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Try This When You’ve Had Spoiled Milk!

Try This When You've Had Spoiled Milk
Try This When You've Had Spoiled Milk (Pixabay)
Try This When You've Had Spoiled Milk
Try This When You’ve Had Spoiled Milk (Pixabay)

As the weather gets warmer, food spoils and spoils easily, so you need to pay more attention to food management. Did you know that milk is also included in food that spoils easily? Today, I’m going to tell you what to do when you’ve eaten spoiled milk.

The expiration date has passed

Just because milk is past the expiration date doesn’t necessarily mean it’s spoiled milk. There is no need to worry about milk that has passed a day or two, because milk is also a fermented product, so it is released with a certain safety period in mind.

If you have consumed milk that has passed its expiration date, it is recommended to empty your stomach while continuing to drink water. Also, if vomiting does not come out, grind raw red beans into a powder and drink an appropriate amount to make it easier to empty.

Characteristics of high-end milk

The taste of spoiled milk is slightly sour, and lumps like foreign substances may be seen. Before eating expired milk, it is recommended to smell it to tell if it is spoiled or not.

Warm up your body!

It is recommended to warm up your body when you drink spoiled milk. This is because when the body is cold, stomach activity decreases and stomach upset can occur easily.


In summer, we need to pay a lot of attention to the food we eat to prevent and protect our health. So, it would be good to make a habit of checking the expiration date meticulously while cleaning the refrigerator on a regular basis, right?

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