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Top 9 Protein Rich Food For Breakfast Other Than Eggs


Breakfast is the most important meal, so you should choose to start your day with food that is rich in protein and with healthy fats and some amount of carbs. This is because protein will act as fuel for your body.

When it comes to protein for breakfast, the first thing that comes to mind is eggs. But, having eggs every day for breakfast can become monotonous. So, here we present the top 9 protein-rich food for breakfast without eggs. Read on to know more:

  1. Cheese

Cheese like parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar is rich in protein and can be included in your breakfast. Spread it on a slice of whole-wheat bread or toast your favorite multigrain bread slice with cheese and enjoy your yummy and protein-rich breakfast. The fats in cheese will also keep you full for longer.

  1. Muesli

Muesli comprises of bran, rolled oats, sliced nuts like almonds, dried raisins and apricots, wheat germ and sunflower or pumpkin seeds, which makes it protein-rich. Muesli is a great breakfast option and you can choose to have it with skim milk or with fresh fruits or even yogurt.

  1. Danish Rugbrod

Danish Rugbrod is a wholesome brown bread, which has oats and seeds sprinkled on the crust. The good of whole wheat coupled with the fiber content in oats and seeds makes it perfect for breakfast. It is high in protein and you can have it with cheese or a fruit preserve of your choice.

  1. Oats

Oats are rich in fiber and protein and are an amazing breakfast item that will keep you full for longer. Overnight oats further reduce the efforts that you need to put in preparing breakfast in the morning.

  1. Kippers

For seafood lovers, kippers for breakfast will be an amazing option. It is nutritious and rich in omega 3. So, top your buttered toast with kippers and enjoy a power-packed breakfast.

  1. Baked beans

Baked beans are rich in protein and you can enjoy it during your breakfast too. Just add a spoon or two of baked beans on your buttered toast and be ready to kickstart your day.

  1. Tofu

Another nutritious breakfast item is tofu. It is a very versatile food item and you can make a number of dishes using tofu, like scrambled tofu which tastes amazing with toast or stir fry it with vegetables or bake it and stuff your pita bread for a healthy and protein-rich breakfast.

  1. Nuts and Nutspreads

Nuts or spreads made with nuts are high in protein so it can be included in your breakfast for a protein-rich meal. Have fresh fruits with nuts for breakfast or spread your toast with s spoon of nut spread like peanut butter for a protein-rich breakfast.

  1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is mild in terms of flavor as it is unpressed and unripened cow’s milk cheese. But, it is packed with protein and can replace your eggs for breakfast.

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