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Top 10 Pregnancy Fears


The news about the arrival of a new family member brings a lot of joy to the expectant mother and father. During pregnancy, a woman experiences a wide range of emotions, which are at times fueled due to the hormonal changes that the body is experiencing.

Along with the diverse range of moods that the soon-to-be mommy experiences, she also experiences fears, which are based on myths, rumors, emotions and also past experiences. Here are the top 10 pregnancy fears that the soon-to-be parents experience:

  1. Miscarriage: The topmost fear that soon-to-be parents experience is the fear of having a miscarriage. The first few weeks are crucial as most miscarriages happen during this time of the pregnancy. However, once the pregnancy has crossed the 6 to 8 week’s mark, the chances of having a miscarriage also lessen.
  2. Premature labor: Just like the fear of miscarriage, the fear of premature labor is pretty common in expectant parents. While premature labor could have serious implications for the baby, the chances of it happening are pretty slim. If you have high risk, it is advisable to be in touch with the gynecologist regularly.
  3. Diet: An expectant mother is very cautious about the food that she consumes. Well, not only food but also beverages and medicines. However, there is nothing to fear as long as the diet is a balanced one and is packed with all the nutrients that the soon-to-be mother needs.
  4. Lying on the belly: Soon-to-be parents feel that lying on the tummy can cause harm to the baby. But in reality, there is no harm in lying on your belly as the baby has plenty of room inside and the mother’s body naturally protects the baby.
  5. Fear of birth defects: According to studies, it has been noted that about 4% of babies are born with birth defects. But, there is no need to panic as around the 22nd week of pregnancy, high-resolution ultrasound can detect any abnormality. Additionally, to lessen the probability of a birth defect, an expectant mother should avoid consuming certain medicines, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  6. Incompetency as a mother: Often mothers worry whether they will be able to care for their newborn. While some prenatal education on how to care for and handle the baby will be helpful, but maternal instincts kick in almost the moment the baby is born.
  7. Retained pregnancy weight: Most women gain weight during pregnancy. This is pretty common and research has shown that around 20% of women also retain some of the weight gained during pregnancy. A balanced diet and regular exercising post-delivery of the baby will ensure that you lose the extra pounds and get back in shape.
  8. Changes in skin and facial features: Due to the change in hormones, an expectant mother experiences a lot of change in her skin and also facial features. Most of these changes subside post-delivery of the baby or once the hormones are back to normal.
  9. Water break in a public place: According to studies very few women experience water break before labor contractions start. Moreover, water break is just a gentle trickle and not a sudden gush of water as we mostly see in movies.
  10. Leakage mishaps: During the latter stage of pregnancy, it is pretty normal to have leakages while laughing or sneezing. The best solution here is to empty the bladder frequently. Additionally, panty liners are also helpful.
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