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15 Amazing Ideas To Reuse Leftover Food


Food wastage is a very grave problem and it should be avoided in any way. Having house rules like finishing everything on your plate helps, but it is surely not a good idea that you consume everything on the table. So, leftovers are pretty common in every house.

But, the catch is how leftover food can be reused to make interesting dishes. So, here we present 15 amazing ideas to reuse leftover food.

  1. Veggie bread bake: Make a healthy veggie bake with your leftover bread. Toss in some vegetables and cheddar cheese for a hearty meal.
  2. Healthy chicken salads: Make some healthy salads with your leftover chicken. Toss it with sweet potatoes, cashew nuts, or add chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, lime juice, and freshly chopped parsley for giving a refreshing twist to your leftover chicken.
  3. Wholesome chicken soups: Make a wholesome soup with leftover chicken. Add vegetables like roasted tomatoes, carrots or onion and spice it up with herbs like fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme for a delicious soup.
  4. Lamb pilau: Make a flavourful one-pot dish using leftover lamb, rice, and spices like cinnamon and dried apricots. This Turkish delight will be loved by one and all.
  5. Comforting supper with leftover chicken: You can also use leftover chicken to make comforting supper like baked chicken with tomatoes and cheese or hotpot with mushrooms and chicken that the whole family will love.
  6. Bread and butter pudding: When it comes to bread and butter pudding, leftover bread will give you the best pudding. Add a dash of zesty marmalade and some whiskey to give an amazing taste to this dessert.
  7. Turkey salads: Toss-up a healthy salad with some boiled chickpeas, leftover turkey, onion, and herb.
  8. Pie pasties: Make delicious Shepherd’s pie pasties using leftover lamb. Add some leftover mashed potatoes and wrap it in puff pastry sheets like a pastry parcel for a super delicious and speedy meal.
  9. Lamb noodles: Toss buckwheat noodles with leftover lamb, some veggies for a delicious Buckwheat lamb noodles.
  10. Asian flavor rice pot: Use your leftover turkey to make healthy rice pots. Add veggie of your choice and your meal is ready in a jiffy.
  11. Potato cakes: Use leftover mashed potatoes to make potato cakes. Make it with some spinach and serve with fried eggs and tomatoes.
  12. Pesto pizza: If you have leftover pesto, make some pesto pizza and top it with artichokes.
  13. Pesto mashed potato: Make mashed potato with leftover pesto and serve it with meatballs for a delicious dinner.
  14. Cheese Fondue: If you have leftover cream cheese, make cheese fondue. Serve it with veggie sticks, or baked chips.
  15. Banana bread: Use overripe bananas to make super soft banana bread. Before baking the bread, toss in some walnuts, flaxseeds, melon seeds for making it super healthy.
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