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31 Fascinating Facts About Keira Knightley That Will Make You Love Her More


Keira Knightley, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, has been giving us a lot of box office hits for decades. Her elegance and stylish outfits have always left us astound, making her unique. And her dedication to work is something every upcoming star has to learn. Still, there are many things we don’t know about her. Here are some interesting facts related to her career that we bet you didn’t know before:

  1. Knightley had reportedly agreed to play the role of Ruth in “Never Let Me Go,” only because her co-star and close friend Carey Mulligan, personally asked her to accept the role. She said that she was not at all able to relate to her character’s involvement in the love triangle in the movie.
  2. Before the filming of The Duchess” commenced, she was invited to visit the stately home of the real Georgiana, by the current Duchess of Devonshire. While there, she came across a debt book of Georgiana, who being a gambling addict, racked up considerable debts. Keira wanted to have this aspect worked into the film, but the writers found it really hard.
  3. Around three years after the release of her movie “Begin Again,” director John Carney claimed in an interview that he did not like her performance in the movie and that he had learned his lesson not to work with supermodels again. He later recanted his statement and apologized to her.
  4. It was reported that she almost missed the chance to play her famous role as Elizabeth Swann in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” as she was very late to audition due to traffic jam.
  5. Even for the filming of her famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” she reportedly packed only a few things to go with her, as she was very certain that she would be fired within a few days work on this movie.
  6. For her role as Elizabeth Bennet in the “Pride & Prejudice,” director Joe Wright was initially very hesitant to cast her thinking she was too attractive for the character. But, when he met her personally, he felt Keira’s tomboyish attitude would be perfect for the role and immediately cast her.
  7. Director Saul Dibb reportedly sent her a letter with three ostrich features in an effort to woo her play the lead role as Georgiana in “The Duchess.” Keira was intrigued enough to take up the offer.
  8. However, there was also the fact that she had wanted to work with Ralph Fiennes, whom she admires greatly. She admitted that she jumped at the chance to work with the actor.
  9. In preparation for her role as Gretta in “Begin Again,” she had to learn guitar. She reportedly took lessons from her husband James Righton, the famous musician. Knightley claimed that his lessons almost led to “divorce and murder.”
  10. Keira claimed in an interview that she was totally in dark when it came to playing her character Sabina Spielrein’s hysteria in “A Dangerous Method.” She researched Spielrein’s notes on how she describes her condition. When she noticed the condition being like a “demon or a dog,” she started pulling faces, while standing in front of a mirror.
  11. She contacted director David Cronenberg through Skype and showed him all the faces, until both of them agreed on one. In fact, the first time she met Cronenberg was in a Skype session, in which she was showing him, her character’s “weird sex faces” and Skype reportedly froze for seconds on one of the said faces.
  12. Director Joe Wright had initially had Knightley in mind for the role of Briony in the “Atonement” movie, but it was Keira, who was interested in playing the character of Cecilia. She claimed that she wanted to play as Cecilia also because she wanted to have a change from playing the roles of girls on the brink of womanhood.
  13. While filming the “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” the entire cast and crew was struck with seas sickness. But Keira took a travel sickness pill to ward off the seasickness, and instead fell asleep before shoot.
  14. For the movie “The Imitation Game,” Alan Turing’s surviving niece Inagh Payne, who agreed with Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting as Alan Turing, is said to have rejected casting Knightley as Joan Clarke, claiming that the real Joan was “rather plain.”
  15. Director Mark Romanek of “Never Let Me Go,” said in an interview that it was very difficult for him to make Keira look “plain,” although the actress was very eager and happy to do it, for the role. He claimed that Knightley looks astonishing even at her worst.
  16. Her movie “The Duchess” was heavily marketed with links to Princess Diana. However, Keira denied any links to the late Royal and stated that her character was interesting enough even without the comparisons.
  17. Throughout the “Pride & Prejudice” movie, director Joe Wright had given her clear instructions of not to pout in any scene. However, while shooting a scene with the second unit, in his absence, she unconsciously pouted, which also made into the final cut of the movie.
  18. Keira claimed in an interview that director Wright still complains about her breaking the “pout ban” every time he watches the movie.
  19. For the titular role in the movie “Colette,” she is said to have been the one and only choice of director Wash Westmoreland, who had not even met her before. They actually met for the first time via FaceTime.
  20. It was reported that the director Westmoreland had very little battery left during the call, and that it was already midnight, but within that few minutes, he managed to get Knightley accept the role.
  21. Throughout the production of the movie “The Duchess,” it took her more than two hours every day to get into her costumes, including being sewn into her corsets. Once in full costume, it was totally impossible for her to even got the toilet in the production trailers.
  22. During a night shoot on the Caribbean Islands for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” Keira’s boat struck a reef and reportedly went down while returning from shoot.
  23. Knightley, her mother Sharman Macdonald and the boat’s skipper, who were onboard, were totally unharmed and rescued within hours. However, after this, all the night shoots were filmed in a studio.
  24. For the nude scenes in the movie “The Aftermath,” she used a body double, which was reportedly the first time in her career. She claimed that she was comfortable to be nude on scene, before giving birth to her daughter in May 2015, and that she doesn’t want to do it anymore.
  25. In the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” her return as Elizabeth Swann was actually intended to be surprise for the audience at the end of the movie. However, various countries started including her scenes in trailer in an effort to attract audiences.
  26. It took her less than just six days for Keira to shoot all of her scenes as Jan Hall in the movie “Everest,” in the year 2015.
  27. Before the production of the movie “Begin Again” started, she and her co-star Mark Ruffalo, spent a few weeks hanging out with each other, in an effort to build their chemistry and also work on their character’s improvisation.
  28. During the filming of “The Duchess,” she was in highly restricting corsets, which made it really difficult to breathe properly. Keira claimed it to have been very helpful, as it heightened her emotions very easily.
  29. In preparation for her role as Vera Phillips, she worked with Claire Underwood, a vocal coach, who helped her with singing. Keira does all of her character Vera’s singing in the movie.
  30. For her role as Elizabeth Swan in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” she had to wear colored contact lenses, which she claimed made her so dizzy that the night after shooting, she threw them away immediately.
  31. Keira Knightley Net Worth: $60 Million
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