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Learn the benefits of rope jumping and try it right away

Learn the benefits of rope jumping and try it right away
Learn the benefits of rope jumping and try it right away (pixabay)
Learn the benefits of rope jumping and try it right away
Learn the benefits of rope jumping and try it right away (pixabay)

Today, I’m going to explain the effect of jumping rope, which many people enjoy as an effective aerobic exercise. The biggest reason many people jump rope is to burn body fat in order to lose weight. Jumping rope has more benefits than just aerobic exercise to lose weight. And we’ll look at how to lose weight more effectively than simply skipping rope, and what misunderstandings there are about the effect of skipping rope.

Does jumping rope make your calves thicker? If a person who has not exercised at all suddenly overdoing jumping rope, of course, it can cause strain on the body, but it is very rare that the process of muscle pain leads to muscle development. Rather, jumping rope is more effective in stabilizing the erector spinae, abdominal muscles, and pelvis, which support the human body, and strengthening the thigh and ankle joints. The intensity will vary depending on how fast you do it, but in general, skipping rope is often light, so muscle pain and other pain along the way can be regarded as growing pains that occur as the body adapts to exercise.

Doesn’t your hips and chest sag when you jump rope? Because it is an up-and-down jump exercise, there is no choice but to have a certain amount of impact on the body, which also gives the feeling that the affected area is sagging. As a fact check, the lower body muscles are used repeatedly and weakly in jumping and landing movements, and it is difficult to expect a great effect, but rather, there can be a hip-up effect.

However, in the case of the chest, if it is subjected to shock shaking up and down as it is, the membrane that holds the shape of the breast, called the mammary gland, is impacted and damaged. If it is repeatedly damaged, there is no chance that the mammary glands will stretch and become sagging breasts, so you should wear a sports bra according to the size to minimize the movement of the chest.

What is the jump rope effect? “Increasing strength and endurance” Jumping rope uses more muscles than you think. All the muscles from the upper body to the lower body are slightly involved, so it is recommended as a good exercise for those who have had spinal surgery as well as a balanced development. In addition, the upper body muscles are also used in the movement of the rope. In particular, the continuous movement of jumping rope can strengthen these muscles by using the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. Because of the jump rope effect, high-intensity exercises such as double-jumping require a lot more strength, so you can maximize this advantage.

“Increasing lung capacity” Jumping rope, which repeatedly jumps up and down, is more like a medium-long-distance exercise than a short-distance exercise in running. If you keep skipping rope with regular breathing, your cardiorespiratory endurance will be strengthened, which will have a positive effect on your heart health as well as the development of blood vessel dryness and lung function. Especially in modern times, if you ask when you’ve been running, your heart’s function is often poor. Since the heart can be trained as a single muscle, it is really important to increase the strength of the heart through exercise.

“Effect of reducing body fat” This exercise stimulates the whole body with the effect of skipping rope and at the same time burns oxygen in the body through breathing and uses fat as an energy source. When I always write diet-related stories, it is most effective to combine strength training with exercise that increases breathing consistently because exercise in a specific area does not lose weight in that area, but rather burns fat as an energy source through oxygen exhalation and inhalation. I like it As with all cardio, too little intensity won’t change your body. Jumping rope is an exercise that is more effective in reducing belly fat because even if you jump lightly, the intensity is higher than that of walking.

“Stress Relief Effect” One of the most frequent feedbacks when you jump rope is that your body becomes lighter. In fact, you can feel that your weight is lighter through regular exercise, but at the same time, due to the development of muscles that you need to use when jumping, both effects act as the cause of making your body feel lighter at the same time. Anyway, the reason why no one hates feeling light in the body is that when you wake up after a good night’s sleep, the general circulation is normalized and functions are restored. So, feeling lighter for any reason is a good signal, and this feeling is known to be a great help in relieving stress.

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