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5 Most Dangerous Animals To Human

5 Most Dangerous Animals To Human
5 Most Dangerous Animals To Human (Pixabay)

1) Box jellyfish

A box jellyfish the size of a soccer ball has 60 terrifying tentacles. Each tentacle is about 450 cm long and contains 5,000 stinger cells that can kill 60 people.

Although there are no exact statistics, experts estimate that more than 100 people die every year from box jellyfish worldwide. According to the statistics of the American Science Foundation, about 40 people are killed by box jellyfish every year in the Philippines alone.

2) Asian Cobra

The Asian cobra is not the most venomous snake, but it is distributed over a large area and uses its extraordinary ability to hide, killing thousands of people each year.

Although there are no exact statistics on the number of people who die from snake bites, it is estimated that 20,000 to 125,000 people a year, and most of them occur in South Asia, Southwest Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Some cobras blind an unsuspecting person by stinging their venom.

3) Scorpions

Scorpions with 1.2 million stingers kill about 3,250 people every year, most of them in underdeveloped countries around the equator. What makes scorpions scary is that they are only active at night, hiding in shoes or shorts, and attacking them, leaving their victims unnoticed. There are 25 species of deadly scorpions on Earth that can kill people.

4) Mosquito

Mosquitoes are the smallest of the five deadliest animals to humans. But it kills far more people than all four other animals combined. In the West, mosquitoes are viewed as an annoyance, but some mosquitoes transmit malaria, and the World Health Organization estimates that between 500,000 and 900,000 people died in 2010 alone.

5) Elephant

As no one expected, more than 500 people are killed by elephants every year. They are either trampled on by adult elephants weighing 7,200 kg or sacrificed with sharp tusks. Meanwhile, it is estimated that tens of thousands of elephants were killed by poachers in the past year alone.

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