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6 Essentials Every Woman Should Always Keep in Her Gym Bag

6 Essentials Every Woman Should Always Keep in Her Gym Bag
6 Essentials Every Woman Should Always Keep in Her Gym Bag Credit:Unsplash

In the words of Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Creating new exercising programs is often seen as a New Year’s resolution, but the beauty of working out is that it’s a habit that can be started whenever you want.

If you have trouble sticking to a fitness routine, maybe you just need the right equipment to get you started on a habit for life.

Below are six things you absolutely need to fill your gym bag with to motivate you to hit the gym.

Some weightlifting gloves

Even if you don’t lift heavy weights, a good pair of gloves keeps things sanitary while protecting your palms from getting blisters. These Trideer gloves are made from light microfiber and have silica gel on the palms for extra grip. The dual Velcro straps are a godsend when it comes to last minute adjustments, just in case they get loose.

A gym towel

No gym bag is complete without a firm towel. While some fitness studios have their own towels for guests, it’s always good to have your own just in case (and also if you’re someone who wants to err on the side of being sanitary). A lot of gym towels are now made of soft, light, and absorbent fabric; they don’t add a lot of bulk to your bag but pack a punch when it comes to function.

An insulated water bottle

Chances are you’ve already got your own reusable water bottle but if not, now’s a great time to invest in one. Brands like Hydroflask and Yeti offer water bottles that keep your water cold for at least eight hours, which is perfect for when you’re sweating it out in the gym. Just remember to take small sips of water every once in a while to ensure you keep hydrated!

A cover-up

As every busy woman knows, there are just some days when you just have to rush from the gym to do a quick errand or two. This flannel shirt by Woman Within is breezy enough to keep you cool and light enough to pack in your gym bag. Of course, flannel also goes with just about anything, too. You can either throw it on as a light jacket, or swap out your sweaty shirt entirely.

A small foam roller

Stretching is important at the end of every workout session, and a foam roller can provide relief to your muscles. As the name suggests, foam rollers are relatively light and can be packed away with no fuss. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily fit one in your bag.

Some snacks

Just like stretching, proper nutrition is key to making any workout effective. Having some fresh fruit or trail mix in your bag gives you that much-needed energy boost before your workout while also helping curb the hunger pangs after. Healthy snacks give your body the nutrition it needs as soon as possible, allowing you to run to your next errand.

Our wellness posts on Live Minty outline how you can stay fit all year-round. A properly packed gym bag is a practical way to remind you to get a quick sweat in, no matter what time of the day it is.

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