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Folarin Balogun, Welcome to the US Men’s National Team USMNT


Is Folarin Balogun that world class striker that has been missing from the US attack? Balogun is a US-born, England raised soccer player of Nigerian descent who recently announced that he would switch affiliation for international play from England to the USA. He was also the top scorer in 2022-2023 in France’s League 1. Balogun was recently in Florida attending games for the Orlando Magic and NY Yankees, and the recruitment push and love he felt apparently left a big impression on him. US Soccer has more information about how the decision was made by Balogun, and some of his highlights are above.

We are Liveminty are looking forward to World Cup qualifiers and 2026, to see what Pulisic, Balogun, and Weah can put together for a home field run.

Welcome Back Balogun!

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