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10 Tips For Cooking Healthy Thai Food


Is Thai food on your mind today?

Are you planning to make some at home?

To whip up your favorite Thai dishes, here we present 10 tips for cooking healthy Thai food.

  1. The basic essence is to use fresh ingredients: Thai cuisine calls for the use of fresh ingredients. So, while you make your favorite Thai dish, use fresh vegetables and other ingredients to get the best taste.
  2. Use natural herbs for the right flavor: The use of natural herbs will add the right flavor to your Thai cuisine. Garlic, galangal, lemongrass, pepper, and cilantro are some of the natural herbs, which adds an aromatic appeal to Thai dishes. Moreover, these natural herbs are packed with nutrients and vitamins, like vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidant properties, which provide several health benefits.
  3. Healthy stir-fries with less of oil and more of broth: Thai cuisine uses a lot of broth. For stir-fries, very less oil is used and in its place, broth is used. The use of broth ensures that the stir-fries are not too dry and also adds up to the taste of the dish.
  4. Raw sides are a must in Thai cuisine: Be it a plate of assorted vegetables or salads with cucumber and herbs, Thai cuisine always has a raw side, which ensures that the meal is comprised of a lot of vitamins and nutrients. For additional crispness of the vegetables, even ice is added to the vegetables.
  5. Thai cuisine uses ample fish sauce: Fish sauce is an essential ingredient for Thai dishes. Fish sauce is used in place of salt, which accentuates the taste and makes the dish more flavorful. Moreover, the vitamin and protein content of fish sauce makes this ingredient a healthy one.
  6. Regulate your spice level: Most Thai dishes makes the use of chili, which adds the spicy edge to Thai cuisine. However, it is best to regulate the spicy level to suit your taste.
  7. Along with natural herbs, Thai cuisine uses natural sugars: Palm sugars and coconut sugars are some of the natural sweeteners, which are used in Thai cuisine. This further adds up to the taste and flavor of Thai dishes, which we all love.
  8. No dairy products in Thai dishes: Thai cuisines does not make the use of dairy products. Dairy products added are hard to digest and with its exclusion, Thai foods are much healthier. However, butter and creams are used in Thai cuisine for that richness of taste.
  9. Thai food is cooked quickly: A short duration is required to cook Thai food. So, most Thai dishes are cooked on a high flame, but for a lesser duration. This further ensures that the natural flavor and the texture of the ingredients are maintained. The multilayered textures make Thai food more delicious.
  10. A balanced meal: Thai cuisine makes the use of not just balanced flavors but of ingredients that will ensure that your body received a balanced diet with the right proportions of fats, carbs, and proteins. So, a rich Thai green curry is always served with a side of assorted vegetables and steamed rice.
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