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7 Benefits of Burdock Root and Side Effects

7 Benefits of Burdock Root and Side Effects
7 Benefits of Burdock Root and Side Effects (Pixabay)
7 Benefits of Burdock Root and Side Effects
7 Benefits of Burdock Root and Side Effects (Pixabay)

1. Diet

Burdock contains fructooligosaccharide, which is food for lactic acid bacteria, which helps the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and promotes bowel movements, which is effective in dieting. In addition, the burdock peel contains abundant plant bioactive substances and saponins, which help to release fat and bad cholesterol from the blood. Burdock tea is often boiled as a tea, but burdock tea is also called as a light tea. Because this burdock tea is rich in fiber, it can also help with constipation.

2. Prevention of colorectal cancer

Burdock is rich in dietary fiber called lignin. Dietary fiber is largely divided into insoluble fiber, which is the tough part of plants, and soluble fiber, which is abundant in fruits and vegetables. Lignin is an insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is good for digestive problems and can help prevent colon cancer.

3. Help with diabetes

Wooang is rich in inulin, which is called natural insulin. It is not absorbed into the body through the digestive system and is excreted as it is. Burdock is also rich in fiber and low in calories, so it gives a feeling of fullness and slows digestion, lowering blood sugar levels.

4. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral

Burdock contains a lot of saponins with anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, and saponins are famous for lowering cholesterol levels in the body and improving blood circulation. The anti-inflammatory effect of burdock relieves the symptoms of bronchitis or sore throat and makes the symptoms of cough and phlegm less.

5. Atopic dermatitis, skin disease

Burdock contains a component called tannin, which has a bitter taste, and this tannin has an anti-inflammatory action that eliminates inflammation and can help with atopic dermatitis and skin diseases.

6. Toxin excretion

Various root vegetables such as burdock root, deodeok, arrowroot, and lotus root are good vegetables for people who smoke to the extent that they are said to help smoking cessation. The reason is that root vegetables have a lot of fiber, which removes impurities from organs and discharges toxins and waste products from the body through various detoxification actions.

7. It purifies the blood.

Root vegetables are alkaline foods with a lot of sugar, and although there are few vitamins, they contain a lot of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and copper to purify the blood and prevent blood clotting. Burdock also helps keep the blood clean as it helps the liver and body flush out and remove toxins.

Burdock Side Effects

Because burdock contains dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, it helps bowel movement, but excessive intake due to overdose can cause diarrhea and has a diuretic effect, so be careful. In women, it is also said to have an effect on uterine contractions. It is the seed of the burdock that affects the contraction of the uterus, so if you are planning to become pregnant, it is recommended to remove the seed from the burdock before eating.

In addition, burdock is a plant in the Asteraceae family, so people with allergies to chrysanthemum, mugwort, or ragweed should be careful when ingesting it. Lastly, because burdock is bitter in taste and has a cold nature, it is said that people with cold or cold energy, people suffering from cold hands and feet, and people with low blood pressure may show symptoms of vomiting.

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