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10 Ways To Eat Less And Lose Weight

10 Ways To Eat Less And Lose Weight (photo: pixabay)

1. listen to slow music during mealtime because fast music makes you eat faster

2. During the diet period, avoid attending meetings as much as possible. Replace it with a tea party

3. It is better not to chew gum. Gum stimulates salivation, which increases appetite and urges to eat.

4. Get into the habit of smelling food before eating because you can trick your brain into eating before you eat.

5. Drink a lot of ice water. Ice water boosts metabolism.

6. Drink about 8 glasses of water every day.

8. Before each meal, drink a glass of water. A feeling of fullness reduces appetite.

9. Reduce salt intake. If you eat a lot of salty food, you will drink more water even when you are full, which will increase your stomach.

10. Chew the food thoroughly, and then eat more. Then you can reduce the amount you eat.

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