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32 Super Interesting Things About Porsche That You Should Know


Porsche is a name that is synonymous with superb performance. Popular for its SUVs, sedans and sports cars, this German automobile manufacturer is the most coveted brand all across the globe.

Here are 32 super interesting things about Porsche that you should know. Read on to know more.

  1. The founder made electric cars for another company: Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, initially created electric cars, which were powered by an electric motor, for another company, named Lohner.
  2. The first hybrid car created in 1899: The first hybrid car was developed by Porsche’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche as early as 1899.
  3. Internal combustion motor: The first hybrid car, “Semper Vivus” was an electric car that had an internal combustion motor.
  4. Brakes on four wheels: Semper Vivus was not just the first electric hybrid car with internal combustion motor but also had another feature which was a first in any car. The hybrid car had brakes on all four-wheel of the car!
  5. First VW Beetle: Interestingly enough, the first VW Beetle was built in the private villa of Porsche’s founder!
  6. Sascha on request: Filmmaker, Austro-Daimler, requested Ferdinand Porsche to build a compact car. It was then that “Sascha” was born. In spite of its small size, this car is a lot more powerful than other cars.
  7. The success of Sascha on the race track: Sascha won 43 races that include the legendary, automobile race, Targa Florio. Thus, with this powerful compact car, Ferdinand Porsche was also able to make the point that for a winning story on the race track, smaller compacts cars are more successful.
  8. Designed for Auto Union: Porsche’s founder also designed cars for the Auto Union and his collection includes the Auto Union P which featured a mid-mounted 16 cylinder engine.
  9. The fastest car of the 1930s: Mercedes-Benz type 80 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and during 1939, it was the fastest car on Earth!
  10. Top speed marked much later: The projected top speed of the fastest car, Mercedes-Benz type 80, was 470 mph. But it was almost a quarter-century later that the record run was marked.
  11. Significance of the horse: The Porsche Crest features a horse that is present on the Ferrari Crest. But the significance of the horse is much more remarkable for Porsche as horses are an integral part of the homeland of Porsche, Stuttgart.
  12. Mid-engine sports car: Porsche launched its first sports car named, Porsche 356, which featured a mid-engine. However, initially, it was presumed that the car had a rear engine!
  13. Prototype model won hill climb race: The 356/1, which was the first prototype of the Porsche 356 won a hill climb race, in Innsbruck. The car model proved that its engine in front of the rear axle provided better balance.
  14. Lighter 365 Porsche cars: The 365 models of Porsche were much lighter than their counterparts due to the use of aluminum bodies rather than steel, which brought down the weight of the cars.
  15. Porsche 365 build in sawmill: Porsche’s 365 model took two years to be developed and it was done in an old sawmill in Gmund, Austria.
  16. Porsche as police car: The Dutch police used the Porsche 365 model as a police car and 10 cars of this model were built after almost a year when its production had been stopped.
  17. The Porsche 360 Cisitalia: Ferdinand Porsche was a visionary when it comes to designing car models. He was in the process of designing the Porsche 360 Cisitalia, a car with four drive wheels for Formula One. However, due to fund crunch, the car was not developed and the model never got an opportunity of hitting the Formula One race tracks.
  18. Secretary cars: Porsche called its race cars “secretary cars”!
  19. The takeover of Reutter Carrosserie Werke: During the early days, Reutter Carrosserie Werke was the company that made the bodies of Porsche cars like the Porsche 356. Porsche took over the company in early 1960.
  20. From car bodies to seats: After the takeover of Reutter Carrosserie Werke by Porsche in early 1960 the company was renamed Recaro. It also transitioned from making car bodies to a premier seat maker.
  21. Porsche 911 naming: Before the iconic car was named Porsche 911, the model almost got the name Porsche 901.
  22. The Porsche 917: The Porsche 917 has a capacity of 1,100 hp and its capability of hitting 240 mph makes it a race car that can beat any race car that is available today!
  23. First chronographic watch: Back in 1972, Porsche developed the first chronographic watch! The watch replicated the gauges in a car and its black color gave it an amazing look.
  24. Whooping car race won by Porsche cars: Studies suggest that Porsche race cars have won more than 24000 races!
  25. Not just cars: Porsche is not just in the creation of cars but also tractors for farming and also forklifts.
  26. Tractors for coffee farming: Porsche specialized in designing tractors for coffee farming, which was powered by gasoline and not diesel. This was to prevent the diesel fumes from influencing the taste and flavor of the coffee.
  27. Winner of forklift design: Since the early 1980s, Porsche has been a winner of the Linde Material Handling’s forklifts design.
  28. Porsche designed the cockpit of the Airbus A300: It was Porsche, who designed the cockpit of the Airbus A300 and added much-advanced features like the digital screen for pilots.
  29. Superiority in technology: When it comes to technology superiority, Porsche has always been the torchbearer. The Porsche 959 is another proof of its technologically advanced supercars.
  30. Winner of the toughest race: With its 200 mph capability, the Porsche 595 has been a winner of the toughest race in the world, the Paris Dakar rally and also the Le Mans.
  31. Airbags in cars: The Porsche 944 was amongst the first cars to feature passenger airbags much ahead of its competitors!
  32. Harley Davidson’s collaboration with Porsche: The engines in Harley Davidson bikes are developed by Porsche!
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