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10 Greatest Achievements By Albert Einstein That Prove He Is A Genius


Albert Einstein was a brilliant physicist who made many groundbreaking discoveries and contributions to science. Here are 10 proofs that he was a super genius:

  • He provided empirical evidence for the atomic theory by explaining Brownian motion, the random movement of particles in a fluid.
  • He enabled the determination of Avogadro’s number and therefore the size of molecules by using his statistical analysis of Brownian motion.
  • He solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect, the emission of electrons from a metal when light shines on it, by proposing that light consists of discrete energy packets called photons.
  • He proposed the special theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space and time and introduced the famous equation E = mc², which relates mass and energy.
  • He proposed the general theory of relativity, which extended his special theory to include gravity as a result of the curvature of space-time.
  • He predicted the gravitational redshift, the bending of light by gravity, and the gravitational lensing, the distortion of images by gravity, which were later confirmed by observations.
  • He explained the stimulated emission of radiation, which is the basis of lasers and masers.
  • He contributed to the development of quantum mechanics by introducing the concept of wave-particle duality and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, which challenged the completeness of quantum theory.
  • He discovered the Einstein-de Haas effect, which demonstrated that magnetism is due to the alignment of electron spins.
  • He co-invented the Einstein refrigerator, a device that operates without electricity and has no moving parts.
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