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5 Amazing health benefits of running

5 Benefits Of Running
5 Benefits Of Running (Pixabay)

Running is fashionable these days. With each run, you will see a noticeable increase in your running population. The reason many people enjoy running is probably because it has the charm of running that much. Write down some of the effects of running. This article is my very subjective experience and thoughts, so it may differ from others.

First, running makes you happy. Have you ever struggled with depression or a depressed mind? Those who have never experienced it do not know how difficult depression can be. However, running is a very good way to get out of painful depression. When I struggled with depression due to problems at work, relationships, etc., running helped me a lot in getting out of this state. Running might explain the physical change that produces such an effect. There are many people who explain that it is because of changes in hormones, blood circulation, and the effect of whole-body exercise working together. But I think some kind of meditation effect plays an important role.

If you run to a certain extent, your breathing becomes faster, your body temperature rises, and your head becomes simple. The depressed mind disappears at once, and I have time to face the new me while feeling my breathing, breathing sound, and pulse. Because I am a Christian, I do not meditate, I simply run while praying or thinking slowly about a topic and feeling the breath. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. Without religion, running has a meditative effect on its own and frees our minds from stagnation.

Second, change into a positive person. You can live a life full of confidence only when the achievement of small goals is accumulated. If you are a negative and passive person in everything, running builds the experience of success and confidence. No matter how far you run, if you set a goal where you can run while holding your breath and run to your goal, you will feel the joy of achieving a small goal every time you run. If you push the heart of giving up and run and run, you will soon build up success. Anyone who has run knows that. How satisfying is the sense of accomplishment you feel after running.

Third, it has an excellent effect on urological diseases. One of the health concerns of middle-aged men is undoubtedly a urological disease. Various diseases naturally come with aging. However, urinary diseases are not necessarily a natural process of aging. Although the function may be weakened, it cannot be said that a disease that reduces the quality of life is normal. There are many people in their 80s and 90s who maintain an active lifestyle and health. The trick is to run. But it just doesn’t work overnight. You can recover your health by increasing the distance and intensity you run slowly and steadily, and exercising regularly.

Fourth, the whole body becomes healthy. I started running because I was worried about an adult disease. However, the effect was more than expected. I saw a great effect on rhinitis, which I wore 365 days a year. I don’t know how to explain it medically, but it is true that it has improved. In Oriental medicine, I read that rhinitis is related to the lungs. I don’t know if it’s because of that, but I’ve seen the effect of easing rhinitis by almost 80% or more. In addition, running showed an excellent effect on lower body strength and lower back muscle strengthening. And it gave me a good night’s sleep.

Running is fair. It is natural that running will show excellent effects in weight loss, improvement of blood circulation, and prevention and treatment of various adult diseases. In fact, there are many people who want to run but can’t. For those who can’t run, we recommend that you try running slowly, starting with cycling or brisk walking as an alternative to running. Running is truly a blessing from God. Even the poorest person can start running with just sneakers. Running will make you healthy and change your life.

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