is a destination even the best, and seasoned adventurous would have second thoughts exploring. Featuring a treacherously rocky chasm into which seawater turbulently swirls into which is occasionally known to suddenly erupt, Thor’s Well has been the subject of its unsolved origin mysteries and conspiracy theories alike all in futile attempts to explain the existence of this place. The roar from the well is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

6. Wet Microbursts – Arizona

Nature has some pretty spectacularly versatile ways of expressing the various forms of elements in which it comes in. In this case, Arizona residents have been treated to what they have since nicknamed rain bombs. The Wet Microbursts occur during a thunderstorm and are facilitated by sudden and extremely powerful wind currents creating a gigantic and potentially destructive microburst.

7. The Mystery Spot – California

Most of the tricks we see done by magicians or natural occurrences like mirages are often attributed to optical illusions created to trick our minds into seeing what isn’t there or an exaggeration of something quite ordinary. While here, gravity seems to work considerably different from how it works in most parts around the rest of the world. A trip through this mystery spot in California will have you seeing people standing completely upright while at the same time being bent, and people appearing to be in sitting positions yet not sitting at all. This mystery spot has been associated with clever and subtle manipulation of the environment around this place to create the optical illusion needed to trick unsuspecting visitors or passers-by.

8. Gravity Hill – Pennsylvania

Another place that seems to defy every rule of gravity would be the gravity hill in Pennsylvania. Just like the upstream flowing water that can be witnessed at the Mystery spot in California, at the gravity hill in Pennsylvania, objects and people alike seem to be pulled to an uphill direction as would be the case if an unsecured object would be placed on a slope which would inadvertently cause the object to roll downhill. If you parked your car on McKinney Road just off Pittsburgh, then put it on neutral, then the car would appear to be inching towards the top of the hill as opposed to the expected opposite direction. This spot has been associated with optical illusion manipulation to facilitate this kind of phenomenon even though there have been some claims that it could be caused by some sort of magnetic occurrence unique to this particular area as may be the case in several other places around the world.


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