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33 Best Toys for Kids Under $20


Parents often face a dilemma when deciding which toys suits their children. This article helps provide some ideas for toys that your children will love that won’t break the bank. Below are some of the best toys for kids that are under $20. We wish you a lovely holiday season.

Rubiks cube

This is a puzzle cube which can help your kid develop puzzle solving ability. There are different versions of the cube with one being the easy two by two cube which can act as a starter pack before proceeding to the original cube.

Harry Potter training wand

With this kids can now train like wizards. There are 11 different spells for kids to learn and master. There are a number of wands available to choose from.

Cupcake Tray

Kids love learning new things. The numnoms cupcake can help them learn how to mix and match numnoms creating sweet scented recipes. It is referred to as recipe for sweetness. Getting one for you kid would make him or her learn a new recipe.

Reversible Magic Sequin Notebook

This is a notebook designed in a unique way such that the whole cover of the notebook is reversible. You run your fingers and you get a different color. This could be an amazing gift to your kids especially girls.

Trouble and battleship Bundle

This is a simple fun game for kids. It is either you move ahead or get in trouble and move back. You only need to locate enemys ship and destroy it before you are noticed. It lets you hold neck breaking naval battles.

Hey Clay Aliens

The hey clay aliens is designed specifically for toddlers. It has funny moves and actions not forgetting the funny animations for the kids to enjoy. Hey clay aliens comes with voice covers to make the kids happy.

Tech will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

The kit offers an astounding experience for kids. It helps the kids learn in the process of playing. The kit comes with recipe to make your own dough, make intricate designs and shapes and even create simple circuits to light up the dough. This is learning and playing experience at a go.

Klutz lego chain Reaction kit

The kit is referred to as an engineering kit. It includes an instructional book with clear crystal instructions. With this engineering kit the kid can build and design over 10 moving machines as he learns new tricks.

Lottie Doll

Lottie dolls inspire kids to celebrate their child hood. These are amazing dolls available in different sizes and colors. They are super portable dolls based on a child. The dolls are available in different sets such as pets, doll clothing sets, playsets and many more.

Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit

This is not only a toy but also a learning kit. It promotes critical thinking as the child explores the world of science. Science has been made more fan and engaging with this super kit. Kids who are engineers in the making this is the right starter pack.

Alex DIY Friends forever bracelet

The main idea that inspired the making of this kit is to make friends. This kit allows the kids to make colorful friendship bracelets the easy way without struggle. It is essential for the kids above the age of eight. The kids can create colorful bracelets for friends with different techniques in the manual.

Uno Card Game

The uno card game is ideal for kids above the age of seven. It is a classic game of matching colors and numbers. It is an interesting game and an engaging one which can be played by 2-10 kids at once. Help your kid learn the game by getting for him the kit.

Click N play knight castle

This is an adorable gift for your boys. This is a lightweight tent with a zipper carry bag. The tent is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to fold and carry with you. Its perforated windows allow air making it ventilated.

Vtechkidbeats drum set

The drum is designed for kids and comes with a pair of drumsticks. Your child can rock out as a drummer with this. The set has a few pre set melodies which one can play the drum following. The child can also play the drum freestyle.

Mermaid crochet blanket

Kids see almost everything as a wonder. Surprising your kid with this amazing mermaid crochet blanket could be the sweetest thing as a parent. There are different amazing tail patterns.

Soggy Doggy Board Game

The game is for kids and involves showering, shaking and doggy bathing. For kids who are dog lovers this is the best gift as a parent you can give your child. It is a great board game for kids to play with their friends.

Mindscope Twister Tracks

For kids aged 3 and above, this set could be the best. The set has awesome features such as race car with LED lights with the ability to glow in the dark. It is easy to connect and start racing. Every single kid will enjoy having this set.

Pokeman clip N Carry Set

This is suggested for kids aged 4 and above. It is a three item pack which allows the trainers to prepare for the next battle. It is made up of durable plastic.

Discovery Kids Spaceship laser tag

The system is fun for both indoor and outdoor play. It uses handheld lasers which are sizeable enough for both smaller and bigger hands. The system has a manual on how to play. It is fun for both kids and adults. In a family setting you can make it a necessity.

Spy Gear Spy Go action camera

The camera is an amazing gadget and more so for kids who love adventure. The action camera makes it possible to capture amazing footages wherever you go for spy adventure. You can clip this camera anywhere when you are on the move.

Etch a sketch freestyle

Etch a sketch freestyle is a drawing pad with stylus and stampers. It is a drawing and tracing toy for kids aged 3 and above. Its slim design and lightweight makes it portable anywhere. This is a good toy to keep your kid engaged when free.

Crayola fashion super star

The toy suits best the little girls who have a sense of fashion. Alternatively, the toy can create a sense of fashion in a girl. The young designers can use this to create their own stylish skirts, tops amongst others. Buy your kid this and wait for the work of her hands.

Memory game

As the name suggests this is fully a memory game. It drives you into a world of thinking in attempt to search for matching picture pairs. This guarantees you hours of fun as you unravel the hard to find pictures. You can have one and challenge your kid. Such interesting game.

Police role play set

Young kids and especially boys have a soft spot for men in uniform. To satisfy their urge here comes the right toy. The 15-piece set comes with all relevant accessories for the police. The set is very realistic and your kid will love it. He will become a little police officer and will definitely love it.


This board game uses tiles with two sections just like Dominoes. Each time one has connect to his existing kingdom by selecting a new domino. It can be played by 2-4 players. Kids would really enjoy playing it as they struggle to connect to their kingdoms.

Ultra dash

The game us three game boards for kids and grownups to while their time. It is an energetic electronic game each kid would love. You set your targets and design your course then race to beat your beat your targets as the colors flash. It is suitable for kids above the age of 6.

Wonder Woman Action Doll

Another good toy for little girls. The doll brings her super powers to life to help your kid realize her powers as well. Help your kid unleash her potential and explore her inner self with this superb doll.

KEVA Contraptions 50 Blanks Set

Kids can become constructively creative with this superb kit. The kit exhibits builders and their creativity. This is a mind blowing modelling system that encourages kids to learn and explore using their imaginations.

Simon Star Wars Darth Vader Game

The game features unit designed just like the legendary Darth Vader of the star wars. The kid will need to use force or memory to defeat the legend. The game increases the ability of the kid to remember as he has to keep remembering the repeat patterns of the game.

Ricky and Morty Total Rickall card game

The game is based on the ricky and morty episode. It is a cooperative card game as players attempt to figure out which characters are space parasites and which ones are real. One does not necessarily need to have watched the episode to play. Kids would find it very interesting.

Cars 3 Trouble Board Game

The obsession of kids with cars has been made real with this specific game. Players struggle through the muddy tracks as they push their rivals back in order to win. The first player to get home all their four cars wins. It is such captivating game the kids wont stop playing.

PJ Masks cat boy car

Another card game is here for kids. You only need to flip the cards to match the characters from the PJ masks. It is such an interesting game for the kids as they strive to be heroes by finding the matching cards.

Hot wheels truck

This awesome rig holds up to 19 cars making it not an ordinary hauler. The playset is a mobile playset with a loop. It is totally portable and can be used anytime anywhere. Every kid would love owning one.

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