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Top 3 Benefits of Yoga for Kids


An essential aspect for the development of a healthy mind is a healthy body. For kids, health impacts future well-being in a big way. So, it is important for parents to inculcate healthy habits like eating healthy food at the right time, getting enough sleep, and also indulging in physical activities like exercise. Introducing kids to yoga will also be a good idea as it will help the kids to reap the benefits of yoga from an early age.

Read on to know about the benefits of yoga for kids:

Holistic personality development: Practicing yoga regularly will not just enhance the physical fitness of the kids, but will also infuse calmness in their minds. The yoga poses called asanas and the breathing techniques called pranayams link the mind, the body, and the soul together, which promotes a feeling of overall wellbeing. Yoga has a soothing effect on the mind, which will help your kid concentrate in a better way and will increase their appetite. The calmness that yoga will infuse will bring about a change in personality towards the better.

Builds flexibility and strength: Yoga is known to build up strength in the body and also enhances flexibility. This is because yoga poses calls for the use of every muscle and joint in the body. So, it brings about a great deal of flexibility. Yoga is also a lot about balancing and breathing which will help the kids acquire stamina.

Reduces stress and promotes inner peace: Yoga relaxes the mind and it will teach kids to be calm and in harmony with their surroundings. It will help them to take control of their mind and senses. Yoga increases self-acceptance and compassion.

Today, kids are busier with school and homework with little extra curriculum activities. But it is important that they indulge in activities like yoga that will help them to be fit and healthy, develop their personality, and gain self-confidence. If you are successful in developing your child’s interest in yoga at an early age then you have gifted him a blessing for a lifetime. It will always bring him good health results and make him shine in all the fields.

Here are 5 tips that will make yoga more interesting and fun activity:

  1. Do yoga at home together: Kids love to spend time with their parents. So, make time from your busy schedule and do yoga together at home. This way the kids will learn and accept yoga in a better way.
  2. Teach them with books and videos: Tell them about the benefits of yoga. Give them yoga books that have illustrations and pictures. Yoga videos are also helpful and inspiring.
  3. Be creative: Allow the kid to be creative and experimental with the poses.
  4. Add music: Add a fun element to your yoga time, by adding some music.
  5. Group yoga: Make a group with your kid’s friends and their parents. Host a yoga session where everyone participates to make it a fun-filled group activity.
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