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31 Alluring Facts About Laura Dern That Will Make You Love Her More


Laura Dern is one of those actresses who were born into the industry, but still made their special footprint standout. With her remarkable talent and expressive eyes, she became one of the sought after actresses, very early in her career. From blockbusters to art house classics, she has done a ton of lucrative projects in her career. She is one of the most decorated actresses with a Primetime Emmy, five Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and not to forget the most recent Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress. Here are some really fascinating things about the actress we bet you didn’t know before:

  1. Dern and her mother Diane Ladd’s Oscar nominations for their performance in the movie “Rambling Rose,” marked the first time in the history of Academy Awards that a mother and daughter received such an accolade for appearing in the same film.
  2. She called her maternal grandmother Mary Bernadette, who lived in Alabama to inform her about the Academy Award nominations, but she replied that “Oh. That’s good. Still wish you’d been a hand model.”
  3. During the filming of “Wild at Heart,” she was asked to smoke four cigarettes at once, in a single deep inhalation, following which she passed out. Just as she gained consciousness, she saw a worried David Lynch, asking her “Tidbit! Are you alright?”
  4. While filming the maintenance shed scene from 1993 “Jurassic Park,” she was crying for real and her frightened reactions during the raptor encounter were totally genuine.
  5. When the filming of “Jurassic Park” was wrapped, director Steven Spielberg gifted the cast members with a signed Raptor model, which looked very frightening. Laura had out the model near her son’s crib in his room, seeing which he screamed like never before. She till date has it in storage, hoping that one day they will become friends.
  6. According to Shailene Woodley, it was Dern who encouraged her to take up the role of Jane in the “Big Little Lies.” Woodley had been in the process of quitting acting, and is known to have refused scripts for more than a year. However, Dern, being a longtime friend of hers, convinced her to take this role.
  7. She casually mentioned to director David Lynch in a conversation that her husband was from the Inland Empire, which is an area east of Los Angeles County. This reportedly led to the title of her 2006 movie “Inland Empire.”
  8. The Director confessed in an interview that the minute Dern uttered the words Inland Empire; he stopped listening to their conversation and decided that to be the title, as he loved the sounds of the words.
  9. Although her first appearance was in the 1974 “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” alongside her mother, her first credited role in a theatrical feature film was for her role of Debbie in the “Foxes.”
  10. For the filming of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains,” her mother Ladd refused to give her permission to travel to the shooting location, because she was too young.
  11. Dern wanted to do the film, and sued her own mother for legal emancipation. Following her victory legally, she did the movie anyway.
  12. In the year 2019, she starred in the Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women,” as well as in the “Marriage Story,” which was written by Noah Baumbach, the life partner of Gerwig. Both of the films were nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Picture.
  13. She claimed in an interview with New York Times Magazine that her role Jennifer in HBO movie “The Tale” helped her reevaluate her 1985 movie “Smooth Talk” and also the her character’s experience in that.
  14. In “The Tale,” she played the role of Jennifer, an adult who realizes that a childhood sexual experience was actually rape, only in the later years.
  15. However, during filming the movie “Smooth Talk,” she was convinced that her character of Connie does not get raped, though it was strongly implied in the movie. She was only in her mid to late teens while shooting the movie.
  16. Talking about the questions posed by media, regarding her role in the “Enlightened” Tv series, she said that she wondered if James Gandolfini or Larry David were questioned the same way about their characters.
  17. She was surprised with the questions emphasizing the imperfect personality of her character, as she felt the character’s strength and comicality came from such extreme behavior only.
  18. During the filming of “Jurassic Park,” she met Ian Malcolm, and started a romantic relationship with him. The duo got engaged before the relationship turned sour after a period of two years.
  19. Her character of Nora Fanshaw in the 2019 “Marriage Story” is loosely based on Los Angeles celebrity attorney Laura Wasser. It was this attorney who represented her and her co-star Scarlett Johansson and director Noah Baumbach on their respective divorces.
  20. The final sequence in the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains,” was reportedly short after a period of time, following the initial reaction to the film being unsatisfactory. Dern can be seen matured so noticeably, being a few inches taller in those shots.
  21. During the filming of “The Fault in Our Stars,” she and her co-star Willem DaFoe, reportedly filmed all their scenes in Pittsburgh, and did not go to Amsterdam, like the other cast members.
  22. As per the reports, Dern is said to have been the first and only choice for the role of Ellie Sattler in the 1993 movie “Jurassic Park,” for director Steven Spielberg. The director was impressed with her performance in “Rambling Rose.”
  23. Before the filming of “Wild at Heart” commenced, she and her co-star Nicolas Cage reportedly went on a road trip to Las Vegas, in an effort to understand their characters better and form a bonding required for the movie. This was actually her idea, as she felt that their characters Sailor and Lula had to be one person – one character.
  24. It was reported that Dern was cast in “Marriage Story” by director Noah Baumbach, even before the script was complete. She and her co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, collaborated with the director on different aspects of their respective characters.
  25. During the filming of “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi,” she used to say “pew” every time she shot her blaster. Though it was not mostly audible, one instance had made it into the film, which can be seen in the close-up shot when Holdo is stunning her opponents at around 1:30:10 into the film.
  26. This was reportedly similar to Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in the prequels, who were also known to make lightsaber noises during their duels, as claimed by the director Rian Johnson.
  27. Talking about her role of Nikki Grace / Susan Blue in “Inland Empire,” she claimed that she had no idea what the film was all about, even during the filming. It was also initially not intended to be a feature film, but as the director came up with ideas, they would film it.
  28. She broke her no-nudity clause for the movie “Wild at Heart.” She claimed in an interview that the director David wanted it, and that she was completely comfortable with it, as there was never moment when she felt anything was exploited.
  29. She added that the genesis of the entire project was just a call from the director David Lynch, asking her if she would like to come and experiment. There was reportedly no script, but just a series of seemingly unrelated scenes. With time, David was able to see the connection between the scenes and it became a feature length movie.
  30. She claims the first scene with the Brachiosaur from the 1993 movie “Jurassic Park” to have been very tender. This was reportedly the second dinosaur scene to be filmed, and is said to have taken a very long time.
  31. Laura Dern Net Worth: $20 Million
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