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10 Best Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects

10 Best Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects
10 Best Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects (Pixabay)
10 Best Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects
10 Best Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects (Pixabay)

1. Good for antioxidant effect.

The effect of black tea has an antioxidant function, which suppresses the activity of free radicals that accelerate aging in our body, prevents various diseases caused by aging, and makes the body more healthy. Red green onion contains catechin, a type of polyphenol, which is good for heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

2. Good for recovering from fatigue.

The effect of black tea contains caffeine, which is effective in relieving fatigue. Caffeine acts on the central nervous system to awaken the mind, facilitates blood circulation, and plays a major role in excreting waste products from the body. However, since it is caffeine, drinking too much can cause insomnia, so it is recommended to drink 1-2 cups a day.

3. Rich in minerals.

Since black tea is rich in minerals, it is a great help in replenishing the lack of nutrients in our body. There is also fluoride, which is very helpful in preventing caries in our teeth.

4. Good for diet.

Black tea is a tea that helps the body’s metabolism to increase the basal metabolic rate and help burn calories. In addition, the caffeine content of black tea helps burn fat and prevents the deposition of triglycerides and is effective in dieting.

5. Good for gut health.

The effect of black tea is that it helps to get rid of harmful bacteria in the intestine due to the ingredients that have strong antibacterial action on the body. By helping intestinal health in this way, those who have a bad bowel can keep their gut health, and it has an excellent effect on those who suffer from constipation or poor bowel movements.

6. Effective against stress.

Caffeine, a component of black tea, is good for recovering from fatigue through mental awakening, and relieves stress by helping with symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.

7. Good for cardiovascular disease.

Black tea has the ability to flush out bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. It also plays a role in preventing cardiovascular diseases by making the heart healthy.

8. Improves indigestion.

The effect of black tea is to improve indigestion. Drinking black tea can help if you feel upset after eating. I usually drink Cassava Whal Myungsu when I feel bloated after eating, but from now on, I need to drink black tea that is better for my body.

9. Boosts immunity.

Black tea has ingredients that warm the body, so it boosts the immune system of our body. When you drink black tea, it is better to drink it warm, as your immunity will increase and you will be protected from various diseases.

10. It has a deodorizing effect.

There is something called tannin in black tea, which is very effective in getting rid of bad odors. If you usually have a bad odor or bad breath, drinking black tea can relieve symptoms.

Black tea side effects

As a side effect of black tea, when taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as antidepressants or aspirin, side effects that increase the efficacy of the drug may occur, so it is recommended not to drink while taking these drugs. Action. Also, black tea does not have a good compatibility with honey, so you should not drink it with honey. Honey contains iron, so when it comes into contact with tannins in black tea, nutrients are not absorbed by the body and are excreted. Do not drink it with tea.

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