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6 Bean Sprouts Benefits and Side Effects

6 Bean Sprouts Benefits and Side Effects
6 Bean Sprouts Benefits and Side Effects (Pixabay)
6 Bean Sprouts Benefits and Side Effects
6 Bean Sprouts Benefits and Side Effects (Pixabay)

1. Helps bone health

Bones are like structures that support our body. Bean sprouts contain a large amount of ingredients that are helpful for growth and development. Its ingredient is calcium, which makes bones strong, helps children in the growing age, and helps to keep bones strong in the elderly.

2. Strengthen immunity

During the changing season, if the immune system is not good, the number of small sicknesses increases. You will get a cold and body aches, and you will experience coughing, cold, and pain in your arms and legs. Bean sprouts contain a large amount of vitamin C, so if you take it when your body is tired or your immunity is low, it gives vitality to your body. Do not suffer from poor immunity during the changing seasons, and try to strengthen your immunity by eating bean sprouts frequently.

3. Hangover Relief

Everyone knows that bean sprouts are effective in relieving hangovers. Even when boiling bukeogut, boiling bean sprouts together will help relieve a hangover. The hangover relieving effect is due to the large amount of aspartic acid. Aspartic acid releases toxins accumulated in the body due to alcohol and releases them.

4. Eliminate puffiness

Bean sprouts are effective in relieving swelling. In addition, it is effective in discharging toxins from the body, so it can help blood circulation. It also contains aspartic acid and potassium, so it is effective in removing puffiness.

5. Fatigue recovery effect

As bean sprouts germinate, a lot of vitamin C, which is not originally present in beans, is produced. The ingredients in the soybeans remain as they are and you can think of it as adding vitamin C. As it is rich in vitamin C, it helps to recover from fatigue, and it is said to have an excellent effect in resolving numbness in the body and muscle pain from time to time.

6. Diet Efficacy

Bean sprouts are a low-calorie food with about 30 calories per 100g, and have a good effect on diet. First of all, beans, which are the raw material of bean sprouts, are a protein mass and are an indispensable food in diet, but since they are germinated, dietary fiber increases significantly, which is effective for weight loss. It is said that it helps to remove the swelling from the body by expelling water out of the body.

Bean Sprouts Side Effects

Bean sprouts contain a lot of good ingredients, but these good ingredients can be poisonous to some people. A side effect of bean sprouts is that they have a cold nature and can cause stomach pain if consumed in excess. And if possible, cook it and eat it without soup.

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