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32 Super Interesting Facts About Microsoft


The name “Microsoft” is known globally for software that is part of almost everybody’s daily life. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the year 1975, the company has dominated the personal computer operating system since the mid-1980s.

Here we present 32 super interesting facts about Microsoft, which all its users should know. Read on:

  1. A hyphen in the name: Microsoft was initially written as “Micro-soft” in line with the terms that make up the name, “microcomputer” and “software.” However, when the company was officially registered in 1976, the name was revised as “Microsoft.”
  2. Collaboration before Microsoft: Before Microsoft was started, founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company, Traf-O-Data, to develop a computer, which automatically processed traffic counting data, when they were still high school students.
  3. Cracked security system of Computer Center Corporation: While still in high school, Gates and Allen were able to crack the security system of Computer Center Corporation, so they got hired to find bugs in the system.
  4. The Microsoft Sound: Renowned musician Brian Eno, who has worked with other revolutionary musicians like U2 and David Bowie created the startup tune of Windows 95, which is called “The Microsoft Sound.”
  5. Billionaires and millionaires: Microsoft’s initial public offering (IPO) in 1986 and the following rise in the share prices created three billionaires and more than 12000 millionaires, all of which were the company’s employees.
  6. IQ level: Bill Gates’s IQ level as per SAT score is 170, which is way higher than the score 140, which is considered to be the score of a genius on the Stanford Binet.
  7. Patents filed each year: The company is estimated to file for more than 3000 patents each year and is also the owner of more than 10,000 patents!
  8. First name of Windows 1.0: Microsoft had initially named its first version as “Interface Manager” but it was suggested by the marketing team that the name “Windows” is more attractive and catchy.
  9. The first virus to hit Windows: It was back in 1992 that the first Windows virus, named WinVer hit Windows.
  10. Largest software maker in terms of revenue: The year 2016 saw Microsoft leading the software making domain in terms of revenue.
  11. Offbeat interview question: During the job interview, Microsoft is known to ask extremely offbeat interview questions to choose that candidate who is creative and who can think outside the box.
  12. Average Microsoft employee: Microsoft has an average 88,180 employees, whose average age is 38 years old.
  13. Softies: Microsoft employees have a nickname for themselves. They call themselves “Softies.”
  14. Bunnies on the campus: The Microsoft Corporate Campus is full of bunnies, who are frequently spotted hopping around.
  15. Bunnies’ impact: The pet bunnies staying at the Corporate Campus do not affect Microsoft but it is the neighboring companies like Eddie Bauer and Nintendo who are impacted.
  16. Work anniversary with M&Ms: At Microsoft work anniversaries are celebrated with M&Ms and according to the customs, the amount depends on the number of years the employee has worked at Microsoft.
  17. Stocks split nine times: Microsoft share prices rose so high that the shares were split not once or twice but nine times.
  18. Largest collector of artwork: With a collection of over 5000 contemporary artwork, Microsoft is the largest corporate collector. The company’s collection includes photographs, sculptures, paintings, studio glass and a lot more.
  19. Popular meal: The most popular food that is served across 35 cafeterias at the Microsoft campus is pizza.
  20. Free drink: Microsoft offers free drinks at its corporate campus and it is estimated that over 23 million beverage is consumed each year.
  21. Scanning of the user’s skeleton: Microsoft’s Kinect scans the player’s skeleton to identify the players with its motion-sensing X-box controller.
  22. A secret chamber that leads to underground bunker: Rumours suggested that the company’s Studio B building houses an underground bunker where the Microsoft Surface team worked.
  23. Melinda Gates and Bob: Prior to getting married to Bill Gates, Melinda Gates was a part of the failed product from Microsoft which is also touted to be Microsoft’s worst product.
  24. Army of Pd.D.s: Microsoft employs more than 850 Pd.D.s in its research section.
  25. Last-minute deal withdrawal: It was at the last minute that Bill Gates withdrew from a deal with the gaming company SEGA as he thought that the company is cannot compete with Sony.
  26. Not sales but licenses: Gates developed the model of licensing its software, rather than selling it in 1976. The company has full ownership and the licensors pay a fee for using the software.
  27. National medal of Technology and Innovation: Bill Gates is a recipient of the National medal for technology and innovation from the then-President George Bush in 1992.
  28. Gates’ starting salary: As a Harvard freshman, Gates’ resume had a starting salary of $15000. But it was in the following year that he founded Microsoft after quitting school.
  29. Dash-trash: At Microsoft, temporary employees and contractors have their email ids created with a dash, just before the @ symbol.
  30. Stuffed animals: Stuffed animal-like Piglet made its entry as masked mascots to mark the transition in the operating system.
  31. Fish farming using Azure: In collaboration with Toyota Tsusho, the fish farming tool was developed by Microsoft, using the application Microsoft Azure.
  32. Best Multinational Workplace: In 2011, Microsoft stood first in the list of Great Places to Work and became the Best Multinational Workplaces.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwxyD_dkGVA
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