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Top 10 Most Controversial Quotes From Denzel Washington


Here are 10 quotes from Denzel Washington that could be considered controversial.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

1. “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.”

This quote is from Washington’s 2014 film The Equalizer, where he plays a former CIA operative who helps a young girl against Russian gangsters. The quote reflects Washington’s character’s pragmatic and realistic attitude towards life and its challenges. He accepts the consequences of his actions and does not complain or avoid them.

2. “Just because you are doing a lot more doesn’t mean you are getting a lot done. Don’t confuse movement with progress.”

This quote is from Washington’s 2015 commencement speech at Dillard University, where he urged the graduates to pursue their dreams with purpose and direction. He warned them against being busy without being productive, and encouraged them to focus on their goals and measure their results.

3. “Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.”

This quote is often attributed to Washington on social media, but there is no evidence that he ever said it. It is possible that it was inspired by a similar quote from author Shannon L. Alder: “Some people don’t like you because your strength reminds them of their weakness. Don’t let the hate slow you down.” The quote suggests that some people will resent or oppose you because they are insecure or unhappy with themselves, and that you should not let them affect you.

4. “The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That’s what’s going to define you.”

This quote is also from Washington’s 2015 commencement speech at Dillard University, where he shared his personal and professional experiences with the students. He emphasized the importance of taking risks, building relationships, loving others, and trusting God in shaping one’s life and destiny.

5. “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

This quote is from Washington’s 2006 interview with Oprah Winfrey, where he talked about his career and family. He explained how he prepared himself for his roles and opportunities by studying, researching, and practicing his craft. He also credited God for his success and blessings.

6. “If I am a cup maker, I’m interested in making the best cup I possibly can. My effort goes into that cup, not what people think about it.”

This quote is from Washington’s 1999 interview with Charlie Rose, where he discussed his acting philosophy and process. He compared himself to a craftsman who focuses on his work rather than on the opinions or reactions of others. He said he tries to be honest and truthful in his performances, regardless of the outcome or the critics.

7. “You don’t know when you’re being watched. That’s one of the weird things about celebrity. It’s my least favorite part of acting, celebrity.”

This quote is from Washington’s 1992 interview with Barbara Walters, where he talked about his fame and privacy. He expressed his discomfort and uneasiness with being recognized and followed by fans and paparazzi everywhere he goes. He said he prefers to keep his personal life private and separate from his public image.

8. “I made a commitment to completely cut out drinking and anything that might hamper me from getting my mind and body together. And the floodgates of goodness have opened upon me – spiritually and financially.”

This quote is from Washington’s 1996 interview with Ebony magazine, where he revealed how he quit drinking alcohol after filming Malcolm X in 1992. He said he felt convicted by God to change his lifestyle and habits, and that he experienced positive changes in his health, career, and spirituality as a result.

9. “Black or white good parts are hard to come by. A good actor with a good opportunity has a shot; without the opportunity it doesn’t matter how good you are.”

This quote is from Washington’s 1989 interview with The New York Times, where he talked about his role in Glory, a film about the first all-black regiment in the Civil War. He addressed the issue of racial discrimination and inequality in Hollywood, and how it affects the opportunities and roles available for black actors.

10. “My ultimate life dream project is my kids. My family.”

This quote is from Washington’s 2008 interview with Reader’s Digest, where he talked about his marriage and children. He said that his family is his priority and passion, and that he loves spending time with them and supporting them in their endeavors. He also said that he tries to balance his work and family life by choosing quality over quantity.

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