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Causes of blackheads and 3 tips on how to get rid of them


Blackheads are caused by excessive sebum secretion. The skin needs to be well supplied with moisture and nutrients to maintain a healthy state. If the balance is disrupted due to poor supply, the immune system activates and secretes excess sebum. It can be said that blackheads are formed by clumping with waste products outside the pores and being oxidized, causing dead skin cells to turn black. Blackheads are usually caused by oily skin, which produces a lot of sebum, but can also be caused by seasonal changes, eating habits that consume a lot of meat and processed foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, menstrual cycle, and mental stress. Since blackheads are not a disease, they do not pose a threat to health, but if left unattended, they can cause problems in terms of beauty in a dark form. Also, if left unattended for a long time, blackheads get bigger and pores become wider, which can cause inflammatory skin problems. In some cases, hand squeezes are used to remove blackheads, which not only over-stimulates the sebaceous glands, but also irritates the skin or causes pores to sag further, causing damage to the skin. And be careful about squeezing the blackheads by hand, as it creates a condition that produces more sebum. how to get rid of blackheads

1. Thorough washing

The most important lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of blackheads is to wash your face thoroughly to remove sebum and waste products from time to time. It is recommended to clean the skin with a triple face wash when washing face, double face wash, or after applying makeup and makeup. Also, it is recommended to use lukewarm water after washing your face to avoid causing sebum by using oil-free skin care after washing your face.

2. Removal using steam towel

It is said that using a steam towel can be a good way to remove blackheads. After washing your face, open the pores with a steam towel and remove the blackheads that have risen up by gently pressing with a clean cotton swab. After removing blackheads, massage with cold water or use a pore-shrinking product to shrink open pores. After that, if you use essence or skin, it is said to help a lot in soothing the skin. In addition, managing the area around the nose with a nose pack, massage, exfoliant, or scrub product once a week is said to be effective in preventing the formation of blackheads. However, it is recommended to be careful as it can damage pores and fine blood vessels if you rub vigorously with exfoliants and scrub products.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is said that overwork, lack of sleep, and a high-fat diet can cause excessive sebum secretion and worsen the occurrence and symptoms of blackheads. In particular, excessive consumption of oily foods and sweet and spicy foods has a great effect on the active secretion of sebum. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy skin condition through adequate rest, sleep, and diet management of balanced nutrients. In addition, excessive stress also causes more sebum secretion, so proper stress management is also important.

Other methods Excessive drinking habits and smoking also cause problems with normal blood flow, preventing the skin from getting enough nutrients, so it is necessary to try to reduce and limit the known causes of blackheads. In addition, it is recommended not to touch or stimulate the blackhead area with unclean hands. Blackheads can be prevented to some extent with regular maintenance. However, if you have severe blackheads or frequent inflammatory skin problems, it is a good way to visit the hospital for a fundamental treatment and receive an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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