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31 Unbelievable Facts About Brie Larson We Bet You Didn’t Know


Brie Larson is a name we could recognize any time of the day, although her star has only been rising recently. The actress, who has an Academy Award to her name, is no stranger to Hollywood but did not have much recognition until she became the MCU’s Captain Marvel, in the first female-led superhero movie. Here are some really fascinating facts about Larson who has taken on the role of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel with so much passion and strength.

  1. Before casting Larson for the role of “Ma” in the “Room,” director Lenny Abrahamson was looking for an actress who could inhabit a character so completely and unpretentiously. He was suggested to see her performance in “Short Term 12.” He was immediately impressed, saying she was precisely the actress he was looking for.
  2. Her movie “Basmati Blues” was first shot in the year 2013, but a re-shoot took place in the 2015. Her contract did not require her to come back, but she made sure even all the cast and crew returned for the re-shoots.
  3. Although her movie “Captain Marvel” was released before “Avengers: Endgame,” she reportedly shot her scenes as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel for “Avengers: Endgame” first.
  4. In fact, her scene at the Avenger’s Headquarters in the “Avengers: Endgame” movie was Larson’s first day on the set as Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers.
  5. Initially, MCU had plans to bring in the character of Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers in the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie, but later decided that her MCU debut will be with her solo movie “Captain Marvel.”
  6. She made her directorial debut with the 2017 movie “Unicorn Store.” Larson was offered the chance to direct the movie following her Oscar Award.
  7. In an effort to warm up with her co-star Jacob Tremblay, the eight year old kid who played the role of Jack in the “Room,” she went to his house before the shooting commenced, and played with him one of his favorite toys.
  8. Her character of Captain Marvel had less than ten minutes of screen time in the “Avengers: Endgame” movie. One of the reasons for this short screen time was that her character of Captain Marvel was not fully developed at the time, and even the script of “Captain Marvel” movie was not complete.
  9. In the movie “Basmati Blues,” her co-star Utkarsh Ambudkar, in spite of bombing his first audition, won the role of Rajit because of his improvised background and chemistry with Larson.
  10. To understand the real feeling of her character of Ma in the “Room,” she isolated herself in her house, avoiding any phone or internet or any person for a month. She also followed a strict diet like her character.
  11. Considering herself to be an introvert, Larson first thought the month would be like a vacation from her busy life. But towards to end of the month, she was very much depressed and cried all day.
  12. In the “Avengers: Endgame,” for the scenes in which she appears as superhero Captain Marvel, the VFX team created her full costume digitally, as the costume designers for her superhero character in the “Captain Marvel” movie were still figuring out specifics for the costume.
  13. She was not interested to play the role of Kit, and was satisfied with the directorial role in the movie “Unicorn Store.” However, Samantha McIntyre, the screenwriter of the movies, convinced her to play the part.
  14. To bag the role of Grace in the movie “Short Term 12,” she convinced the director Destin Daniel Cretton by telling him that she had applied to volunteer with disadvantaged children, in an effort to research the role better.
  15. Cretton was impressed on hearing this and immediately cast her as Grace. She was actually rejected by every organization she applied to, and revealed it only when the project was completed.
  16. She once posted a picture of herself holding the legendary hammer Mjolnir, which according to the comics, can be used only by someone who is deemed worthy of it. This caused Natalie Portman asking her to go easy on it, as she would need it for the upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.”
  17. During the filming of the movie “Room,” she reportedly avoided washing her face, in an effort to make it clear on camera that she was not wearing any kind of makeup.
  18. Her character’s scenes from “Captain Marvel” involving the cat Goose were reportedly filmed with a puppet or computer generated VFX as Larson is allergic to cats.
  19. In the year 2012, she auditioned for the role of Kit in the movie “Unicorn Store,” and also won the role. The movie was supposed to be directed by Miguel Arteta. However, the director quit and she was chosen to direct.
  20. For the post credits scene in the movie “Captain Marvel” she was given a redacted script page, with only her lines visible and everything else blacked out. They filmed it separately and nobody was able to tell her with whom she was speaking.
  21. All the other actors in the post credits scene also filmed their parts separately. For the final result, she was digitally inserted into the scene afterwards.
  22. In preparation for her role of Ma in the “Room,” she spent hours every day with a trauma specialist to research the psyche of one incarcerated to the extreme degree of her character “Ma.”
  23. In the movie “Unicorn Store,” the footage shown of her character Kit’s childhood days are actually taken from her real home videos with her real family.
  24. Initially, there were concerns about Larson being cast as Carol Danvers, an accomplished pilot in “Captain Marvel,” as it was felt that she was too young to portray such a character.
  25. During the filming of the “Room,” in between shots, she reportedly sat in a corner and wrote the teenage diary of her character “Ma,” in her downtime on set.
  26. It was reported that Nicole Perlman, the screenwriter of “Captain Marvel,” consulted with the U.S. Air Force to ask if someone Larson’s age could be a pilot. The U.S. Air Force said that it was possible for someone between the ages of 28 to 34 to become an accomplished pilot.
  27. She was cast as Beatrice in the 2006 movie “Hoot,” based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel of the same name. She reportedly read the book before she was given the script. Being a professional singer, she sang the “Coming Around” song in the movie.
  28. In preparation for her role as the superhero Captain Marvel, she reportedly learned judo, wrestling, and boxing. She also underwent training for four hours a day over nine months.
  29. She even visited the Nellis Air Force Base and met with active duty airmen including the Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt and Thunderbirds pilot Major Stephen Del Bagno.
  30. In the movie “The Gambler,” her role of Amy Phillips was reportedly beefed up to a great extent after casting Larson, as the director Rupert Wyatt felt that her part in the movie was too undernourished.
  31. Brie Larson Net Worth: $20 Million
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