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Top 10 Most Controversial Quotes From Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas

1. “I remember in ‘Law of Desire,’ where I played a homosexual, that people were more upset that I kissed a man on the mouth than I killed a man. It’s interesting to see how people can pardon you for murdering a man, but they can’t pardon you for kissing one.”

This quote reveals the double standard and homophobia that Banderas faced when he starred in Pedro Almodóvar’s 1987 film Law of Desire, where he played a gay man who becomes obsessed with a film director. Banderas challenges the audience to question why they are more comfortable with violence than with love.

2. “I think the worst enemy for success is the anxiousness to get it.”

This quote reflects Banderas’ philosophy of life and career, where he does not let expectations or pressure get in the way of his artistic expression. Banderas suggests that being too eager or desperate for success can actually hinder it, and that one should enjoy the process and the journey rather than the outcome.

3. “Expectation is the mother of all frustration.”

This quote is similar to the previous one, but it applies to any aspect of life, not just success. Banderas warns against having unrealistic or rigid expectations of oneself or others, as they can lead to disappointment and resentment. He implies that one should be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and accept things as they are.

4. “In Spain we have a saying about the essentials of life: good food, good wine, good sex, good sleep.”

This quote shows Banderas’ appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, as well as his cultural background and identity. Banderas expresses his love for his native country and its traditions, values, and lifestyle. He also reveals his sensual and hedonistic side, as he enjoys indulging in food, wine, sex, and sleep.

5. “Every time, I reaffirm in myself that the more comfortable you are, the less you are creating. You have to feel a little bit of pain in the creation.”

This quote reveals Banderas’ artistic vision and motivation, where he seeks to challenge himself and explore new territories rather than settle for what is easy or familiar. Banderas believes that creativity requires some degree of discomfort and suffering, as it involves taking risks and confronting one’s fears and limitations.

6. “Everything changes as you get older – your mind, your body, the way you view the world.”

This quote reflects Banderas’ awareness and acceptance of aging and its effects on him as a person and an actor. Banderas acknowledges that he is not the same as he was when he was younger, but he does not regret or resist it. He embraces the changes and adapts to them with grace and wisdom.

7. “You can change a person in their exterior aspects, but the soul remains, it still is there, and especially if that person has been changed involuntarily.”

This quote is from an interview where Banderas talked about his role in Almodóvar’s 2011 film The Skin I Live In, where he plays a plastic surgeon who kidnaps and transforms a man into a woman against his will. Banderas explores the ethical and psychological implications of such an act, and how it affects the identity and dignity of the victim.

8. “People change, couples change, and you have to be able to accept what is coming without trying to hang on things that you had before that they may disappear but they may transform into something that is even better.”

This quote is from another interview where Banderas talked about his divorce from Melanie Griffith after 18 years of marriage. Banderas shows his maturity and respect for his ex-wife, as well as his optimism and hope for the future. He does not dwell on the past or blame anyone for the breakup, but rather sees it as an opportunity for growth and change.

9. “I’ve never worried about what audiences would accept or had a game plan regarding the career. I never had an idea of how I should look to my fans or anybody else.”

This quote demonstrates Banderas’ independence and integrity as an actor, where he does not let external factors or opinions influence his choices or performances. Banderas follows his own instincts and passions, rather than conforming to stereotypes or expectations. He does not seek approval or validation from anyone but himself.

10. “When I’ve gone to the U.S., I’ve considered myself Latino, because those are the people I’ve connected with the most.”

This quote shows Banderas’ sense of belonging and solidarity with the Latino community in the U.S., where he has worked and lived for many years. Banderas identifies with their culture, language, and struggles, even though he is not from Latin America but from Spain. He also challenges the racial and ethnic categories that are often imposed on him by others.

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