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Top 10 Most Controversial Quotes From Bradley Cooper


Here are 10 controversial quotes from Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper
  1. “I think if you live in a black-and-white world, you’re gonna suffer a lot. I used to be like that. But I don’t believe that anymore.”

This quote reveals Cooper’s personal growth and his rejection of rigid thinking. However, some people might disagree with his view and argue that there are clear moral absolutes and objective truths that should not be compromised.

  1. “You can’t really control how people are going to feel about you; all you can really do is be yourself. Because if you seduce somebody, and you seduce them by pretending to be a certain way, once they are seduced they are going to find that you are not that way. And then you have to maintain an image that’s not real, so you really screw yourself. The best is to be yourself and hope they like you.”

This quote reflects Cooper’s honesty and authenticity, but it also implies that he has some experience with seduction and deception. Some people might find this quote offensive or inappropriate, especially coming from a famous actor who has dated many women.

  1. “God opposes the proud. The way you get up front is do really good work in the back. Humility is a by product of spending time with Jesus – it is not a reflection of yourself.”

This quote shows Cooper’s faith and humility, but it also assumes that everyone shares his religious beliefs and values. Some people might find this quote preachy or exclusive, especially those who do not follow Christianity or any religion.

“Don’t trust a guy who accuses you of infidelity. He’s cheating. He’s projecting. If you’re living that kind of life, you think everybody else is too.”

This quote reveals Cooper’s insight into human psychology and behavior, but it also makes a sweeping generalization about men and cheating. Some people might find this quote sexist or unfair, especially those who have been falsely accused or betrayed by their partners.

  1. “Bradley Cooper: ‘Sniper’ Controversy Distracts From Film’s Message About Vets.”

This quote is actually the headline of an NPR interview with Cooper, where he defends his film American Sniper from criticism and controversy. Some people might find this quote dismissive or defensive, especially those who have ethical or political objections to the film’s portrayal of the Iraq War and its protagonist.

  1. “Bradley Cooper, 8-Time Oscar Loser, Calls Awards Season ‘Utterly Meaningless’.”

This quote is also the headline of a Vulture article about Cooper, where he expresses his indifference and frustration with the Hollywood awards system. Some people might find this quote sour or hypocritical, especially those who admire or aspire to win Oscars.

  1. “I liked sports but I never really had the confidence. I was always coordinated and it came easy to me, but I didn’t have the confidence to go along with the physical skill.”

This quote reveals Cooper’s insecurity and vulnerability, but it also contradicts his image as a handsome and successful star. Some people might find this quote hard to believe or relate to, especially those who struggle with their appearance or abilities.

  1. “Give me an authentic woman, and I’m happy.”

This quote reflects Cooper’s preference and appreciation for genuine women, but it also implies that some women are not authentic or worthy of his happiness. Some people might find this quote vague or judgmental, especially those who question his criteria or standards for authenticity.

  1. “When I’m into a woman, I literally can’t stop staring. I’m like a little kid. I become completely entranced.”

This quote shows Cooper’s passion and admiration for women, but it also suggests that he has a childish or obsessive way of expressing his attraction. Some people might find this quote creepy or immature, especially those who value privacy or boundaries.

  1. “Our submission defines our authority.”

This quote reveals Cooper’s philosophy and perspective on power dynamics, but it also raises questions about his views on consent and domination. Some people might find this quote confusing or controversial, especially those who have different opinions or experiences on submission and authority.

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