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6 Best Fruits That Are Easy To Digest

6 Best Fruits That Are Easy To Digest
6 Best Fruits That Are Easy To Digest (Pixabay)
6 Best Fruits That Are Easy To Digest
6 Best Fruits That Are Easy To Digest (Pixabay)

1) Plums

Everyone knows that plums are good for digestion, but it is helpful to mix plum juice with water when you have trouble digesting plums by promoting gastric juice secretion and activating gastric activity. In addition, the catechinic acid in plums makes bowel movements active, so it is good for constipation and diarrhea.

2) Watermelon

One cup of watermelon is low in calories at 46kcal, and contains 20% and 17% of the daily requirement for vitamin C and vitamin A. It is also said to contain a lot of potassium, so it is good for digestion.

3) Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in citric acid and bromelain enzyme, and has the effect of breaking down protein, so it is good to grind pineapple when you have indigestion. In addition, it is rich in dietary fiber, which stimulates bowel movement, which is effective for intestinal health and helps prevent constipation.

4) Kiwi

Kiwi contains accutizine, which is an enzyme that breaks down protein and helps digestion and absorption, so it is a good fruit for those who have trouble with digestion. Also, kiwifruit is low in calories, so you can eat it casually.

5) Oranges

Orange peels are dried and consumed as tea to promote digestion and relax the stomach. In addition, the sweet and mild scent of orange goes well with other herbs, so it is suitable as a blending tea. It also helps with insomnia, so it would be better to dry it well without throwing away the remaining orange peel after eating.

6) Banana

Banana is known as a fruit that is easily digested because it is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Vitamin C contained in banana helps skin beautification and has the effect of helping bowel movements smoothly. You can see the effect.

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