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Top 10 Foods to Avoid Before Sleeping


A good night’s sleep is essential to get yourself charged for the next day. It helps you to be rested and aids in better functioning of the brain. The food that we have for dinner plays an important role as it helps to get proper rest. But, even more important is the mid-night snacks that we reach for post-dinner.

Here we present the top 10 foods to avoid before sleeping:


Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and though it helps to stay full for longer, having pasta as mid-night snacks are not at all a good idea as it can lead to indigestion and also heartburn. Moreover, having pasta late at night can lead to quick weight gain.

Processed foods

Processed foods like chips contain a high amount of monosodium glutamate. This ingredient of processed foods will give rise to sleep-related problems rather than helping you sleep. Thus, it is best avoided late at night.

Ice cream

Ice cream is one of the most loved mid-night snacks. But, when it comes to having it at night, it is best avoided as ice cream is high in fats, and having it before going to bed will not give your body a chance to burn it, leading to weight gain.

Red Meat

Red meat is not suitable for consumption before going to bed as it is rich in protein. The body takes a longer time to digest the protein, so your digestive system will still need to work even while you drift off to sleep. This will in turn hinder your comfortable and sound sleep.


Craving for a slice of pizza, late at night? Well, cravings know no time, but having pizza for dinner or late at night is surely not good for health. Along with the cheesy topping, pizza can give you heartburn and can lead to weight gain due to the high-fat content. And, it will also lead to sleeping problems.

High sugar cereals

To kickstart your day, cereals is one of the best options as it is packed with carbohydrates and sugar. But high sugar cereals are a complete no-no just before bedtime as it causes a spike in your blood sugar, leading to an uncomfortable sleep.


Chocolates are loaded with caffeine and caffeine is said to impact sleep. So, chocolates are best avoided before sleeping.


It is believed that alcohol can induce sleep, but in reality, it has just the opposite impact.


Well, too much of water just before going to bed will impact your sleep. This is because more water means more urge to urinate in the middle of the night which will disturb your sleep. Drink appropriate amounts of water throughout the day, but limit it towards the end of the day.


Vegetables are good for health and it must be a part of everyone’s diet. But, having them before going to bed will impact your body’s natural mechanism. This is because of the insoluble fiber in vegetables which needs a longer time to be digested. So, having vegetables late at night will keep you awake rather than helping you to get a good sleep.

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